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Visa Customer Service Contact Number

visa helpline

Visa Phone Number Tips

Visa Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
General Queries and Clarifications +44 (0)20 7795 5777
Credit Card Switchboard Contact +44 (0)20 7937 8111

Visa Customer Service Contact Number

visa helpline

Visa Overview

This company is also popularly known as Visa and portrayed as VISA. It is an American financial service corporation and provides services to multiple nations around the globe. It enables transfer of electronic funds in all the countries of the world usually through the Visa- marked debit cards and credit cards. These cards are not issued by Visa and rates or fees for consumers are not set by the Visa. Rather it provides the Banks with the payment options which the customers can use for credit, prepaid, debit and cash-access facilities. Almost all the Visa transactions in the world are administered by VisaNet at either of the two safest facilities, Operations Center Central at Colorado, and the Operations center East at Virginia These centers are terrorism, natural disasters, and crime proof.

Visa Inc. is a global company which manages the electronic money transactions all over the world. And the Visa Europe is one of its subsidiaries. The Visa Inc. helps its clients for the reliable, safe and flexible mode of payment. The Visa-branded cards are not issued by the Visa Inc. However, these cards are issued by the clients of Visa. Visa itself does not provide any terms and condition for the usage of these cards. All of these are considered by the card issuer, which is usually the banks. Visa simply gives the authority for cash-access, prepaid, debit and credit facilities. The main motive of the Visa Inc. is to develop services and products which would create a simple way for payments and receive, with more easy, reliable and quick transactions. Whether you want it for your newly set up business or for yourself we make sure that it suits your payment modes. Our goal to keep renovating the digital payment will be maintained so that there is an easy flow of money and be beneficial for all our customers. Visa credit cards provide card issuers to offer their customers with security, control, accessibility, and flexibility. The customers can not only use their cards for payment, they can also get the money back into their account. It reassures the customers for the safety of online purchase and using it abroad. Many features of the credit cards include low-interest rates, cash back, retailer offers, or loyalty reward schemes, all the things suited to the needs of customers.

Before any transaction is accepted, it is thoroughly checked that it is a genuine transaction by checking almost 500 variables which include 20% of fraud detection factors, in which the merchant’s location, customer’s location and even the spending patterns of customers are examined. And Visa also provides its clients with many products and services which have been accepted worldwide. Some of these services are virtual cards, prepaid, VPAY which is popularly used in Europe, consulting and business analysis, credit, debit based card systems and government services as well. Not only it gives the access to their clients to issues Visa-branded cards along with their terms and uses it helps small scale business to analyses their future financial status and solutions to improve their finances.
visa customer service
Visa Customer services contact numbers

Want to Contact Visa UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Visa contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9130.
There are many teams of Visa in the European regions to help you with any issues. Feel free to contact the help centers if the FAQs section is not helpful. And make sure that you do not write your full card number, for security purpose.

Contact us: +44(0)2077955777(for enquiries) and for telephone exchange: +44(0)2079378111

Or E-mail on

All the inquiries by the customer are managed by Consumer service team grounded in the United States of America. Customers are requested to give us full details regarding their name on which card is issued, your card type and the country from which card is issued. The card may be the type credit, prepaid, debit or any other. And do provide the Consumer inquiry center with the starting 6 digits of the card number.

The European Visa customers are requested to contact the Visa Customer Service through the country’s specific Visa Contact Phone Number or e-mails your queries at

Write to Visa Customer care

The Visa Europe Services Incorporation is corporation built in Delaware USA which has been operating through its branch in London. The branch number of the London branch is BR007632. The registered office is located at Sheldon Square, London W26TT.

You can write to us by e-mail with our e-mail address 

Telephone call charges

Whether you make a call from a landline or mobile phone, the call charges include all the VAT (value added taxes). You can check with the telecom operator if they add some or extra charges. If there are some issues regarding our services or you want to share some good experiences you can write to us at our e-mail address or give us a call to our customer service agency.

Visa Complaints

We like to know about the difficulty that our customers have faced during their transaction or any bad experience with our services. So, that we could help them out and keep improving our quality of service in the future. Please do not hesitate to Visa Contact Phone Number for our inquiry services on +44(0)2077955777 or on +44(0)2079378111.

As soon as we get the details about your issue we will start working on it. This is the reason all countries have adopted or system. And for more detailed information and Visa support you can visit our website. It might be more helpful without troubling you with phone calls.

Visa Customer services

It is requested to all the customers that while submitting your details please mention your full name that is registered on your card and give only 6 starting numbers of the card. For your security reasons it is advised that do not ever mail anyone with the full card number.

All the inquiries are managed by the Visa customer service team in the USA.

Visa Inc. helpline 24/7
If you have lost your Visa card, be patient and just call Visa helpline anytime and anywhere. It is directly available in our application Visa Travel Tool. Or you can reach Visa Contact Phone Number 24 hours Visa helpline on +44(0)2077955777 or on +44(0)2079378111.

With our 24 hours service feel free to contact us anytime. And it doesn’t matter where you are now. If you are in a bind and need help anytime with your transactions or you need to find ATM around you in a new place, you can download our app Visa Travel Tool which will help you out with these issues. It can be downloaded from Google play or Apple store.

For the helpline you can contact us on these numbers: +44(0)2077955777 or on +44(0)2079378111

The Visa Europe Services Incorporation has been operating through its branch in London and it was developed in Delaware USA. The branch number is BR007632 (of London branch). You can mail us at

Sheldon Square,
London W26TT.

Telephone call charges

The call charge to us includes the value-added taxes (VAT) whether the call is made from a landline or mobile phone. This could be checked with your communication operator. They might add some extra charges for additional services.

Visa Inc. Complaints

Complaints are not liked by everyone but it is not so in our case. We welcome all the complaints whether it is small or big. Our vision is to facilitate the world with the power of easy and flexible transactions of funds. So, we give priority to the complaints of our customer’s problems. We can figure out the root to it and a good solution to it. For any kind of issue please do contact us to improve our quality of service and products. Contact us on:  +44(0)2077955777 or on: +44(0)2079378111.

We tend to solve the problem as quickly as we get the problem. And you can think of it as a characteristic due to which we are chosen by everyone around the world. You can even contact us through our e-mail id.

Nationwide Customer Service Contact Number

nationwide support

Nationwide Phone Number Tips

Nationwide  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Nationwide Customer Service Toll-free 0800 30 20 11
Financial Planning Manager 0800 328 78 12
Credit Card Helpline UK 0800 055 66 11
Credit Card Helpline Abroad +44 2476 43 89 97
Insurance Support 0800 051 02 34
Personal Loans 0800 545 30 00

Nationwide Customer Service Contact Number

nationwide support

Nationwide Overview

If you want to avail financial services specifically in your interest, then Nationwide Building Society is the top alternative. Nationwide Building Society is a mutual financial institution, founded in 1846. The “mutual” implies that it runs for the profits of its members. Besides, being the largest building society, Nationwide has a firm belief to provide the top of the line services as per consumer’s interest. This building society invests its profits in upgrading its products further. The services rendered aims to cater customer’s needs.

