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Sky Customer Service Contact Number

sky customer care

Sky Contact Number Tips

Sky Contact Numbers UK Helpline
Sky TV Contact 0330 041  526
Sky Technical Support and Billing 0344 2411 653
Sky Cancellation 03332 022 135
Sky Customer Service 0330 041 2558
Sky Broadband Contact 0330 041 2544

Sky Customer Service Contact Number

sky helpline

Sky Overview

Sky is Europe’s biggest entertainment providing company which provides television services for the household. Along with that Sky also provides telephone services for homes and also the internet and broadband services. Established in the year 1990 Sky has emerged to be one of the best television services providing company and has Europe’s largest customer base. Sky is available in all the major countries which include UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Austria. The headquarters of Sky are located in London, Munich, and Milan. Sky has a customer base of around twenty-two million customers in Europe and thus shows that it is one of the largest television networks providing company in Europe.

To maintain such a vast customer base it is really important to have an efficient customer service. Sky has around 32 contact centers, technology hubs and also broadcast centers which help in better administration and service providing for the customers of Sky. Sky Customer Service has a well-organized customer service and has eleven thousand plus operators which provide top notch customer service for the customers and are always for service.

Sky Customer Service

Sky customer service is available for its customers through telephone and they can contact Sky on the helpline numbers which are available on the website. Online help support is also provided through Online chat option is also available on the official website of Sky at the specific time which is given on the official website of Sky. Sky customer services can also be contacted through email. Just sign up with Sky on the official website and drop your queries through email.

Sky Contact Number for Customer Service for UK Customers

Want to Contact Sky UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Sky contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0871 434 3177.
Sky Customer Service provides a contact number for the customers of UK. The customers can contact them at 0870 183 0601. The Sky Customer Service provides services from morning 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on the night. You can also contact through free phone the contact number is 0800 151 2747. The operators are always available for service and you can get your doubts and queries resolved instantly.

Sky Contact Number for International Customer

For better administration, Sky Customer Service provides a separate international number on which the international customers can give a call and get easy customer service. The number for international customers is +44 870 183 0601 and the Sky Customer service number via freephone is +44 800 151 2747. The timings for contacting on the numbers are Monday to Sunday between 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. at night.

Telephone charges

The telephone charges for numbers starting with 0843 cost 7p per minute and the numbers starting with 0870 13p per minute. Phone calls made via freephone are free of cost. In the case of the international customers, the international calling charges apply.

Sky Complaints

Sky customer service always encourages customer complaints as they give a better idea to them to improve and also gain more customers. Sky Customer Service allows their customers to register their complaints online and also on the phone. You can place a call on 0330 041 2622 and their operators will help you with your problem. Sky Customer service provides various links which you can follow and get your respective complaints registered and solved. Sky Customer Service also provides a postal address to the customers for registering their complaints in writing.  You can write to the following address

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

If you are still not satisfied with the customer service you can also go through the Sky Customer Code of Practice. There you will find various information tabs which will assist you in registering your complaint and also solving the same. This portal is everything you need to know about the process of complaint registering at Sky. The link to this information portal is

Installation Services

The Sky customer support is mostly contacted for the queries regarding installation Sky TV. For installing Sky TV Sky Customer Support has followed a system of booking appointments for getting your Sky TV installed. To book an appointment with the Sky engineer you can contact on the Sky contact phone number 0870 183 0601. For some cases, fees will apply and hence you need to discuss that with the operators beforehand. Information is also available on the official website of Sky and you can check for the details on the same.


Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre

Sky Broadband is another popular service of Sky after Sky TV. Usually, this service of Sky receives a lot of phone calls from the customer on the Sky helpline. Sky Broadband and fibre comes with many other co-services like the broadband shield, hub, WiFi, Sky Go and Sky Yahoo! Mail. The Sky contact phone number can be contacted on 0870 183 0601 and 0800 151 2747 for solving queries regarding Sky Broadband. For getting more details online follow the online link provided by Sky Customer Support

Sky Talk

Sky talk is a telephone service provided by Sky for landline phones for households and businesses. The Sky talk range begins from as low as 4 pounds per month and also the line rental surcharge. Sky talk provides three plans to their customers which are evenings and weekends extra, anytime extra and lastly international calls. The Sky Customer Support provides help and suggests you the plan. All these plans meet the customer requirements and are affordable at the same time.

Accounts and Billing

Sky customers are enabled for paying their bill online for their convenience. They can pay their Sky TV bill from anywhere and at any given time. This ensures smooth payment for the customer as well as the Sky customer support. If there are any difficulties or queries you can easily reach the Sky customer support operators through the Sky helpline which is provided on the official website of Sky. There are official apps of Sky which are compatible with Android as well the Apple phones. Sky customer support has also enabled accounts to be managed by the customers on the web. The customers can also request f or new services online and can also change their preferences according to their convenience online. Problems related to accounting and billing can be solved by calling on the following Sky helplines 0870 183 0601 or 0800 151 2747 and the timings will be between 8:30 am and 11:30 pm.

Sky Customer Community

The Sky Customer Support provides help through Sky customer community which is a good platform for the customers to share their experience with Sky TV and also their suggestions. This platform is also shared by the customers for sharing information through various blogs and in this way the customers also solve the queries of each other on this common platform. The link provided by the customer support to the Sky Customer Community is

Sky Customer Help Center

The Sky customer help center provides answers to all the frequently asked questions by the customers and gives proper guidelines to the customers online. The link for the help center is

Write to Sky

Sky Customer Support is always up for hearing from their customers. Feedback from the customers is always encouraged by the Sky Customer support as it helps them to improve and provide services as per the majority customer requirement. For hearing from customers along with Sky contact phone numbers, Sky helplines, emails, online support; Sky also provides two postal addresses where the customers can send their feedbacks or queries in writing if need be. The customers get proper replies as soon as possible and thus the customers go happy and satisfied with the service. Sky Customer Service is always keen on hearing from their customers. Customers are the first priority of Sky and they make it a point that their customer queries are heard and are solved as soon as possible. Sky Customer Service entertains customers through the letters and you can expect a reply from them in a short period of time after you have written your queries or the problems you are facing to them.

