Budgeting Loan Contact Number

Budgeting Loan Contact Number

0870 046 9493

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Budgeting Loan UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
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Budgeting Loan Contact Number – Overview
You can get products and services from Budgeting Loan contact number in UK such as furniture, rent, clothing, travelling expenses, things to help you look for work, home improvement, home security, maternity or funeral expenses. The minimum amount that you can loan is £100. These loans are free from any interest. However, The Social Fund Directions clearly states that Budgeting Loans is for the purpose of paying unexpected or occasional expenses in which the applicant has difficulty paying for. Since 1998 the Budgeting Loans scheme was adjusted numerous times, one of the changes involved was to put less focus on the judgment of the applicants need for a specific item. You can apply for Budgeting Loans if you are presently getting income-related benefit, such as income support, income-based Jobseeker’s allowance, income-related employment and support allowance, and pension Credit for a minimum of 26 weeks. You have to also be getting income-related benefits at the time of application is assessed. Your other benefits will not be affecting your other income-related benefits.

Relevant Details about Budgeting Loan Contact Number
If you are single you can get up to £348, if you are a part of a couple you can get up to £464, and if you have children you can get up to £812 in case that you will adhere with Budgeting Loan contact number. Conditions on how much you will be getting for a Budgeting Loan will depend if you can pay the loan, or if you have saving over £1,000, or if you have an existing loan with the social fund, however you can’t have a loan with the social fund more than £1,500. You’re loans are usually credited into your account, like your bank account.

Reaching Budgeting Loan Contact Number
You can go to Budgeting Loan contact number’s page at https://www.gov.uk/budgeting-loans/overview to get more specific information about Budgeting Loans and its eligibility requirements. You can also process your claims on the website by filling in the necessary requirements or you can also send or take the forms in their office of which the address is indicated in the website.

Budgeting Loan Contact Number – Customer Care
If you have the idea in mind of getting additional information regarding Budgeting Loan contact number, it is ideal to call and speak with their customer service line at 0345 603 6967, from Monday to Friday at 8AM to 6PM. If you are not pleased with the decision about your loan application you may ask for it to be reviewed by writing to them within 28 days of the decision, stating your reasons. If after the review you still think the decision was unfavorable you can go to the office of the Independent Case Examiner, this should take no longer than 21 days.

Budgeting Loan Contact Number

Budgeting Loan Contact Number
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48 Responses to Budgeting Loan Contact Number

  1. Ashley macaulay says:

    Applied for a budgeting loan but not hear anything back would like to no if I was granted the loan or not

  2. daryll reilly says:

    applied for budgeting loan got accepted sent back letter still not heard anything back on it and its been over 2 weeks

    • Nicola stainsby says:

      Sent form back with the acceptment of the loan they can pay me and still not had the payment.how long is the wait.

  3. patreece says:

    Just wanted to no if I was granted my loan haven’t hurd anythink

  4. Katrina Murphy says:

    Got accepted a loan ive sent letter back saying i would have it and nothing back bin over a week

    • Norma Bosley says:

      Hello I was accepted for a budget loan posted signed form bk accepting repayments plan but havnt heard anything back neither have I been paid

  5. Leanne says:

    Reply and acceptance came fairly quickly but been waiting almost 3weeks now for money rang a few times to be told acceptance slips not been received why another hasn’t been sent out or acceptance accepted via phone I do not know

  6. ann tammadge says:

    Does anyone know a email address for budgeting loan

  7. elisabeth bagnall says:

    i applied for a bugdet loan i got the declaration form i sent that off i have still heard no word from them almost been 3 weeks now

  8. Jermaine jackson says:

    Need the loan bad

  9. tonirowell says:

    This is bad everyone sag waiting people who are left with 5 pound to live on with a 1 year old child after paying bill I’m in the same situation I’m left with 5 pound to feed me and my one year old daughter after I’ve paid bills to keep roof over our head and there’s not a thing we can do about it the government need to start looking after there own extremely angry that I’ve seen it’s everyone not just me

    • Adele says:

      You post was quite some time ago BUT there is a book called ‘a girl called jack’ it should be in your local library, its about a women who was in a similar situation as yourself and she shows you how to live for 10 pounds a week for food. God bless you xx

    • Dave the righteous says:

      Get a job then. The government don’t owe you a living, you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t pay for them. Job. Get one.

  10. Stuart Hill says:

    Just looking at the dates for these negative messages. .These are all November/December. .I’m sure they must have been bombarded with requests. .chill out people you obviously knew you were going to be in difficulties. .so plan ahead before things get desperate. .its not rocket science. .They have been nothing but fair and honest with me.

  11. Linda toward says:

    Need to no if I have been accepted ASAP it’s for an emergency

  12. Joe says:

    Sent off dwp loan form and haven’t heard anything back from them and it’s been 3 weeks over I haven’t even had a text from them and I need the loan ASAP

  13. Janet richardson says:

    I need a free contact number to contact these or an email address please help someone

  14. samantha says:

    I applied for a loan 3 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything back, is it possible to find out if I have been allowed it and if so when will I hear from them?

  15. Dawna says:

    Hi there i filled in a budgeting loan form nearly 5 weeks ago and still havent heard back if ive been granted it

  16. Donna Clyde says:

    Hi there.I just wondered if you received my social fund loan form????