Nationwide truly believes in customer’s satisfaction. Whether you buy a home, take a loan or save your valuable money with Nationwide, it assures the best care. It’s products, services, charities, causes supported or communication, everything is done keeping in mind its members’. Moreover, it always considers customers point of view and feedback.  Each year, it asks its members to vote on the way it works. The members can give their suggestions freely. Most people prefer this building society due to its offers, rights to participate in decisions and outstanding customer care.  It changes its products or develops new offers as per customer’s feedback.

Nationwide stands high as its building is built on reliable and appropriate methods to reach the heights. The primary framework on which Nationwide works is simple. It provides a gamut of services from a savings account, mortgage service, current account service and other financial products. Additionally, it tries to give the regular services at minimal costs to its customers.

Nationwide is not limited to its financial services. It supports different communities across the UK. It is a registered charity and has a vision that each citizen in the UK has access to a modest home. Since 1997 it has contributed to over 3000 charitable causes.

It supports a team of 18,000 dedicated employees, which provides excellent Nationwide Customer Service to over 14 million members.

Nationwide has received Awards and recognition too. It has won many recognition awards based on the services, products and work environment too! Nationwide continues to serve the people. Over the years, Nationwide profits and member deposits are on an increasing scale.

Nationwide Services

With over 160 years of expertise, Nationwide provides services through its branches spread across the UK. In the UK, it is the greatest provider of both mortgage loans as well as savings. Besides, it provides personal loans, insurance plans, credit cards and much more. Being a member at Nationwide entitles you to certain rights such as to vote in different elections, attend meetings and get exclusive information. The facilities keep on improving due to customer’s feedback. It provides a current account for everyday banking, a range of competitive offers for credit cards, savings account, mortgages, ISAs, loans to make borrowing easy, investments and insurance.

The insurance products include home insurance, car insurance and Life insurance.

It supplies current accounts such as FlexPlus current account, FlexDirect current account, accounts that pay interest and accounts with extra added benefits. It offers a range of service accounts and even provides an online calculator to estimate your savings goal and plan accordingly. Depending on your needs, you can either have a Select credit card or the national credit card. To get a Loan is now easy. You can get no obligation personal loan with Nationwide. In case you already possess a current account in Nationwide, then, you’ll get preference too. You can receive an instant online decision by applying; loans are much simpler to avail. Further, you can know the rates and details of loans available online.

If you are new to investing then, Nationwide is your best option. You can read the guides available online or talk to their Financial Planning Managers to reach any real decision.  It provides ISA (Individual Saving account), which is an excellent way to save without paying any tax. The interest earned on ISA is free from any tax. It is highly recommended. You can read the terms and conditions on the official site of Nationwide. Nationwide issues a range of options to make the payments and transfers. There are more than ten options from which you can choose! Nationwide renders assistance throughout the process ranging from the best offer to the customer, supportive staff, clear and right information, and till the end of the process.

Nationwide Customer Service is supported by a team of experienced staff, who is ready to assist anytime.

Contact Nationwide Customer Service

nationwide support
Want to Contact Nationwide UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Nationwide  contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9132
In every way, Nationwide is a people’s bank. From its products and services to its extensive customer service, this building society has got everything. Nationwide Contact Phone Number is available depending on the product/service. It has a range of contact numbers for different products/ services such as Mortgages, Personal Loan, Credit Card, Existing or new current accounts, Digital Banking, Savings Account, Insurance, Financial Planning, Emergency, Lost and Stolen, and to make complaints. For instance, to make a claim (Except Personals loans and credit cards), you can call Nationwide HELPLINE at 0800 30 20 15(UK). Most of the helplines are available for 24 hours and seven weeks. With the accessibility to a vast number of contacts, Nationwide makes sure that each complaint gets equal importance.  Nationwide SUPPORT its clients through different platforms, guides and online aid.

It tries every possible way to save the time of its members. Keeping this in consideration, it provides online leaflets to answer common doubts faced by the customers. You can even ask for the brochures by post. You can message Nationwide in two different ways. If you have registered for Internet Banking, then just log in and send a secure message. On the other hand, if you are new to Nationwide then you can fill an online form depending on the product/service, you would like to avail/ask queries. The latter way is a bit insecure so doesn’t mention your personal details.

You can offer your feedback either by filling a feedback form or give your suggestion through “Your Voice”. You can share your opinions whether you are happy with the services or if you have any idea that may help Nationwide to perform better.

Another way to contact Nationwide Customer Service is by visiting any of its branches.  You can use the online branch finder to locate the nearest branch by entering details related to town, city or branch number.

Nationwide provides an exclusive way to communicate through social media handles. It is quite active on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow them and send your complaint, feedback or report an issue in a crisp form. Besides, it has a profile on LinkedIn too. Follow Nationwide to receive its latest updates and job opportunities.

If you would like to know more about the Nationwide SUPPORT, you can check the FAQ section. You will get the list of different contact numbers, guides, online feedback/complaint forms and frequently asked questions on various queries.

Write to Nationwide Customer care

You can send a complaint to Nationwide in a written format as well.

Before, sending the mail to it, make sure to include your name, account details, address and an alternative contact number to get in touch with you during the day.

The Complaints Team
Nationwide Building Society
NW 2020
Swindon, SN38 1NW

Moreover, it must be ensured to include only the relevant details such as the issue and suggestions. It is vital to keep it short and precise.

Nationwide provides Payment Protection Insurance, if you have any complaint regarding it, you can send the same to the following address.

Nationwide Building Society
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park,
Northampton NN3 6NW

The written method should be strictly avoided if the issue must be dealt on urgent basis.

Nationwide Contact Tips

Nationwide has the team of committed employees but it becomes tedious sometimes to contact the customer care agent quickly. You can follow a few contact tips to make sure that your issue resolves efficiently. Check the frequently asked questions or the prepared guides before approaching the branch/ Customer Care. Many times, the solution is already available on the official website. It is bound to save your time and energy.

The provision of so many customer care contact numbers is a boon. Make sure that you communicate as per your query regarding a product/service. For instance, if you have queries regarding the existing personal loan, ring at 0800 545 30 00. In other words, before placing a call make sure to check that the contact number belongs to the required section.

Useful links for your purpose

  • Click here to know more about features and benefits.
  • This link will help to get explained payment options
  • Looking for the nearest branch, click here
  • Check for credit card offers
  • To know more about mortgage assistance you can click here.
  • For internet banking facilities, click this link

You can also get information about loan features and benefitsISA allowance  &  Investing advice on their official website.

If you are sending a written complaint or an online message (through social media handles/form), try to stick to the point. Only include the necessary information.

When you call the customer care or visit the nearby branch, try to be polite with the agents/employees. Since Nationwide already has a motto to give its members the top priority, therefore, you don’t need to worry about your work.