Sky Plc
Grant Way

The addresses provided by Sky Customer Support for providing customer support are as follows

Sky Plc
Grant Way

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd

PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

Sky and Social Media

Sky is very active on social media and is connected to its customers via Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook all the recent updates and policies of Sky are updated and also various blogs regarding the Sky network are shared on the same. Twitter serves as an updated platform as well as customer support as customers can ask their queries through twitter by tweeting @SkyHelpTeam. The links for the social media handle of Sky are

TalkTalk TV Customer Service Contact Number

talk-talk support

TalkTalk TV Contact Number Tips

TalkTalk TV Contact Numbers UK Helpline
 TalkTalk Customer Service Number 0345 172 0088
 TalkTalk Online Deals 0800 049 1402
TalkTalk Troubleshooting services 0345 172 0044

TalkTalk TV Customer Service Contact Number

talk-talk supportTalkTalk TV Overview

First introduced in 2003 as a subsidiary telecom group, TalkTalk emerged as an independent firm in 2010, with its headquarters established in London. Today, TalkTalk Telecom Group Plc extends different services like mobile networking, the internet, broadband and pay television to both private and commercial sectors in the UK. 2012 saw TalkTalk becoming the second biggest quadruple-play company in the UK after it increased its services considerably from fixed telephony lines only. Although TalkTalk is one of the seven companies included in a TV service called YouView, it took inspiration to create its own pay-television venture called TalkTalk TV.

TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC provides various services like the internet, mobile network, telecommunications and pay television in the UK, to both corporate companies and residential consumers. Originally introduced as a subsidiary in 2003, it revealed itself as an independent company in 2010. Its Head Office was established in London. Although it started out as providing services for fixed telephonic lines, it widened its potential to offering broadband, mobile and TV services, thus becoming the second largest quadruple-play services in the UK, since 2012. TalkTalk TV is one of the members of the TV venture YouView. In 2012, it launched its own television service called TalkTalk Plus TV.

TalkTalk has a dedicated Customer Service base, which hopes to resolve all disputes and doubts within a respectable time period. There are various ways to reach the TalkTalk office, the easiest being their one-stop customer helpline number. You can also write to the TalkTalk office if your concern needs no urgent response. Customers can also suggest and give advice to the team in the form of an email.

TalkTalk is a massively successful company with customers all over the UK. However, it remains humble to provide the best customer service if and when such queries arise. To maintain customer satisfaction, it has made available plenty of ways to reach its customer service desk. You can call, write, chat or send an email to TalkTalk in order to solve your problems.

talk talk customer service

TalkTalk Customer Service

The TalkTalk Customer Service is organized into separate units, handling each issue according to its relevant department, such as payment of bills, protection of accounts, subscription of TalkTalk TV, etc.

The one-track direct number provided by TalkTalk is 0800 049 1375. However, if you have any particular questions, then you should get in touch with the TalkTalk Customer Service number 0345 172 0088. Communication lines remain open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. If you are calling from outside the UK, then dial +44 203 4415 550, on any of the seven days between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Queries regarding sales, including personal purchases of customers can be forwarded to 0800 049 1402. Any suggestions required about on-going Broadband plans, mobile plans or TV subscriptions can be asked on 0800 458 5331. The calls should be made anywhere between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday or 9 a.m to 6 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 in the evening on Sundays. Contact TalkTalk TV CUSTOMER SERVICE number 0808 108 0483 if you specifically need guidance on TalkTalk TV service and its job opportunities. Lines stay open every day of the week.

Many customers might be having general queries about how to go about things. In order to get an idea, they can access the Help page at, under which they will find important frequently asked questions and answers. The official website also has helpful tutorial videos. Consumers might also start new discussions or add to existing ones in the Community Forum found at
Write to TalkTalk TV

If you have any suggestions or doubts about the technicalities of your Pay Television device, then you can write a letter and post it to the TalkTalk Correspondence Department, PO BOX 346, Southampton, SO30 2PW. You may expect a response within 10 working days. The letter must include proper details like your contact number and your name. Additionally, it should also include the answer to your selected security question, account number or the 3rd and 6th character of your password.

TalkTalk TV Helpline

The TalkTalk TV Helpline number is 0345 172 0088. Customers requiring attention in matters like error messages on the screen, troubleshooting or termination of contract can do so on this number itself. A notice of 30 days needs to be provided for the cancellation of subscription. Early contract cancellation will, however, invite a termination fee.

TalkTalk TV Latest Information

Recent upgrades to modern Pay TV devices, offers and deals can be found on the website On the other hand, existing membership also means regular notifications of such updates. TalkTalk can also be found on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

TalkTalk TV Complaints

TalkTalk is extremely prompt in resolving customer grievances. If you encounter problems like troubleshooting in services like TV connections or Broadband, then call 0345 172 0044. Corporate clients can directly contact 0800 083 3003. Complaints against TalkTalk TV can be directed towards the TalkTalk TV number 0345 172 0088. You can also hold a live chat after selecting the reason of your concern at

You can alternatively type out an email and send it to to get a reply within three days at the most. Customers with impaired speech or hearing can specially make use of a Text Relay phone and lodge a complaint by dialing 18001 before 0345 172 0088. Customers with basic concerns may write a letter to their mailing address. Matters can be taken up further by writing to the Ombudsman office at You can also reach them by calling 0845 050 1614.

TalkTalk Customer Service

Want to Contact Talk Talk TV UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Talk Talk TV contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0871 434 3178.
The Direct Contact number for TalkTalk is 0800 458 5331. If you have any specific queries, then call TalkTalk Customer Service number 0345 172 0088 from 8 am to 10 pm Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 9 pm on Friday and 9 am to 8 pm on weekends. If you are calling from overseas, then call on +44 203 4415 550, 8 am to 10 pm any day of the week.

You’ll be glad to know that the Customer Service manages various departments including general queries about TV, phone, mobile, etc. or aspects like billing and security.

Customers seeking advice on TV, Phone lines or Broadband can call TalkTalk TV Contact Phone Number 0800 458 5331 directly. Lines remain open every weekday from 8 am to 8 pm, 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays, followed by 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays. If you specifically wish for TalkTalk TV assistance or want to know its job prospects, do not hesitate to dial 0808 108 0483, every Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 10 pm, 8 am to 9 pm on Fridays and 9 am to 8 pm on weekends.