  17. Nicola Duckworth says:

    Can you contact them via email, I don’t have a home telephone so calling is costly!

  18. Hani says:

    Send off dwp accepted letter monday 21 March and it’s been 2 weeks haven’t hear or paid anything

    • Joanne Barton says:

      I was same sent mine 2 Fridays ago phoned and told me not received it so sent another they say takes 7 working days to get to right office then 3 working days from sending money to clear so should be 10 working days till money is in your account

  19. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    I have a text saying that I will get a letter in the post on the 11 march 2016 but I have no post from them plz text me

  20. Rich emberton says:

    I sent declaration back 3 days ago and was checking c if as it says action as soon as get it and whether they had.i applied 348 got it .im single.anyone near devon fancy ………..helping me with my flat etc hope comes soon im on my ass.hope you all hear gd news soon

  21. MorINE Barnes says:

    I have applied Social Fund Loan £1500 I expect £348. I applied 11/4/16 have not heard yet. Hope to hear by 2/5/16. Claim should be dealt with by 10/5/16 within 28 days. One off expense. Morine Barnes 56. Donald 58, Myola 36 & Rommel Edwards 34. Graham 90.

  22. kasie roberts says:

    Hi I sent my form off and received a text saying it will take 10 days for a decision, I received an acceptance letter on Thursday which I sent back the same day with the envelope provided, when will money be in my account? It’s really needed as my fridge freezer has bust now

  23. lee costello says:

    Hi got accepted for loan sent acceptance back but not heard anything back could u let me know if acceptance letter has arrived and when will i be paid plz

  24. m daniel gnakpa kpehi says:

    we need your financial gift to réalized our project on the malnutrition here in ivory coast. we need 500.000 dollars . if you can get your help

    • Leanne Martin says:

      It’s not a financial gift! It’s a loan from the British Social Fund that you have to pay back from your benefits. If you don’t live in the UK you cannot apply or receive the money.

  25. ???????????????????????????????? says:

    from the time you get acceptance it takes 4-6 weeks to get paid but make sure to ring and double check about 2 weeks after uv sent bk the acceptance because good old royal mail balls it up sometimes and it dont get there so gotta get on the case because you only have a month from acceptance for them to get your letter otherwise you have to go through the whole palava again from the start with application:(

  26. My application was received 18days ago now and instead of a letter to sign for whatever funds somebody deems myself eligible for I receive a text asking me to call the DWP because they have an ‘update’ but need information regarding my ESA Benefits?! The wrong number was text over to me, search online for another number – ALL OF WHICH ARE CHARGABLE!! ..25mins later they hung up, time was 1755 so I I’m left extremely fed up and frustrated. DWP not setup or equipped to provide the service necessary. Will try again tomorrow and give myself 2hrs – perhaps that will give them enough time to take my call?

  27. Robert John Boden says:

    Has anyone got the fax number. to fax in acceptance of loan

  28. Rosemarie says:

    All you got to do is be patient I sent my off a week Saturday and I’m still waiting hopefully it’s soon but I’m not gonna worry about it

  29. Laura watton says:

    Hi sent a for in a ski g for a loan two weeks ago now and I haven’t had he decision letter bck yet how long will this take

  30. Loves 2 help says:

    Here’s how 2 get ur budgeting loan within 2-3 weeks, All u need is 2 1st class stamps!!! U pick up a form from local job centre. Fill in the form, an stick 1 of ur 1st class stamps on the pre paid envelope along with form. They will receive it within 1-2 days,they will now send out the declaration which u will receive in 3-4 days as they r sending it back 2nd class. U now send declaration back with 1st class stamp on pre paid envelope. They will receive it 1-2 days, where if accepted will transfer da money which takes 2-3 working days. So all in all it takes 2 weeks in busy situation it will take 3 weeks

  31. sue eastick says:

    I sent a form of three weeks ago and still not heard a thing. I have never had to wait this long to find out

  32. Paula says:

    They r toss

  33. Diane Irons says:

    Recieved, signed n returned my declaration over 3 weeks ago, what’s the best number to ring them on to check they’ve recieved it, please.

  34. Evelyn says:

    Hi it’s Evelyn Armstrong am waiting on a reply on my budgeting loan

  35. michelle louise alcock says:

    does anyone no the correct address of were i shud send my completed forms too plz x

  36. Amanda Robinson says:

    Been waiting for a decision for nearly 4 weeks now I’ve tried to call them a good few times and cannot get through to them what’s going on

  37. Janet Jones says:

    It’s been aweek today I sent form back and I not heard since, nothink in my account, how long does it take,
    Miss Janet Jones

  38. harry liverpool says:

    I put my budgeting loan form in 4 weeks ago and when i phoned up to inquire the cheeky sods cut me off 3 times saying there to busy

  39. Craig says:

    I applied for £348 2 weeks ago. I’m single on esa and qualify. What did others get who are in the same situation? I have received text saying they got form and will decide within 10 days but as above I can’t get through after 28 minutes I hung up. Any answer appreciated.

  40. jeff says:

    does anyone have the fax number for accepting a budget loan @ Wolverhampton post handling site B?

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