You can follow these contact tips to get your job done quickly and in a hassle-free manner.

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Number

nationwide customer service

Nationwide Phone Number Tips

Nationwide  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Nationwide Customer Service Toll-free 0800 30 20 11
Nationwide Financial Planning Manager 0800 328 78 12
Nationwide Insurance Support 0800 051 02 34
Nationwide Personal Loans 0800 545 30 00

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Number

Nationwide Overview

Based in the United Kingdom, Nationwide Insurance has become one of the largest companies in the insurance and financial sector as a part of the Fortune 100 club. Over a period of 85 years, Nationwide has transformed itself from a small automobile insurance firm in Ohio to a multinational insurance and financial company ranked among the topmost firms in the United Kingdom. The Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service guarantees that every client and policyholder gets the best and benefits the maximum. Their committed team of highly professional officials works as the greatest asset for the company and leaves no stone unturned in satisfying the customers.

Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service has worked efficiently in offering the finest policy plans to the audience not only in the UK but also across the globe. Their services are efficient and rewarding. The company’s dedicated workforce has helped in gaining more customers. They prioritize their clients’ contentment above all and work proficiently towards fetching benefits for them. This has helped Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service to become one of the most popular insurance companies in the UK.
nationwide customer service

Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Services

Nationwide offers quality car insurance products to their customers. They have their special comprehensive car insurance with a 5 star Defaqto rating. Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service is available in several mediums. You can call them or send in a written request. The contact number available for reaching their customer care executives is 0800 30 20 11 for domestic customers and +44 1793 65 67 89 for the international client base. Their dedicated operators will help you with any query or concern you have. The company also provides its customer services through Twitter. Nationwide prides itself over an extensive online portal which contains frequently asked questions for more convenience. Most of the queries are already answered in this section. If you have any more concerns, you can fill an online form with a detailed description of your problem or send the customer care officials a secure message from your online banking account.

Write to Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Care

One of the best means of contacting the Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service is by sending a written complaint to the customer care department of the company. Customers enjoy the facility of sending query letters to Nationwide Car Insurance at:

The Complaints Team,
Nationwide Building Society,
NW 2020,
Swindon, SN38 1NW,

Sending a letter can be a long process and the company officials might take a bit long time to answer your query or solve your problems.

Nationwide Car Insurance Complaint Service

Nationwide is a company built on the principles of valuing their customers and tending to every bit of issue they have. Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service welcomes their customers’ complaints and their team puts in its whole – hearted efforts to providing the best services to the clients. This is why the company provides several facilities to their customers for sending in their complaints. You can open the official website for the company and fill in an online form for filing your complaint. It will require your contact number, postal address, and a detailed description of your complaint. You can also send them an email at Since this information is shared over the internet, make sure you do not mention any sensitive information such as your postal address, PIN codes, etc. The company also provides the contact number for lodging a complaint. If you are a domestic customer, then you can dial 0800 30 20 15 (Domestic landline number) or 03457 30 20 15 (Domestic mobile number). For international customers, the complaint can be lodged at the international number +44 1793 65 67 89.

nationwide contact number

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Number

The company offers several contact numbers for a specific product related queries. You can reach the Nationwide Car InsuranceCustomer Service concerns related to lost or stolen cards, car insurance claims and policies, repair information, and general insurance inquiries. There are separate numbers for the domestic and the international customers. These lines are available 24×7 wherein qualified operators are ready to help you with their skills and expertise.

Telephone call charges

These contact numbers are not toll – free and phone call charges are applicable. For the abroad customers, the phone charges will apply international roaming charges. For the domestic customers residing in the United Kingdom, the call charges vary depending upon the network providers.

Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service is dedicated to providing quality services to their customers and make sure that nothing goes unattended. You can contact their officials for making inquiries and getting information about their products and policies. You also have the facility of filing complaints to get better service in the future.

Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Car Insurance is one of the leading insurance and financial companies in the United Kingdom. With their focus on valuing their customers, Nationwide Car Insurance has established a firm position in their experience of 85 years. The company is devoted to offering the best plans and making the maximum benefits for their customers. Their trained agents and expert executives make sure that you get the best quality and enjoy your experience with Nationwide Car Insurance. Their special Supply Management Services help their corporate clients to meet their business objectives and needs.

Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline believes in serving their customers with the best possible service. Their customer care executives are available for all day and night to help you with any query or concern you have related to their policies. You can contact the company through the Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Phone Number or write to them through an email or a letter or on a live chat. Here are some of the ways you can choose from for contacting Nationwide Car Insurance Support officials.

Contact Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service

Want to Contact Nationwide UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Nationwide  contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9132
Customers enjoy the best customer care services from the Nationwide Car Insurance Support system. You can call them for any queries or problems whenever you find it convenient. First, you need to select the product you are concerned about and dial up the number any time of the day for 7 days a week. Some important Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Phone Numbers are the following:

  • Lost and stolen cards – 0800 30 20 11 (Domestic) +44 1793 65 67 89 (International)
  • New car insurance claims – 0800 028 57 99 (Domestic) +44 1202 731 167 (International)
  • Autoglass windscreen repair – 0800 011 39 80
  • General car insurance inquiries – 0800 028 56 88
  • Claims including damage repair – 0800 028 57 73 (Domestic) +44 1202 731 167 (International)

These lines are open from Monday to Sunday and 24 hours. These numbers are, however, not toll – free and cost the standard rates. Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline officials are available to help you with any claims and queries. The company also provides Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Phone Number for making any complaints related to the service – 0800 30 20 15 (Domestic landline number), 03457 30 20 15 (Domestic mobile number), and +44 1793 65 67 89 (International number). You can reach these lines from 8 am to 8 pm on Mondays, from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, and from 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays.

Write Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline

You can get the fastest response to any of your queries or concerns from our devoted customer care executives by sending in a written email or letter. You can contact the Nationwide Car Insurance Support in a number of ways. You should register yourself for an Internet Banking account and send the company a secure message. It should contain no sensitive information such as account numbers, card details, or personal information. The Nationwide also provides an online form in which you can submit your query. You can also reach Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline through Twitter and get an immediate reply to your inquiries. You can also find some previously answered FAQ section at FAQ Section. The postal address for the company’s customer care department is The Complaints Team, Nationwide Building Society, NW 2020, Swindon, SN38 1NW. You can also send an email at

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Tips

Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline officials help their customers get the best policy for these tips. Here are some tips for simplifying the process of car insurance.

  • Reviewing the budget – Before contacting the helpline executives about the required product, you should review your budget for the purchase. It will help in easing the policy choosing process.
  • Comparing prices – You should make a few comparisons to know the right estimate of auto loan you will require. It will help you to have the financing in the right place.
  • Automatic payments – Choose the automatic payments option because the company offers 1% discount on loan rates for all automatic payments.

For any other query related to the company’s policies or plans, you can contact the Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline center any time of the day.