However, there might be more user-friendly ways to get your questions answered. Click on to gain access to the Help page which consists of essential topics and questions that consumers have. If you don’t have the time, simply go through the helpful videos to learn the important facts. TalkTalk gives power to its customers to ask and answer questions and shares experiences in the Community Forum page. Just log on to and join in on the on-going conversation or create a new one.

talk talk helpline

TalkTalk TV Complaints

A big corporation like TalkTalk with its array of products and services is bound to have minor glitches, but it constantly endeavors to drive any such problems out as fast as possible. In the event that such a thing should happen, where you are facing any kind of trouble with the television services or broadband, you can call 0345 172 0044 to let your complaint known to the Complaints team. Customers who are business clients can straight away call 0800 083 3003.

To lodge a complaint against TalkTalk TV particularly, you can reach out to a representative at TalkTalk TV Support 0345 172 0088. However, if you need immediate help, then it is advisable to go for the live chat option. Visit to choose the relevant topic for which you need support. A chat bubble instantly appears. Click on it to start chatting with a representative.

If you want a hassle-free option, then drop a quick and easy email at to get in touch with the Complaints department. Emails usually receive very prompt replies, from anywhere between one to three days. Customers opting for a more traditional method can write a letter to the Customer Relations Department.

TalkTalk has taken extra initiatives to reach out to its customers who are hard of hearing or have impaired speech. If you have any troubleshooting or fault in your TV device, then feel free to dial 18001 followed by 0345 172 0088 through a Text Relay phone. A representative will get in touch with you shortly. However, if you feel not content then you can request to consult the manager or further, the CEO. Write to this mailing address:

CEO Office,
TalkTalk Group,
PO BOX 344,
Unit 19, Southampton, SO30 2NP

The team will respond within 10 working days. Alternatively, you can take up your complaints to the Ombudsman Office. You can either call them at 0845 050 1614 by a telephone or 0845 051 1513 through a mobile phone. You can also expect a reply after sending an email to

TalkTalk TV Helpline

Situations may arise where customers might need immediate attention for their TalkTalk TV services. If you receive troubleshooting problems, error messages or just need to cancel TV services subscription, then call the TalkTalk TV Helpline 0345 172 0088. However, in the case of canceling your account, you need to provide a 30 days’ notice for the action to be executed. Unfortunately, you will be charged a fee in you terminate your contract earlier than the stipulated time.

Write to TalkTalk TV

The company also entertains written letters. If you have any query or suggestions regarding your TalkTalk TV services, then write to the TalkTalk Correspondence Department, PO Box 346, Southampton, SO30 2PW. In addition to your name and mobile number, be sure to include your account number, the 3rd and 6th character of your password or your personal security answer. Generally, consumers receive replies within 10 days.

TalkTalk TV Latest Information

Membership to TalkTalk TV automatically ensures that you receive all the recent updates and offers. However, you can also regularly visit to get news about new deals. One can also connect to TalkTalk TV via social media.

BT Sport Customer Service Contact Number

btsport customer care

BT Sport Contact Number Tips

BT Sport Helpline UK Contact Numbers
BT Sport Toll-Free 0800 800 150
Payment (Bill) 0800 443 311
Queries and Complaints 0800 111 4567
Cancel Service Toll-Free 0800 783 1401
Outside UK +44 179 359 6931

btsport customer care

BT Sport Overview

You can enjoy different sports channels with BT Sport. BT Sport is a leading sports television channels provider in the United Kingdom. It’s a subsidiary of the British Telecom Company. BT Sport provides offers live streaming coverage of various sports like football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Motorsport and much more. BT Sport was launched on 1st August 2013. Its headquarters are located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. It is available on BT TV, Sky and Virgin Media television platforms in the United Kingdom. BT Sports company provides a high quality of live sports action to the viewers of Football, Cricket, Rugby, Motorsport, Golf, Tennis, UFC and Wrestling, College sports, and various American Sports. Furthermore, BT Sport exclusively holds live streaming rights in UK of English Football League which is popularly known as Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions league, UEFA Europa League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, MotoGP, FA Trophy and many other sports leagues.

BT Sport Customer Service Contact Number

BT Sport Customer Services

BT Sport customer service believe customer satisfaction is above everything, as a consequence, it’s the leading sports channel company with the highest number of satisfied customers and viewers and it has a network of approximately 25+ million customers all over the United Kingdom. BT Sport holds exclusive broadcasting rights of various football leagues like Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions league, UEFA Europa League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Motorsports league like MotoGP and has partnership rights with BBC and Sky Sports for broadcasting Rugby Championships, Cricket leagues and American sports all over the UK. BT Sport is the most popular group of entertainment sports channel in the world. Viewers feel like a VIP at home while watching favorite sports on BT Sports network. BT Sports channels are for everyone, anyone can enjoy watching sports on Sport regardless of age. Below mentioned are some BT Sport customer services that BT Sport provides to the customers.

Football Coverage

BT Sport provides the broadcast of live football matches to the Football fans on Television as well as on the internet all over the UK.  BT Sports channels currently hold exclusive rights of live broadcasting 42 football premier league live matches of 2017-2019 seasons in the UK. It has rights to broadcast live football leagues matches like Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions league, UEFA Europa League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 all over the UK. BT Sport also holds rights to highlight broadcast of football league matches.


Cricket Coverage

BT Sport provides the broadcast of live cricket league matches to the cricket fans on Television set as well as on the internet all over the UK. From August 2015 BT Sport started live broadcasting of Australia’s home matches like ‘The Ashes’ the renowned test cricket matches between England and Australia till 2018. BT sports telecast for cricket league includes not only the Men’s Ashes League but the Women’s Ashes and Women’s T20 Big Bash League also.

Rugby Coverage

BT Sport exclusively holds Rugby matches live broadcast rights of Aviva Premiership and Anglo-Welsh Cup and partners live coverage of Champions Cup and Challenge Cup with Sky Sports. BT Sport provides the broadcast of live Rugby league matches to the Rugby fans on Television set as well as on the internet all over the UK. BT Sport also holds rights to highlight broadcast of Rugby matches.

