AMEX Contact Number

AMEX Contact Number

0870 062 6729

Contact Number is not associated in any way with any company listed on this website. Calls to 01,02 and 03 numbers - These are known as geographical numbers and are charged at local rates, however, are included in the majority of landline and mobile phone packages. Calls to 0870 numbers “calls cost ten penny per minute plus your phone networks access charge. You can get the recording file by filling out the following information in contact form:”

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AMEX Contact Number – Overview
The world of today offers everyone the chance to make life easy. One way of doing this is through the availability and assistance provided by credit cards. Indeed, credit cards make the lives of various people more convenient and easier. In terms of shopping in different malls, it is not a big deal anymore not to have cash on hand as long as you have a credit card, you can purchase anything you want to. We all know that there are several people who love shopping and for this factor that AMEX contact number in UK comes into existence. It is one of the leading credit card companies in UK as well as in the whole world today. In fact, there are various services that are being provided by AMEX or American Express Charge Cards to their customers and clients.

The Nature of AMEX Contact Number
Primarily, AMEX contact number offers their clients the chance of obtaining their own credit cards. In addition, you have the chance of managing your own account in the web because AMEX has already gone online. There are travel services that are being offered by AMEX to their clients together with the different insurance policies. More so, travellers cheques are available in the service provided as well. For instance that you want to have your separate personal account from your business account, AMEX contact number makes this thing possible for you. In their website, you may prefer to choose personal, business or merchant in creating your own account. With AMEX, clients’ need is their main priority.

Reaching AMEX Contact Number
Getting in touch with AMEX contact number comes in different options. Basically, you may opt to visit so as to know the different services being offered by the company. Now that you have gone in the web, you can ask their online travel booking representative on a hotline number 0870 850 0380. There are different services offered by AMEX and each service has its own line number to contact. For lost and stolen card, call 01273 696 933. In managing your account online, press 0845 604 2634. In case of calling for AMEX insurance, dial 0800 587 4000. For lost or stole travellers cheques, call 0800 521 313.

AMEX Contact Number – Customer Assistance
When needing AMEX contact number customer service, dial 0845 608 0845 for platinum charge card which is available round the clock. For platinum card travel, press 0845 608 0846 and is open 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday. For American Express, call 0845 604 2634. For gold charge card, 0845 604 2834 and 0808 100 50 50 for centurion card. These lines are available 24/7. When calling from abroad, dial +44 (0) 1273 667 272.

AMEX Contact Number

AMEX Contact Number
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7 Responses to AMEX Contact Number

  1. Seth says:

    This credit card has given me no issues. It is accepted in all places I frequent visit.

  2. Moris D says:

    I would definitely recommend this card to anyone because of the features, reliability and professional customer service team.

  3. Loren says:

    I have had the American Express credit card for 2 years. My experience has been positive since the first day I got this credit card. I am very pleased with the cash back program because it adds up quickly.

  4. Harish says:

    I pay my bills and get my statement online. I have been using this card for 4 years now and would recommend it for anyone that wants a good card with good rewards.

  5. Karen says:

    Great product but, as always, American Express cards are only accepted in some locations. Makes it inconvenient. Overall the Apple Pay feature makes it totally worthwhile.

  6. Smith P says:

    I’ve been an AMEX customer for a long time and have both a credit and charge card with them. The best thing about AMEX is that they don’t operate like other banks.

  7. Monir mia says:

    The reason why I truly like Amex is because of the protection against fraud.

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