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Nationwide is one of the largest car insurance companies in the United Kingdom, helping millions of customers get the best financial services for their automobile. Dedicated officials at the Nationwide Car Insurance Support system are always ready to solve your problems and answer your queries. Customers are guaranteed a content customer care service because of the company’s vision to value their customers. This is the reason for the trustworthy position the company has established in the global market.

PayPal Customer Service Contact Number

paypal customer service

PayPal Phone Number Tips

Paypal Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
PayPal Customer service Toll-Free 0800 358 7911
PayPal Contact Us Business Support 0800 358 7929
Account limitation 1-888-221-1161
Guest Contact 1-402-517-4519
Calls from abroad 00353 1 436 9004

PayPal Customer Service Contact Number

paypal customer servicePayPal Overview

PayPal is a company which enables its users to make payments online anywhere in the world and for doing the same all the customers need to have is an email address.  In the advent of many countries which are going cashless PayPal is a cost-effective way to carry out all the financial transactions of making payments and receiving them from anywhere in the world. PayPal enjoys a global footprint as it is present in 203 countries of the world and deals with 24 currencies. Thus PayPal has customers from all over the world. PayPal is a company which was established in the USA in the year 1988 and today enjoys a large global customer base. PayPal was purchased by eBay and today all the transactions on eBay are carried out through this. PayPal services are also accepted in many of the local shops in the UK.

PayPal Customer service is the best and is available for customers’ service 24 by 7 and that too globally. Customers from all over the world are happy and satisfied with the services provided by the PayPal Customer Service and thus PayPal is gaining more and more customers every year. PayPal has already been successful in processing one trillion of payments and receipts since it started and the numbers are going up literally by the second. Statistics claim that $8000 are processed by PayPal every second!

PayPal Customer Service

PayPal provides excellent customer service by all the mediums possible which enable the customers to get their problems solved quickly and also as per their convenience. The PayPal Customer Service offers services through telephone, online and as well as through email. PayPal has an application which is compatible with both Android System and IOS. The counselors at PayPal are always up for being of assistance to customers on the telephone. You can use email for your queries and questions. PayPal Customer Service provides an information hub where you can get an instruction manual to solve common problems.

PayPal Customer Service Contact number

Want to Contact PayPal UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the PayPal   contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9131
If you are not yet a customer of PayPal and need some information to get started with, you can give a call on 0800 358 7911. The number is available 8 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday; 8 am to 9 pm Saturday, and on Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm.
paypal support

PayPal Customer Service number for international customers

International customers who are not in the United Kingdom can also contact the PayPal Customer Service for availing different services provided by them. PayPal customer service has provided a different number for handling international customer queries. The number is +353 1 436 9004.

Telephone Charges

If you are calling from a local landline in the UK then the PayPal Customer Service does not charge you for the call. If you are calling from a mobile number then the call charges will apply as per your network provider. For the international customers, the standard international calling rates may apply.

Write to PayPal Customer Service

If you wish to solve your problems and queries through the traditional way of letter writing you can do the same as PayPal Customer Service entertains customer queries or suggestions through letter writing. You can drop a letter on the PayPal Headquarters located in the United Kingdom.

Whittaker House,
Whittaker Avenue,
Surrey, TW9 1EH,

PayPal Complaints

PayPal Customer Service provides its best possible services to their customers and usually, they suffice the needs of each and every customer of theirs. But in case you are still not happy with the customer service and want to register a complaint, PayPal customer service is ever ready to entertain customer complaints and make improvements in their customer service if the need be. On an average, a customer’s complaint gets answered to in around 4 weeks to 8 weeks. If you register a complaint at PayPal you are sure to get a reply from them by a maximum time period of 4 weeks’ time, if they want to further investigate the problem they inform you about the same. You can register a complaint by filling out the online PayPal Customer Complaint Form which is available on the official website of PayPal. You can also call them at the customer helpline number for registering your complaints.

PayPal Community Customer Service

PayPal support provides a unique system of solving customers’ queries and provides help to the customers on a platform known as PayPal Community. PayPal community is a platform which can be said is for the customers, by the customers, and of the customers. Here customers can get in touch with other customers and discuss their experiences using PayPal or even solve the common doubts of each other. PayPal Community is also a great way to get to know different people around the globe and get to know about their business, thus the PayPal Community Customer Service also serves to be useful in a professional way.

PayPal and eBay

eBay is a popular website for e-commerce and has a lot of customers around the globe. PayPal is the payment partner for all the transactions which take place on eBay. PayPal also helps you in taking part in auctions on eBay and also on any other sites. With a PayPal account, you can bid for the goods you wish to buy and that too without sitting in front of the computer. You can just instruct PayPal and set a bidding limit and your work is done. PayPal will close your deal accordingly and you can spend your valuable time on other things. PayPal helplines are available for handling queries about eBay and you can contact on the PayPal contact phone number 0870 183 0607 or through free-phone number 0800 358 7911.

PayPal for Sending Money

PayPal not only serves as a medium for shopping or making payments but it also is a medium through which you can send money. We can say it is a money transferring medium. If you have your friends or relatives living abroad you can easily send them money through PayPal provided you both have a registered account with PayPal. PayPal support provides a contact number which handles all the queries and also provides advice regarding sending money. The PayPal contact phone number for the same is 0870 183 0607 or you can contact through free-phone number 0800 358 7911.

PayPal Credit

PayPal credit is a very useful concept which functions just like a virtual credit card. You can buy things online and request for PayPal credit. PayPal will give you a credit limit and by using that you can make purchases even though you are currently low on the finances in your bank account. The PayPal Helpline number in the UK which helps you setting up your credit account with PayPal is 0870 183 0607 or you can contact through free-phone number 0800 358 7911.

PayPal FAQs

While using PayPal initially as a new customer you are bound to come across many queries and questions which need to be answered immediately. PayPal support provides help online for all the frequently asked questions by the customers and you need not go through the trouble of calling the PayPal helpline. You can just visit the website and get your doubts cleared through various information links available there on FAQ Section.

PayPal and Facebook

PayPal is very active on Facebook and you can get all the recent updates and also the upcoming policies which are coming up by PayPal by following the PayPal page on Facebook. You can also read various blog posts there which share the success stories of PayPal which are both useful as well as informative.

PayPal and Twitter

Another option for you to get your doubts and queries answered is through twitter. PayPal support provides help to its customers through an active Twitter handle. Just ask your queries by tweeting to PayPal at @AskPayPal.

Write to PayPal

PayPal Support is also available through letters. You can write letters to PayPal for any issues you have regarding the services provided or you can also write a feedback to them. PayPal support is always glad to hear from their customers and always strive to provide the best possible service to them.