Tennis and Motorsport Coverage

BT Sport holds rights of the broadcast of Tennis and Motorsport leagues in both live and highlights form. As per Tennis BT sport has a signed deal for the broadcast of 21 live tournaments of women’s tennis tours with Women’s Tennis Association. As per Motorsport coverage, BT Sport has rights of the live broadcast of MotoGP event, Moto2, Moto3, Red Bull Rookies and CEV Repsol championships. Highlights are available for British Formula Three Championship, FIA European Formula Three Championship and BRDC formula 4 Championship. BT Sport provides the broadcast of live Tennis and Motorsport leagues to the Tennis and Motorsport fans on Television set as well as on the internet all over the UK.

American Sports Coverage

BT Sport provides coverage of many American sports like NBA, Major Basketball League, X Games, American College Sports. Also, American Sports magazine sports like Baseball Tonight and College Gameday are often shown live. BT Sport broadcasts many American Sports for American Sports fan on television as well as on the internet all over the UK.

BT Sports Latest Information
Customers can get the latest information and news about BT Sport at BT Sport latest information and news website i.e.  Here customers can find latest updates of various sports, like Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Motorsports and various American sports, latest news and weather from the UK and around the world, can download BT Sports app for various devices.

BT Sport Helpline

BT Sport provides 12 hours a day and 5 days week (Monday to Friday 8 Am to 8 PM) services to its customers that can be used at any day. Customers can connect and contact for BT Sports Helpline at 0800 100 400 (UK) or 0800 443 311 (UK) and from abroad +44 179 359 6931 (UK). The customer can also contact at BT Cloud Helpline 0800 500 3114 (UK) and from abroad +44 800 500 3114 (UK). Calls made on 0800 numbers from Landlines from the UK are free. If a customer is calling from outside the UK, call charges are 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access. The calls on aforementioned numbers are monitored and recorded for security and training reasons. Customers can also get online assistance at BT Sport online helping site.

bt sport customer service

BT Sport Contact Phone Number

Want to Contact BT Sport UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the BT Sport contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0871 434 3179.
The customers looking for BT Sport customer assistance from the BT Sport team can get in touch with BT Sport Customer care agents by contacting at BT Sport Contact Phone Number 0800 100 400 (UK) or 0800 443 311 (UK) from landline and from abroad +44 800 500 3114 (UK). Customers can connect and contact 12 hours a day and 5 days week (Monday to Friday 8 Am to 8 PM). If the customer is calling from outside the UK, call charges are 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access. The calls on aforementioned numbers are monitored and recorded for security and training reasons.

BT Sport Customer Complaints

In case customers or viewers have any kind of complaints regarding BP Sport services they can quickly get answer and solution by connecting to our team. Our BT Sport Support service team members are professionally trained to deal with customer complaints. For any problem with BT TV, BT Sport customers can contact at 0800 111 4567 (UK) by landline and 0330 123 4567 (UK) by phone.  If the customer is calling from outside the UK, call charges are 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access (call cost vary with the different service provider). The calls on aforementioned numbers are monitored and recorded for security and training reasons.

Write to BT Sports

In case customers need BT customer service assistance, they can write a letter and send it on BT customer care address.

BT Sport Head Office
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,
London E20 2ST

BT Sport at Social Networks

The below links can help you in connecting BT Sport on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many other social media handles. Connecting to people at social networks is a different way of communicating people. We keep uploading and sharing something which makes customers and targeted customers like, comment, share, and develop interest, which improves our virtual interactions with targeted customers. We aim at building good public relation through social networks. We’re present on almost every social media channel. We’re available at below mentioned social platforms.

BT Sport FAQs
There are many questions that customers frequently keep asking by emails and phone calls. BT Sport has provided a common link for almost all the frequently asked questions for resolving customer queries. Link to FAQ section

Download BT Sport app
BT Sport offers customers BT Sport app for customer’s device. Customers can get  BT Sport app in any of the devices that are connected to the internet. Whether it is an android mobile, iPhone, tablet, computer, Mac.

Virgin Media TV Customer Service Contact Number

virgin-media helpline

Virgin Media TV Contact Number Tips

Virgin Media TV Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Get in touch 0800 064 3836
VM faults in business +44 800 052 0800
VM UK contact helpline +44 800 064 3820
VM contact for upgradation +44 345 6000 789
VM helpline for existing customer(from any phone) *
VM helpline for new customer +44 800 0640 3820
VM toll-free number +44 800 952 8046

Virgin Media TV Customer Service Contact Number

virgin-media helpline

Virgin Media TV Overview

Virgin TV is one of the most profound cable television services in the United Kingdom. It is estimated that about 55% of the homes in the United Kingdom now have access to the Virgin network. Virgin TV now offers more than 260 channels among which as many as 59 are HD. Among the technology used the one worth mentioning is the fiber optic cable which presents strong network without any necessity of a dish. Its parent organization Virgin Media provides other telecommunication services like TV, Mobile, Broadband and Internet Services. The company was actually formed by the merger of two major organizations. Telewest and NTL later rebranded themselves as Virgin Media. Virgin TV provides the customers with some of the best options available in the market. It also provides Sky Channels and other attractive offers. Virgin TV is acknowledged as one of Virgin Media’s biggest service. They also have thousands of live programs and other add-on features. There are also special packs which are provided along with TVs like Phone and Broadband generally for 12 months. Virgin Media comes under the globe’s largest cable service organization called Liberty Global plc, a multinational company whose presence is felt across 14 different countries with over 27 million customers. Its vision is to eternally attempt together to make good things happen.

Virgin Media TV Services

When it comes to accountability and assistance to its customers Virgin Media TV customer services include a wide range of facilities. The services provided to customers include troubleshooting your TV as well as upgrading your packages. One can inquire them to check service status as well. The various problems for which you can get assistance include fixing the audio and video problems on TV, fixing missing channels or remote problems, recording and playback issues etc. Apart from customer services other media services include premium channels, HD Channels, Sky Sports, Catch up TV, Virgin TV anywhere app, multi-room, Netflix streaming etc. For further inquiries and to know more about Virgin Media TV customer services one can contact them at 0800 064 3836. If you use a Virgin Mobile, you can contact them out by dialing to 150.

virgin-tv support

Contact Virgin Media TV Customer Service

Virgin Media provide vast access to their community for their users to ensure continued support and help. One can use the phone number 0345 454 1111 to contact for any customer services. This isn’t a toll-free number. Charges are applicable as per rules. However, the lines are open throughout the week from 8 am to 10 pm. All troubles regarding services provided as well as confusion upon bill generation and payment details can be resolved with their customer service. Service agents can be contacted through the number 0800 064 3840.

