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AOL Helpline

0870 062 6711

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AOL UK Opening Times

All Days 8:00AM - 12 Midnight

AOL is an American multinational corporation that provides mass media services. It is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. Some of the industries in which the company operates include media, web search engine, computer software and technology.

The company is also responsible for developing, growing and investing in brands as well as websites in which it wants to invest. The services that it provides cater for all aspects of digitally distributing content, services and products to consumers and publishers as well as advertisers.

The subsidiaries that the company owns include The Huffington Post, MapQuest and CompuServe among others. The company provides customers with access to some of the best musicians, artists and journalists around the world.

AOL Helpline

AOL Services

AOL Helpline

AOL provides wide-ranging services that include content, local, advertising, ventures and membership. To create the relevant content that readers love all over the world, the company has employed more than 20,000 bloggers that include policy experts, politicians and celebrities.

The company has several advertising tools that customers can take advantage of to advertise their services as well as products. The services that the company provides regarding local content include business listings, user-generated content and professional editorial content.

Under membership, customers are able to find subscription packages, mobile services and communication tools as well as other wide-ranging integrated products. It has created AOL Desktop, which is a suite for integrating instant messenger, media player and web browser.

Contacting AOL Customer Service

All the English-speaking clients can contact the customer service through +1 800-827-6364. As for the Spanish-speaking clients, AOL customer service is reachable through 1-866-885-5117. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service through unparalleled support.

AOL Contact Tips

The Help section on the official AOL website is where customers and non-customers can find all the assistance they need regarding company products and services. If interested in signing up, account support, password reset and technical support, call 1 800 827 6364.

The deaf and those with hearing difficulties have a way of getting in touch with the company regarding any issue by calling the TTY service number, which is 1 800 759 3323. The TTY service is only for those who have the appropriate TTY-enabled equipment.

The customer service representative is only available from 8am to 1am ET between Monday and Friday as well as 8am-10pm ET on Saturday. Paid customers can get in touch with the customer service or care to receive technical support around the clock since the service runs 24/7. Check out their official website for more ways on how to contact them.

AOL Helpline
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