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MasterCard Customer Service Contact Number

mastercard support

MasterCard Phone Number Tips

MasterCard Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
MasterCard Customer service Toll-Free 0800 96 4767
 Emergency Toll-Free  0800 307 7309
 Complaints 0800 627 8372
 Landline Contact 020 7557 5000
International Number  +1 636 722 7111

MasterCard Customer Service Contact Number

mastercard support

MasterCard Overview

MasterCard is a service that serves their customers with electronic payments. The MasterCard was founded on December 16, 1996, and have their headquarters in the New York, United States. MasterCard’s operation headquarters is located in Missouri in the United States, and the sole purpose of MasterCard is to link between the manufacturer and the merchant for the payment of goods and services they deliver. Apart from the US, there is also a huge adoption of MasterCard in the United Kingdom. Today MasterCard serves around 200 countries all over the world, including the UK and has made the way of payment of money more simple and optimized. To use a MasterCard one has to just enter their card number and other details in the payment option or just swipe and enter the pin to complete their payments.

MasterCard Customer services

MasterCard is one of the most used electronic payments all over the world. This is because the MasterCard provides their customers with a variety of services for their payments. MasterCard Customer service is one of the best among its competitors as it includes cards like Debit Cards, Credit cards, and Prepaid Cards. The transactions made from MasterCard are much secure for the seller as well as the buyer that helps in receiving or making money in a much secure way. The MasterCard Customer service is always available 24/7 on toll-free number 0800964767.

The MasterCard has made their relations with different financial institutions that can help their customers to use their card securely and do their transactions or payments all over the world. MasterCard allows their customers to do transactions over 150 currencies all over the world. With the MasterCard, the government of the UK can also do their transactions over various things. Also, MasterCard serves with gifts and reward points to their customers for making a big purchase. Nowadays, various e-commerce sites are also linking with the services of MasterCard and also provide huge discounts on certain products.

MasterCard Customer service Contact Number

Want to Contact MasterCard UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the MasterCard contact customer service phone number – DIAL 0871 434 3198.
As we know, MasterCard Customer service provides one of the best services for electronic payments. But sometimes one can face the consequences in which they have to contact their MasterCard customer care. The reasons for contacting customer care are because of the:

  • Stolen or lost card,
  • Getting immediate replacement of cards,
  • Withdrawing more amount of money in emergency,
  • Checking of your account balance, and
  • Any suspicious activities found when using the card.

And as it is discussed above, the MasterCard has made partnerships with many financial institutions the customers do not have to wait much long to get their problems solved. If a customer has a problem regarding their details, they can always get in touch with their banks or with the financial institutions with whom MasterCard has done the partnership. In the case of a stolen card, one can always contact toll-free number 08006278372, and this number can also be used for lodging any complaints about the card apart from stolen one. For a specific person who wants to talk directly to client service agent and wants to enquire the service and products of MasterCard can contact on 0800964767.

MasterCard 24/7 Helpline

MasterCard service executives are available 24/7 to help their customers in every possible way. Whether you need assistance for your stolen card or you need to enquire about the services of the MasterCard, the executives are always willing to help you at any cost. There are many toll-free helpline numbers such as 08006278372 and 0800964767, one for making complaints of lost/stolen card and other for inquiry about the products and services. Apart from this, there are helpline numbers that will assist you through international calls and talk to the executive in the central office and these numbers follow as +16367227111 and (+44)02075575000 respectively.
master-card support

MasterCard Travel Information

MasterCard allows cashless travel to a customer all over the country and with transactions of over 150 currencies. Whenever you travel worldwide, there is a possibility that you might face some problems, and for to overcome this you can always trust on MasterCard Global Services, that is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. You just have to drop a call to a customer service desk and you will be connected to a representative who speaks your language.

MasterCard Phone Numbers

MasterCard is a company that provides their customers with the benefit of electronic payment systems. But at sometimes it is possible that their customers may require some customer support from their banks and financial institutions from where the specific MasterCard has been issued. For this, the MasterCard Contact Phone Number, MasterCard Support, MasterCard Helpline Numbers can be used to communicate to the service executives. The emergency contact number is 08003077309 that can be used to lodge complaints about any type of issues for the card. Alternatively, if one cannot go through the phone calls, they can always visit the MasterCard office to lodge complaints about their problems.

Write to MasterCard Customer Care

Apart from phone calls, the customer who has efficient internet connection can enquire for services or lodge complaints online. The MasterCard Support is also available on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Also, using MasterCard calling services can be exhaustive sometimes as you might have to wait to get on the line with customer executives. You can avoid the long wait and can always feel free to drop an email to us at the following address as mentioned below:

10, Upper Bank Street,
Canary Wharf,
London, United Kingdom,
E14 5NP.

MasterCard Airlines Contact Numbers

MasterCard services are also available to the customers who are traveling abroad through the airlines. MasterCard also provides several credit points when you spend more amount on your travel. Like for e.g. when you spend 1000 pounds you will be rewarded with 9000 Avios points which you can redeem on tour next trip. It is also possible that your card might stop working due to some unknown reasons and to overcome this MasterCard has come up with its toll-free helpline number i.e. 08003077309, which can be even dialed when a cell phone is in flight mode.

Telephone Call Charges

MasterCard phone contact numbers do not charge any cost for lodging the complaints as they are always toll-free and are available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

MasterCard Complaints

There are various companies who look to lodge their complaints and solve them. But MasterCard follows a bit different process to lodge complaints and solves the problem of their customers in a unique way. Like we know, MasterCard has its phone services available 24/7 and 365 days, there are also other ways to complain if one cannot get through the phone calls. Their offices and headquarters are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, who lodges complaints and tries to solve the problem instantly.

Apart from these, one can also drop an email to the MasterCard Support services to get in contact with the executives and also get in with contacting their social medias and the contacts are as follows:

To get more support and services on MasterCard, one can always give a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to get rid of their problem. The users can also check the FAQ section by visiting the official website of MasterCard.

The FAQ section includes several questions like:

  • Apply for MasterCard: Tells you about the basics of how to apply for your MasterCard.
  • ATM Locator: Tells you about the basics of your card and how to change pin, how to withdraw or deposit money in an ATM.
  • Bill Pay: Tells you about the bill payment techniques using your Debit/Credit/Prepaid MasterCard.
  • Card Benefits: Tells you about the benefits that you can get from your MasterCard when you use it for your payments.
  • Cash Back: Tells you about the basics of what is cash back, how to get it, and what are the techniques to redeem it.
  • Currency Conversion: About various ways how you can convert your currency when in a different country.
  • Lost/Stolen Card: Informs you about the various steps that should be taken to block or recover your stolen card.
  • Report fraud: Gives you information about how to be safe from frauds that can be done from your cards.

MasterCar Contact Tips

MasterCard SUPPORT is not only limited to book flight and train tickets, but also you will be able to book a cruise for your holiday destinations. Not only you can book a cruise but also there are numerous of discounts on the bookings made. Book cruises like Royal Caribbean International, Ama Waterways and gets huge discounts when payment is done from MasterCard.

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The MasterCard Helpline number 08003077309 is available 24/7 to the customers which they can use to enquire about services and also to lodge complaints about their problems.