Latest Virgin Media TV Information

Customers can stay updated about the latest news and offers regarding Virgin Media TV by browsing through their webpage. Their website also includes promotion videos that provide a better explanation to the people about their services. A lot of information about their products can be obtained from their website.

Virgin Media TV Helpline

For any queries and assistance, there are several Virgin Media helpline numbers available that can be contacted which will be available on all 7 days. In case you are a registered account holder for their TV service, you will need your account details when you contact for smooth service. The helpline services are very reasonable. You can contact 0871 434 3180  for queries regarding bill, to renew your subscription or for any other complaints you may have and help you may require.

Virgin Media TV Online Customer Help and Support

Virgin media TV online Virgin Media support and services for its customers are huge. They are easy to use and popular too. All the online support regarding Virgin TV can be accessed from the following link

After going to the website one must click the TV tab present there to access services specifically for their TV. All the general queries are answered here. One also has access to ask the Virgin Media TV community any questions they want. There is also a forum related to these topics and a blog is maintained by the support team. Live chat options with the technical team is also available during working hours.

Write to Virgin Media TV Customer Care

You are always welcome to write you complaints to them or send any packages. You can write to the Virgin Media United Kingdom Customer Service Address-

Virgin Media
3 Union St,
Swansea SA1 1PJ

You can also write to their various head offices at the following addresses

  • Griffin House
    161, Hammersmith Road,
    London W6 8BS
  • 270 & 280, Bartley Way,
    Bartley Wood Business Park,
    Hook, Hampshire RG27 9UP
  •  Block P2,
    Eastpoint Business Park,
    Dublin 3,
    DO3 W1X0

Feedback can also be given. To contact through Email, one should email to the following email address,

Virgin Media TV Contact Numbers and Details

Want to Contact Virgin Media TV UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Virgin Media TV contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0871 434 3180 .
There are several Virgin Media TV Contact Phone Numbers for various purposes for customers to connect to Virgin Media. Easy and accessible communication is much needed for all customers. Here are some useful numbers that are essential for all their customers and other individuals alike.

If you are a new customer wanting to subscribe to Virgin TV you should contact to 0800 052 2525. For TV-related queries, you should contact 0345 454 1111. For any questions or concerns regarding payment of your bills, you can contact 0800 064 3777. Industrialists who look for a business with Virgin Media TV may contact them at 0800 064 3836. Also, customers who wish to upgrade their services or for business sales may call to 0808 274 1381. A useful international helpline toll-free number is +44 800 952 8046. Fault priority helpline is 0871 434 3180 . Customer Service Inquiries can also be done by contacting to the number 0871 434 3180.

If you are a media person or an analyst wanting to contact Virgin Media TV, it is better to send them an email for which you will get a quick response. However, you can also contact them to this number, +44 333 000 2900. For investor relations, you can contact +44 1256 752 or send an email to To contact the sustainability team you must email to the following address, If you wish to contact Virgin Media TV for unique commercial customer services like marketing, advertising, and sponsorship deals, you should email them at Sometimes it may become necessary to contact the main Virgin Group itself or Liberty Global in the case of any dissatisfaction. One can contact them at.

Telephone Call Charges

Many of the contact numbers listed above are toll-free (Numbers starting with 0800), which means they are free of cost and can be dialed convincingly. However, some calls do cost you some money generally as per your telephone service provider plans. Also remember that you can always contact them through E-Mail in a hassle free manner with the email ids provided.

Virgin Media TV Complaints

The majority of the complaints can be resolved completely online and through self-assisted service that the company provides on their official website. However in the case of any complaints, one can specifically call this number 0843 515 8680. This call charges 7p/minute in addition to the operator charges. To log on a complaint you just need to make a call, inform you details and then your discomfort. Generally, quick service is provided and within a short time, the complaint is resolved.

Another important accessibility that the organization provides is communication through various social media platforms. With ever increasing popularity of social media platforms and ease of access, customers find it quite useful to know about various updates of their services and any latest offers and other news. Here are those social media links which you can access for further information and updates. Also, there are many useful online portals where their services can be enjoyed to their fullest.

  • Use this link to get latest updates on the TV programs to be telecast on the Virgin Media TV Network,
  • To enjoy anywhere TV one may use this link and log in their account –
  • They also have an official YouTube channel which you can access from this link. Important programs and updates will be posted by them periodically in form of videos –
  • You can follow the parent companies tweets here from this link,
  • Their presence is there on Facebook also. Like them for getting updates in your news feed through this link –
  • They have an official account on Instagram too. Follow them through this link,

Many a time the FAQs can come handy in solving various difficulties. Virgin Media TV services have provided with wide range of FAQs collection to assist the user. FAQs for one of their service TV Anywhere can be accessed through the following link

It is often useful to check the FAQ section before contacting the company.

Virgin Media Customer Service Contact Number

virgin-media support

Virgin Media Phone Number Tips

Virgin Media Helpline UK Contact Numbers
VM faults in business +44 800 052 0800
VM UK contact helpline +44 800 064 3820
VM contact for upgradation +44 345 6000 789
VM helpline for new customer +44 800 0640 3820
VM toll-free number +44 800 952 8046

virgin-media support

Virgin Media Overview

Virgin media is a British based company which provides mobile and fixed telephone services. It also provides broadband internet connection services to the organization and public of the United Kingdom. Like all the telephone company an important part of the Virgin media is the Virgin media customer service which provides the help to the customers in need. The company was formed in March 2006 by the merger of two companies called the NTL and Telewest. This company ultimately purchased the virgin mobile UK and formed into Virgin media. The mode of data transfer is through the fibre optics cable network in the United Kingdom. The company has a variety of products like phones, TV and also handles media business. They also have a variety of products like TV, phones, and mobiles. It also provides broadband internet connection services to the public and the private sector of the United Kingdom.

