Bank of America Contact Number

Bank of America Contact Number

0870 062 6727

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Bank of America UK Opening Times

All Days 8:00AM - 6:00PM

Bank of America Contact Number – Overview
The biggest credit card company, Bank of America (BOA) has definitely taken the country by storm with their financial supremacy. Serving over 50 million customers, Bank of America Contact Number is ranked as the 21st largest company in the whole world. With so many competitions in the banking industry, BOA kept up with their mission by improving not just their products but most of all, their customer relation. This means, providing their Bank of America contact number is just what it takes to make customers satisfied with any concerns they want answered for their account without having to drive by to a local store.

All about Bank of America Contact Number
The Bank of America contact number is provided not only to existing customers but also those who plan to be one. Since BOA has more than one line of business, it is essential for them not to put the customers in a long loop of transfers and wrong numbers making them create different hotline per need. More convenient for someone who does not waste time and is busy and up with something else. In this case, you may be able to see so many numbers related to them by may not be sure which one to dial, as they have a specific Bank of America contact number for mortgages, insurance and credit card customers. The same thing with another line for complaints, fraud and lost or stolen cards.

Reaching Bank of America Contact Number
To make sure you get the right Bank of America contact number, check out our list below. For credit card questions or complaints, if you are from UK dial 0800 456 1234 or +44 1244 675 989 for anywhere outside the United Kingdom. For insurance assistance, you may dial 0800 783 7659 anywhere from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays. The numbers listed above may charge you depending on your phone provider so ensure you ask your company before making calls. Make certain that your account details are ready for faster transaction and verification. These questions will be asked to avoid any fraudulent activities going on with your account.

Bank of America Contact Number – Customer Assistance
If you are not set to speak with a live representative, there are more other methods to use. They made their lines very convenient depending on what their clients are comfortable to use. You can send them an email for fraudulent activities at Another option is to send a mail via post, depending on where you are situated, for European CC Operations; the headquarters is at Chester, UK. For Bank of America Merrill Lynch, you may find four headquarters situated at London, UK, two from Asia: Singapore and Central, Hong Kong, and North Carolina for the US headquarters. You may visit your personal account and proceed with any changes by going to

Bank of America Contact Number

Bank of America Contact Number
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  1. Digen M says:

    They are very fast. They have a instant loan facility. They also have a reward point system. But the reward points are not satisfactory.

  2. Akber G says:

    BOA credit card is not good. Every month they are charging a lot of charges they have not mentioned the due date on the statement. Without seeking my consent they are reducing the limit on the card.

  3. Sonali B says:

    It is very difficult to make credit card payment so i never use the card like we have to visit the bank for the payment but the branches are very less

  4. Modrich says:

    The services has not been satisfactory from them. They charges something called a trailing interest.

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