AMEX Customer Service Contact Number


AMEX Phone Number Tips

Check and call American Express customer service via the right numbers.

Amex Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Amex Customer service Number (toll-free) 0800917 8047
Corporate card 08009178031
Repayment protection 0800700707
Manage card 0800917 8045
Call from outside UK +44 1273 696 933



AMEX Overview

You have the ease of calling American Express known as Amex at any time of the hour and seven days a week. No matter what time is it you can simply call them to give you any details of things that you wish to know? AMEX Customer Service is there to help you 24 hours a day and seven days a week to serve you with any issues. It is one of the leading companies in financial sectors globally that provide the credit card, charge card, and other services to its customers. They have ensured to satisfy every customer and extend their assistance in times when they are most required. The service team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues and allow you the convenience of calling anytime. The customer service is there for the benefit of the customers and to please them they have made the calls free on telephone numbers.

The AMEX Customer Service understands that problem doesn’t come after looking at the clock. You can face a problem anytime and anywhere it is not essential that the time should be similar for you to contact for help. They are present around the clock irrespective of the time zone to cater to your need and requirements to meet the challenges faced by you. The helpline is open all time from Monday to Sunday so you could be free from any worries and call them for assistance anytime.

Amex Customer Service

AMEX Contact Number Helpline
The AMEX Customer Service team is there to assist with any problems related to you account or any other queries you can contact them on 08009718045. The Amex Customer Care Service is available all the time 24/7 at your disposal. If you are calling from within the United Kingdom then you can use the above give phone number to reach the customer care service. In case you are calling from outside the UK then they have a different phone number that you require to dial if you want to connect with the customer service. If you are calling from abroad then you have to use +44(0)1273696933 to reach the customer care service.

You have to ensure that you have your card details with you when you are making the call for your convenience. You can also find the American Express phone number at the back of your card and in need, you can contact them.

They have divided the customer care service according to different departments so you can directly reach to your specific issues without wasting your precious time. The AMEX Customer Service numbers for Charge Cards, Credit Cards, Business Cards, Travel, Insurance, Travellers Cheque, Merchant, Corporate Card services are all different. This ensures their dedication to meet the everyday issues that might be faced by their customers using different products and services. You are assured of instant service so you can get your problem solved by the team of expert in the area.

American Express Customer helpline

If you want to directly contact AMEX Helpline then call on 08719760865 you can reach the American Express directly.

AMEX Customer Service Contact Number

American Express Phone Number

Want to Contact  AMEX  UK Customer Service?  Look no further – here is the  AMEX contact customer service phone number- CALL 0871 434 3199.
The following listed AMEX Contact Phone Number for different products and services are provided for your convenience. They have divided the customer services according to the product which is user-friendly and easy to remember. You can reach you respective branch by just dialing these numbers on your phone either within the United Kingdom or outside the UK. Tell them your problem and you can expect instant solutions to your issues.

Amex Customer Care Service for Lost and Stolen Card

The customer service agents are available to allow you the ease of reaching them anytime of the day and week. There is no fixed time when you can lose your card or when it can be stolen and considering the same in mind it is made accessible 24/7. If you’re calling from the United Kingdom only then you can reach them on 08009178047 from your phone. In case you are outside the UK then you can use the international phone number +44(0)1273696933 to report your missing card.

Amex Customer Care Service for Online Account

You can reach the AMEX Customer Service to manage your account online if you’re facing any issues. If you think there are any issues and you are not able to access your account yourself then you can call the customer care service to solve your problem. If you’re calling from within the United Kingdom then you should call them on 08009178045 for help. It is not necessary that you can only call them when you are in the UK only. You can also reach them on their international number +44(0)1273696933 which is available 24/7.

Amex Customer Care for Charge Cards

The AMEX Support team is available 24/7 to help you with anything on the various cards that are provided by them. If you have the Platinum Charge Card are within the United Kingdom then you can call them on 08009178054 regarding your card. In the event of being abroad then you can call on +44(0)1293820925 and reach the customer care from the outside UK. In case you are using Platinum Card Travel then you have to call on 0800327725 to reach them for help. But if you are calling from the outside UK then use +44(0)1293820925 phone number to call them. If you are using the American Express Card then call on 08009178045 and the abroad number is +44(0)1273696933. If you are the Gold Charge Card customer then call on 08009178050 and the abroad number is same as the American Express Card. Now, if you are using the Centurion Card then call on 08081005050 within the UK and for the outside UK call on +44(0)1273667272 for any help.

Amex Customer Service for Credit Cards

If you are using Platinum CashBack Credit Card, Express Rewards Credit Card, Costco TrueEarnings Credit Card, Gold Credit Card and Green Credit Card then call on 08009178047 within the United Kingdom and in case you are calling from the outside UK then call on +44(0)1273696933 for help. Other than the cards listed above if you are using Nectar Credit Card then call on 08009178015 within the UK and +44(0)1273576904 from the outside UK. You have to call on 08009178020 within UK and +44(0)1270576445 the outside UK if you are using the British Airways Amex Card. The customers using Blue Card will have to call on 08009178049 within UK and +44(0)1273576576 the outside UK. The American Empress RED Card users within the UK have to call on 08009178012 and Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card users on 08009178019 whereas if you are outside the UK use +44(0)1273696933 to reach the customer care service for support.

amex helpline

Amex Travel Customer Services

You are calling to check your Travel Insurance Quote then call on 08000287573 between Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. If you want to inquiry anything regarding your online travel then you can reach the AMEX Support on 08000327233. In case you are calling from the outside UK then call on +44(0)1293826704 between Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

Amex Insurance Customer Service

If you are calling for repayment protection then call on 0800700707 between Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 5 PM. In case you are calling for Pet Insurance then call 01293725800 for Purchase Protection Claims between Mon-Fri from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. If you are using Identity Defence Platinum then call on 08000224355 for help between Mon-Fri 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM. The global assistance hotline available 24/7 can be reached on +44(0)2031264113.

Amex for Corporate Customer Service

If you are using the Corporate Card then call on 08009178031 within the UK and outside UK call on +44(0)1273622600. In case you have the Platinum Corporate Card then you have to call on 08000327646 within the UK and outside UK +44(0)1273721010. British Airways Corporate Card customers have to contact on 08009178016 within the UK and +44(0)1273689955 outside UK.

Write to AMEX

If you want to contact the AMEX Customer Service through social media platform then click on the provided links.

If you want to know about the Frequently Asked Questions then click on the link given below to access the FAQs on American Express.

If you have any issues you can also mail them to the given address for any queries and assistance regarding information about your card or any issues. Do write to them if you find it convenient.

Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road,
Belgravia, London SW1W 9AX

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The above given AMEX Customer Service phone numbers are for all the products that they offer. You can easily choose your product and accordingly find the AMEX Contact Phone Number that you require to reach them. They are available almost 24/7 to help you with all your issues. Just contact them to know them the difficulty you are facing so they can come up with a solution to your problem.