Like all the telephone company a virgin media customer service is an integral part of the company which provides the help to the customers in need. The customer service is classified into the three basic parts and they are Virgin Media Contact Phone Number, Virgin Media Support, Virgin Media Helpline. In March 2006 by the merger of two companies called the NTL and Telewest the company was formed. This company then purchased the virgin mobile UK and formed a single organization called the Virgin media. The mode of data transfer for the internet is through the fibre optics cable network in the United Kingdom. A company this big deals with the customer through the various means of customer services.

Virgin media customer services

Virgin media customer services are an integral part of the Virgin media which provides the help to the customers. The customer of the company can clarify any doubts regarding the account and billing, broadband, TV, phone, mobile, moving home, buying or upgrading or any other queries.

virgin media customer service

Accounting and billing customer service

The Virgin media customer service is divided into various categories of the departments under the company. The department of accounting and billing of the Virgin media customer service deals with all the bill payment queries of the customer. The customer can ask questions regarding the excess amount of bill if the bill is more, due date of the bill, whether the bill can be paid in installments or whether the annual bill of the services could be paid. Any question regarding the payment of bills is entertained by the Virgin media customer service and the solution is provided.

Broadband customer service

This customer service deals with all the queries about the broadband connection. The customers can ask about the internet speed and the price range of each pack according to the data given with each pack. Since the data is transferred over a fibre optic cable network, any damages to the fibre optic cables can be reported to this department of the Virgin media customer service.


TV support

The Virgin media company also owns products which include TV. There is a separate department of the Virgin media customer service allotted to entertain all the queries regarding their TV. The complaints can include any problems on the TV or can be done in the case of inquiries about the basic functions of the TV and how to operate the TV. Details of warranty and guarantee of the TV can be enquired into the customer service.

Mobile and phone support

The company also sells mobile phones. This department of Virgin media customer services deals with all the problems of the mobile phone. Any complaint about the mobile phone is dealt by this customer services and they rectify the fault as soon as possible.

Moving home support

This Virgin media customer services can be availed in case the customer is moving. When a customer moves to a new home he/she can get the help of the customer services to move his/her broadband service, TV, or landline phones without any help from the independent moving services. This service is to ensure complete customer satisfaction of the customers to increase their sales and profit.

Buying or upgrading

When someone plans to buy a new Virgin media product all the doubts about the product can be cleared by this Virgin media customer services. Their main aim is gain as much as customers to the company to increase the sales and profit of the company. This customer service also deals with the upgrading of packages by the existing customer. They clear the doubts about the upgrade if any, and in some cases urge their customers to upgrade the packages with better benefits. This Virgin media service works better in the area of mobile and broadband connection.

Other queries

Any other queries, apart from the above mentioned are entertained by this Virgin media customer services.  This department should have an overall idea of all the queries to answer the customers. Any unexpected queries can be asked but the employees must use their complete knowledge to clear all the queries of the customer.

Approaching customer service

The customer services can be availed using the internet by visiting their web page ( or through the phone number provided by the company or through the services centers of the company. The customers can also write to Virgin Media for their queries directly by writing to Virgin Media UK customer service address:

Virgin Media,
Matrix Court,
Swansea, SA7 9ZJ

Virgin media customer services

Virgin media customer services are an integral part of the Virgin media organization which provides the help to the customers. Due to the large customer range, the services are divided based on the various departments. The customer of the company can clarify any queries regarding the account and billing, broadband, TV, phone, mobile, moving home, buying or upgrading or any other queries.

Virgin media support

An integral part of the virgin media organization is the Virgin media support. The virgin media support deals with all types of customer services of the company. The customer services are divided based on the departments and the employees are trained in the technical knowledge of each department and allotted in their respective department. Broadband customer service deals with all the queries and the issues dealing with the broadband connection. The customers can ask about the various internet packages available and also complain about the slow internet connection or the damage of fibre optic cables. The next Virgin media support includes the company also owns products like TV. There is a separate department of the virgin media customer service allotted to answer all the queries and solve all the issues regarding the TV products. The customer can also ask doubts about how to perform a function on the TV.

The company also sells mobiles. This department of Virgin media support deals with all the queries and the problem solving of the mobiles. This Virgin media customer services can be used in case the customer is relocating. When a customer moves to another home he/she can get the help of the customer services to move his/her broadband service, TV, or landline phone connection. The next Virgin media support is about buying or upgrading. When someone plans to buy a new Virgin media product the details about the product can be known from the customer services. This customer service also deals with the upgrading of packages for the already existing customer. They clear the doubts about the upgrade and in some cases urge their customers to upgrade the packages with better benefits.

Virgin Media Contact Phone Number

Want to Contact Virgin Media UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Virgin Media contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0871 434 3180.
The contact for the customer services of the Virgin media contact phone number is provided by the company. It can also be taken from the website of the Virgin media company. The website is from which all the queries can be directly being cleared. Apart from the calling services the company also clarifies the doubts of the consumers through the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and also video tutorial is given through YouTube. The website for Facebook is For twitter it is The channel on YouTube is called as Virgin media help. To contact the virgin you can go to the website and click on the contact us link and click on the problem you are facing. The virgin media will acknowledge you.

Virgin Media Helpline

The queries are clarified through various mediums like websites, phone calls, and emails which are the Virgin Media Helpline. Sometimes the customers who have the common questions can clarify their doubt through the already answered questions on the website. The websites consist of the answers to the frequently asked questions by the customer so that that the efficiency of the customer service is increased. Some of the links of the commonly asked questions are given below. Some of the Virgin media helpline links are

Netflix Customer Service Contact Number

Netflix Customer Service

Netflix Contact Number Tips

Netflix Contact Numbers UK Helpline
Toll-Free 0800 096 6379
Existing Customers +1-800-585-7265
Support in the technical end +1888 638 3549


Netflix Customer Service Contact Number

Netflix Customer Service

Netflix Inc. Overview

Today Netflix has developed as the biggest Internet streaming media. It was founded on 29th of August on 1997. Netflix provides its services all over the countries; these are Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, South America and much more. The headquarter of Netflix is located in Los Gatos, at California, at the United States of America. You can watch any kind of TV series or movie in high definition quality on Netflix by signing up as the member on the website. One more service that Netflix provides is that it mail the DVD on demand by the customer. The series and films produced by Netflix are branded with “Netflix Original”. With the expansion of the number of subscribers all around the globe and plan to increase the business in many countries, rather than e-mails Netflix now interacts with their customers through phone calls. Netflix Customer service takes care of all the issues of the customers whether it may be small or big.