Santander Customer Service Contact Number

Santander Contact Number Helpline

Santander Phone Number 

Santander Helpline UK Contact Number
Contact Santander Customer Service 0800 917 9170
Santander Contact Us Free Number 0800 9 123 123
Santander Technical Support 1908 238 013


Santander Customer Service Contact NumberSantander Contact Number Helpline

Santander Overview

Santander UK is one of the top financial service companies in the UK. It also provides large-scale savings and mortgages in the UK. The financial institution has around 14 million customers catered by almost 20,000 employees. Santander has 50 corporate business centers and close to 1,010 branches.

Santander offers a whole variety of financial services including personal, corporate and business accounts, along with mortgages, investment opportunities, and credit products. Like any other modern-day banking institution, Santander also offers online banking services. For this reason, they also run an internet-only banking sector labeled Cahoot. Customers can also download mobile apps for their convenience. Mortgages can also be given to Intermediaries through a division of Santander utilized primarily by brokers.

The Commercial and Corporate divisions function via a number of regionally spread banking centers in the UK, a number which has been steadily increasing over the years. Santander announced UK’s first without fee current account in 2009, for its future and current customers in Mortgage, which would include unauthorized overdrafts as well.

Santander also has a ‘123’ range for easy access to its services by customers. 1n 2013, this was ranked as the third-best service in the UK and in a poll conducted in 2014, customers showed the highest satisfaction to Santander than any other leading banks in the UK.

Owing to its range of products and services all over the UK, Santander realizes the need to satisfy all its customers in the most systematic manner. The bank is committed to resolving any such queries or complaints through its integrated Customer Service department.

Santander Customer Services

To get in touch with Santander CUSTOMER SERVICE, customers can visit any of their local branches or call on the relevant telephone number to solve their doubts. Before that, customers are advised to look at the Frequently Asked Questions page, in case their questions have already been answered. Santander is devoted to all its customers and therefore it has established ‘SignVideo’ for its hearing-impaired customers. Customers who wish to apply for Choice, Basic or Everyday Current Account through ‘123’ can call on 0800 068 6069. 123 Student accounts can be operated by calling at 0800 030 4154. Both these numbers are available for assistance from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 9 pm while on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

However, if you already have an account and wish to manage it, then you may call on 0800 9 123 123, any day of the week, at any time. For speaking to a customer executive, customers need to call anywhere between 7 am to 11 pm, Monday through Saturday and 8 am to 10 pm on Sundays. For assistance in online banking, customers may call on the Santander Support number 0800 917 9170. The office will remain open 7 days of the week, from 7 am to 11 pm Monday to Saturday and 9 am to 9 pm on Sundays.

For credit card application, customers can dial 0800 389 9905, while credit card support for online services may be received by calling 0800 181 4181 from 7 am to 11 pm on Monday through Saturday and 9 am to 9 pm on Sundays.

Santander Helpline

In the case of emergencies such as loss of Credit or Debit Cards, customers can call on Santander helpline 0800 9 123 123 for UK citizens while customers abroad should call on +44 1908 237 963. To report a stolen card, overseas customers can directly call on +44 1512 648 725. These helpline numbers remain open on all 7 days of the week, for 24 hours. For emergencies, people affiliated with Corporate Businesses can call on 0800 731 6666, 24×7, for reporting stolen cards or fraud calls.

Santander Complaints

Normally, Santander endeavors to give its customers full satisfaction. But in case situations arise where consumers might be holding criticisms, Santander Complaints department can be reached for resolving such issues.

The easiest way to lodge a complaint is by sending a message from your online account. Complaints can also be addressed by visiting any of the local branches. However, if you find yourself still not satisfied, you can write to the Financial Service of Ombudsman at the Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9SR.

Many customers prefer to complain via phone. For this purpose, the number provided is 0800 023 4567. Additionally, customers can also drop an email on

Find additional information, updates, and tutorials on:

Contact Santander Customer Service Phone number

Want to Contact Santander  UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Santander  contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0871 434 4903.
Santander UK, a subsidiary of the Spanish Santander Group, is one of the largest and leading banking institutions in the UK. Customers have the choice of choosing from a range of services including investment offers, mortgages and personal or corporate accounts. Primary, Santander is known for providing a number of mortgage and savings opportunities. It boasts around 14 satisfied million customers. Santander also offers online banking, especially through Mobile Apps, for which they also have an internet-only department called Cahoot. Santander was the first bank in the UK to provide current accounts without fee payment in 2009. It offers an array of products through its ‘123’ system, which was rated the third best in 2013.

Santander is one the most reputable institutions when it comes to customer satisfaction. It is dedicated to solving any disputes or queries that may arise. Customers can reach Santander in a variety of ways, whichever suits them best, including posting letters, calling on the support helpline number or submitting a secured message from the online accounts. Owing to its systematic approach, Santander had received the highest customer satisfaction in a survey that took place in 2014.

Santander Customer Service

hertz helpline

Santander offers a range of systems to get in touch with your queries. However, customers are advised to kindly check the FAQ page at before calling on customer service telephone numbers, to save both time and effort. General questions might be already answered under the same.

If you are already one of the valued customers, then you may oversee different aspects of your account by calling on the Santander CONTACT PHONE NUMBER 0800 9 123 123. This is a 24×7 number. If you wish to contact a customer executive, he/she will be available from 7:00 to23:00, Monday to Saturday and 8:00 to 22:00 on Sundays. Santander values all its customers equally and thus it has come up with ‘SignVideo’ for assisting all its hearing-impaired customers. For support in online banking, customers can straightaway call on 0800 917 9170 on any day of the week, between 7:00 to 23:00 Monday to Saturday, and 9:00 to 21:00 on Sunday.

Application to ‘123’ Basic, Everyday and Choice Current Account can be made through 0800 068 6069. Any query regarding Student Accounts in ‘123’ is addressed via dialing 0800 030 4154. Lines are open for both these numbers from 8:00 to 21:00 on Weekdays and 8:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays.

If you need help in Credit card management, then feel free to call on Santander SUPPORT number 0800 181 4181 from 7:00 to 23:00 Monday to Saturday and 9:00 to 21:00 on Sundays only. Dial 0800 389 9905 for application of Credit cards.

Customers applying for fresh loans are requested to contact on 0800 028 4055, while general inquiries on existing personal loans can be done through 0800 876 6386, every day except on Sundays. Current Mortgage customers can discuss issues by booking an appointment on 0800 092 3881 or calling directly on 0800 917 5630 for basic inquiries.

Application to start-up and business accounts can be completed through 0800 068 7010, Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00. Any further changes or modifications can be made by contacting 0800 731 6666 from 8:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and 8:00 to 14:00 on Saturday.