From distributing the DVDs through emails to providing online streaming services Netflix has expanded its business all over the world. And on an estimate, Netflix provides services to 190 countries. And it was reported by Netflix in October 2016 that approximately 86 million people from different countries have subscribed to Netflix and 47 million subscribers are from the US alone. By 2013 with its online distribution Netflix had included television and film production. Even after the successful online streaming service Netflix has not stopped its original business to provide the DVDs by mail. And the debut series of Netflix was the House of Cards and since then Netflix has been adding more series and films in its online library of movies and series. Netflix offers their customer service for the 24 hours and every day. There have been many positive customer reviews from many users regarding the Netflix customer service. You can call the Netflix customer helpline any time you want and enquire about anything.

Netflix Customer Services contact numbers

Want to Contact Netflix UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Netflix contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9183
Are you already a member and have an account on our website and you have an issue regarding the Netflix service then you can speak to our Netflix customer service center. You can contact our Netflix customer service –

Contact number: 1-800-585-7265                                                                                                                                Or: 1-888-638-3549

We provide 24 hours service to the customers.

Customer service for non-registered members

If you are not a registered member of our website then you can clear any kind of doubts about our service. You can call Netflix customer service provider through our contact number: 1-866-579-7172

Write to Netflix Inc. Customer Center

Our customers can also write to us about their experience with us or any complaint concerning our services. You can mail it to us directly to the California headquarter.

Write the address to post as:-
22 Torrington Place,
3rd Floor Suite C Fitzrovia,
WC1E 7HP London, The United Kingdom

We solve the problems as soon as we learn about it. You can also address the employee of Netflix.

Customer service through Live Chat

We have now made it possible for our customers to have an online chat with our employees. The customers can easily ask any questions and get an instant solution from the agent. It is one of our ways to ease out the customer’s problems by providing an easy way of communication. It provides a great experience in troubleshooting when the customer is facing problems with their online account.

For this service, you have to firstly create an account on Netflix and if you already have one then it is fine. Then log into your account on Netflix. After that scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. There you will find a “contact us” option, click on that link. Then you can find the “Start Live Chat” at the left part of the bottom of the page. After clicking the “Start Live Chat” link you will have to wait for 2-3 min for connection and then a chat box appears at the right on the bottom of the page. The name of our representative who is going to assist you will be displayed on it. Whatever doubts or inquiry you want to make you have to type it into that chat box and press the enter button. And our employee will soon send you a reply to your query.

Customer Help Center

In the help center page, there are many common problems that people face with their Netflix account and there are solutions to the problems as well. It would be a good practice to check out the help center page before contacting the Netflix customer service. As you might find the same problem you are facing with a solution. By clicking the “Support” option on the home page at the bottom you will find the help center page.

The “Netflix Knowledgebase” is a search bar which helps to search your query with a keyword or phrase. Common problems might be password forgotten, unmatched video and audio.

By using the “Common Actions” link you will see all the common problems that people face with their account and solutions of those problems. Account details, passwords or updating your registered e-mail id can be found in this section.

“Trending Help Topics” covers up the queries which have been popularly asked by the people and the solutions to the problems. You will find topics like managing your account on different devices, any connection problems and parental controls on this page.

Netflix Inc. Customer Service

If you are already registered as member on the official website of Netflix and you are facing some problems with the Netflix account then you can contact the Netflix customer helpline with these Netflix contact phone numbers-

1-800-585-7265 or 1-888-638-3549

Netflix provides a 24/7 service to its customers. Earlier Netflix used to take the recommendation of shows and movies from the customers but this service has been stopped. Netflix just records the number of searches for a particular movie by their customers to add it to their library.

Netflix Customer service

Write to Netflix Customer Center

We like to make our customers happy by solving the customers’ small as well as big problems. If the customers want to write to Netflix Customer center sharing their good or bad experience or want to complain about any unpleasing service of Netflix, they can mail the letter to the address-

Netflix, 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032

The customers can also address it to a particular employee of Netflix Inc.

Netflix’s Customer Help Center

The help center page of Netflix’s website consists of many common troubles faced by the customers along with the solutions to these issues. This page might help the customers if they are facing some inconveniences with the services of Netflix. It covers many problems and after checking it you might not have to call the service center at all. Just click on the “support” link which is on the homepage of the official site. And you will find the help center page.

By using the Netflix Knowledgebase which is a search bar on the home page you can search any query. Use keywords or some phrase like video and audio syncing problems or forgotten password. “Trending Help Topic” has the entire section of most searched query by the users and also the solutions to the problems. Generally, issues related to connection problems, parental control and managing a single Netflix account on many devices. With the “common actions” link you will find the page in which all the common problems and solutions to it are put together. These may be problems related to passwords account details or updating of recorded e-mail id.

Live chat Customer support

You can get an instant reply to your queries with the live chat with any of the employee of Netflix. To provide a quick solution to the problems faced by the user the live chat was introduced. Now the users can communicate with customer support without paying any price on phone calls. If you do not have an account then you can easily create one on the website. The users can use the live chat service by clicking the “Contact us” link located at the bottom of the home page. You will find the ‘Start live chat’ option at the left bottom of the page and after clicking the link wait for 2-3 minutes for the setup of the connection. Then the chat box appears along with it the name of the employee will also be displayed on the box. By typing your query or any question you will be replied with the answers to it by the employee. The main motive is to subject the users to reliable troubleshooting experience.

Customer support for unsigned members

The team provides Netflix Customer Support for registered as well as the unsigned members. If you have not yet registered to Netflix and you want to know anything about the services provided Netflix then feel free to call anytime to 24 hours Customer service of Netflix.

Contact Number:  1-866-579-7172

You can also contact us through various Social Medias.