Santander Helpline

Customers might need immediate help in securing accounts and protecting personal information. In the case of such emergencies which might include theft or loss of Credit/Debit Cards, customers can call on the Santander HELPLINE number 0800 9 123 123. Overseas customers need to dial +44 1908 237 963 for loss or card and +44 1512 648 725 for receiving attention on stolen cards. Additionally, individuals connected to Corporate Businesses can report lost/stolen cards or fraud calls on 0800 731 6666. Above mentioned numbers are available 24×7.

Write to Santander Customer Service

Santander realizes that many of its customers are more comfortable in expressing their concerns through writing. In this regard, a letter can be sent to the Head Office at

2 Triton Square,
Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3AN, United Kingdom

However, such queries should not require an immediate response. The letter should be well supplemented with all the correct personal details.

Santander Contact Tips

Although Santander is devoted to providing 100% satisfaction to all its customers equally, incidents of minor disputes may arise. However, the company will try to resolve such issues within the minimum amount of time. Customers can log in to their online accounts and leave a secured message. This is the fastest way to express your concern. You may also wish to lodge a complaint via phone. Call on 0800 023 4567 for the same. Your queries will also be addressed if you send an email to You may also write a letter addressed to Complaints, Santander UK PLC, PO BOX 1125, Bradford BD1 9PG.

If you still don’t receive an appropriate reply, then you can personally write to Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9SR, United Kingdom.

Santander Useful Links to check:

Latest updates and news can be found on the website itself. Visit for more information. Additionally, Santander has also made use of different Social Media to get in touch with its customers. Customers can also download Mobile Apps from the relevant websites.

Visa Helpline

visa helpline

Visa is an American multinational corporation that provides financial services all over the world. It is one of the global companies that provide payments technology for people who want to do online shopping or pay for goods and services at brick and mortar premises.

It offers the support required for using digital currency by governments, banks, businesses and consumers. The main goal of the services that it provides is to improve lives of consumers globally while helping economies around the world to grow.

It came into life in 1976 after BankAmericard transformed into Visa. However, the global corporation that emerged thereafter had to wait until 2007 after the formation of what would become known as Visa Inc.

Visa Helpline

Visa Services

Visa Helpline

Visa services are in more than 200 countries as well as territories around the world. It provides advanced payment processing systems that allow consumers, governments, banks and businesses around the world to transact in the buying and selling of goods and services.

The system provides users with a better way through which to pay and receive payments for goods and services. It has created a system that enables cust5imers to make and receive digital payments regardless of location.

The transactions that it provides require the participation of several people or institution to succeed and these include the merchant, acquirer, issuer and cardholder. Without these four participants, digital payments would be impossible.

Customers can access the services through different devices or avenues. The services are available through mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cards that bear it’s logo. All the services that it provides offer support to the emergence of a truly cashless society.

Contacting Visa Customer Service

If you are in the United States and want to contact Visa over any issue, use any of the many toll free numbers. One of the numbers that you can use for this purpose is 1-800-847-2911. Use this number to file reports or complaints regarding lost or stolen cards.

Toll free numbers for getting through to the customer service are available in specific countries. Check details of the countries around the world from which to make the toll free calls by visiting the official website under the Contact Us section.

Visa Contact Tips

While it is true that customers can contact Visa on any toll free number, this might not always be possible. In such instances, if you experience any difficulty in getting through to the company agent through a toll free number, simply dial +1-303-967-1096.

PayPal Helpline

paypal customer service

PayPal is one of the leading digital payment systems in the world. The system not only allows users to send and receive money, but also make and accept payments from any corner of the world where it is available.

The system does not reveal any information regarding the financial status and details of the user (either sender or recipient). It provides users with a safe and efficient platform through which to make and receive payments online without worrying about their privacy.

PayPal Helpline

PayPal Services

PayPal Helpline

PayPal allows customers to checkout at their favorite or preferred shopping establishments faster. Through this service, users are able to pay on websites in addition to markets such as eBay.

Users can now pay bills using the app that this digital payment system created. Through the same app, users are able to make payment at the till on online stores or the local stores. Paying mates is now also possible with the help of the app.

The digital payment system has an app specifically for businesses. The app allows business owners to receive payments anywhere. However, for this to happen users not only need the app but also a portable chip as well as a PIN card reader.

The service allows users to manage their money through adding bank accounts as well as credit and debit cards. Managing money is also possible for users who want to enjoy a better shopping experience, but only after linking the service to their mobile phones.

Contacting Customer Service

Contacting customer service at PayPal requires registering on the official website. Afterwards, use the log in details to sign in and ask the questions you need the company to answer. This is the fastest approach instead of waiting to make calls or send emails.

If you want to contact the customer service without paying call charges, the toll free number to call and receive assistance through is 1-888-215-5506. If for some reason the number cannot go through, then you should call 1-888-221-1161.

Contact Tips

Before calling PayPal’s customer service or making general enquiries through the official contact numbers, it is crucial to remember that the opening hours. For example, some of the numbers are only available during specific hours a day while others operate 24/7.

To obtain quick responses to your questions or complaints from the company, register or open your online account directly in the official website. This is the fastest way to receive answers to your questions.

Nationwide Helpline

nationwide support

Nationwide is the largest building society in the world. Customers receive banking services from the UK-based organization. Customers can open savings accounts with the organization. Clients are able to purchase their preferred types of homes with the bank.

More importantly, this is now the third largest mortgage lender in the United Kingdom. In the list of savings providers, the company has emerged one of the largest in this category in the United Kingdom. The company was created to help working class people to enjoy banking services.

Nationwide Helpline

Nationwide Services

Nationwide Helpline

Some of the products and services that the UK customers receive from the third largest mortgage lender in the country include current accounts and savings. Furthermore, customers can get credit cards from the bank in addition to loans and ISAs.

The services that the lender provides have enabled it to win several awards 6that include being the best provider of online banking services in 2014. It has emerged one of the best responsible lenders of credit card services, which it won in 2014 as well.

The Select credit card is for customers who pay a monthly rate of £750 into the FlexAccounts that they opened at any of the bank’s branches in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, all customers and non-customers can apply for the traditional credit cards from the bank.

Contacting Nationwide Customer Service

All general enquiries to customer service will receive appropriate answers and solutions when done through 0800 30 20 11. The same line is for reporting issues such as lost and stolen cards as well as current accounts. The number is also for questions on savings as well as cash ISAs.

Textphone or minicom users who want to get in touch with the bank regarding any banking, insurance or financial issue can do so through 0800 37 80 01. For the Text Relay service, customers with textphones should dial 18001 before any other number.

Nationwide Contact Tips

Customers who call the lending institution on 0800 or 0500 numbers will pay nothing, but only when calling from a BT landline or mobile phone within the United Kingdom. Calling these numbers from other providers will attract a fee and could cost as much as 40p each minute, which is not very expensive compared to the help you’ll get.

What customers pay for calling 0345, 01 and 02 numbers is the same regardless whether the calls are through landlines or mobile phones. The actual cost that a customer pays depends on what his service provider charges, thus the importance of getting this information first before calling.