BT Sport Customer Service Phone Directory

BT Sport

BT Phone Number Tips

BT Sport Contact Phone Number BT Helplines
BT Sport Toll-Free 0800 800 150
 BT Sport Payment (Bill) 0800 443 311
 BT Sport Queries and Complaints 0800 111 4567
 BT Sport Cancel Service Toll-Free 0800 783 1401
 BT Sport Outside UK +44 179 359 6931

BT Sport Contact Number Helpline

BT Sport Overview

A new but vibrant addition to the BT group, BT sport is a group of Sports television channels including many online services. Its parent company is one of the major companies in the United Kingdom and also operating in over 180 countries with a wide customer base. BT sport is primarily based in the United Kingdom and Ireland as was the parent company, it was launched on August 1, 2013. The channels are based on the former International Broadcast Center at Queen Elizabeth Park in London. BT Sport is widely available on various television platforms in the UK like BT TV, Sky, and Virgin media. Within a Short time it reached a prominent place among Sports entertainment services and now it also holds exclusively TV rights to 42 Barclay’s Premier League matches. BT sport also has rights on all other major sports leagues. Customers can also watch other prominent sports like Rugby, NBA, Motorsport etc. Satisfying its customers with efficient broadcasting service BT sport now ranks top among the other broadcasting services. The vision of the company is to provide its native customers with the best quality of live-action experience in various sport. Also recently it started a Wi-Fi streaming service for the convenience of its customers.

BT Sport Services

To know more about BT Customer services as well as enquire about their subscription fees and other offers one can reach them out on their general contact 0800 111 4567. Right now they offer 4 channels- BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN. Once a customer signs up for their services he will also be able to live stream the videos on the official website. Also, a mobile app is available to facilitate the same. One can also use the BT Sport direct contact number 0800 100 400 for further clarifications and queries. BT Sport also gives special offers and subscription packages for business establishments like Hotels, Clubs etc. By subscribing through their services they will be able to attract more customers.

Contact BT Sport Customer Service

Customer Service
Want to Contact BT sport UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the BT sport contact customer service phone number- DIAL-0871 434 3179.
BT Customer services are ever prepared to provide you all their assistance. If you are facing any trouble relating to the services provided or with bill generation and payment you should contact their customer service. Customer service is provided to address all the grievances of the user. Their various customer service numbers include the direct number 0871 789 1864. For customer care, you need to contact the number 0800 800 151. Regarding any BT service complaint, the number to be contacted is 0800 800 150 or 0330 1234 150.


BT Sport for Business Customer Service

There are special schemes for various business organizations to avail their services. The various services available include the complete package, BT Sport WI-FI, Bar beats, Scratch etc. Fur further information on such business offers one should contact 0800 678 1065.

Latest Sports Information

Their web page can help you in getting new sports updates from across the world. Latest video clipping is uploaded and also many news articles are posted on their web page to keep the fans up to date. Also for more information, the company can be contacted any time during the working hours.

BT Sport Helpline

The BT Sport helpline numbers are available to be contacted all week, the working time being 8 am to 8 pm and about 9 am to 6 pm during weekends. Also, the helpline is used by already registered customers to sort out any technical glitches that they may experience. Hence you will be needing your account details when you contact the helpline. Unlike the toll-free numbers you make face some phone charges here but Service and assistance can be assured quick.
BT Customer Service Phone Directory

BT Sport Online Customer Service

Added to all the online services they provide, they also give customer support and help online through their webpage. This online customer service they provide is widely used and popular among customers. The service can be accessed from There is a wide range of help topics provided along with many help videos to browse through. Also, an active community exists where post queries can be posted to them to get solutions. Also, one can check their service status online in case of any service updates or track faults.

Write to BT Sport Customer Care

Also, all kinds of queries and issues can be resolved by directly writing to the BT Sport customer care centers. The have a working email system. One can also directly write letter or send some sort of packages to their addresses-

BT Sport Head Quarters
Waterden Rd,
London E20 3BS

One can also write feedback or complaint letters to these addresses if any.

BT Sport Contact Numbers

Contact between the company and customer is very important. Hence here we provide additional important phone numbers that may be helpful sometimes. However, before you make any call you should check up their FAQs.

Also, there are special FAQs for BT Sport for business which can be found in the link One can also contact 0800 876 6468 for help and support with BT Sport for business. Coming back to the other important numbers of BT group associated with BT Sport, We have-

For information on all the packages available for BT Sport for business, you may contact 0800 678 1065.

Customer care numbers include 0330 123 4151, 0800 800 151 for UK local. For internationals customers, you should use +44 179 359 6931.

For BT Complaints you may contact 0800 800 150 and 0330 123 4150. International number is +44 179 369 6931.

Another useful customer service is 0330 440 1614. For bill payment and related queries, you can contact 0800 443 311 and 0800 085 2819.

The alternative number for BT helpline is 0800 707 6310.

In case you decide to cancel any of the services you have previously subscribed to you should contact to this number 0800 783 1401. As you can see they have different numbers for various purposes so that they can improve their accountability to their customers. There is also a BT cloud helpline number 0800 500 3114.

They also provide live chat services online with their technical staff to help resolve issues or for complaint registrations.

Telephone Call Charges

All the 0800 numbers are toll-free from United Kingdom Land lines. However using mobile to call make incur some charges. Some calls may have extra charges which should be checked with their operator. However remember that you can always mail them to their email id’s or write to them.

BT Sport Complaints

Most of the complaints are quickly resolved at the convenience of its customers. A lot of numbers were provided above for assistance. Also with the kind of online services they provide most of the solutions can be found on some web page. Everything is open to suggestions and feedback. With the internet, it is also easier to resolve complaints online.

Another important link in the customer service are the social media platforms. BT sport has it’s presence on various social media where it is actively followed by its users and other citizens. They are often used as a major platform to provide updates on their services or products and also advertising. Any festive offers and perks generally first spread through the social media. So here are a few social media links for you to click on and follow-

Use this link for a live chat with BT support team.
This is the Facebook page link for BT Sport –
This is the link to their Twitter page. Click n follow their tweets –
This link provides you with various opportunities with BT Sport. Follow them for more updates.

BT Sport also has their own YouTube channel where they upload various sport videos which can be enjoyed by youtube community. You can subscribe them through this link.

Sometimes contacting the Parent company BT Group is also useful as they are the main people behind the services offered and often the main consulting staff is in the Head Quarters. So here are some links for the BT group for direct contact.

Through this link, you will be able to login to your BT account and keep a check on the services.
This is the official twitter page of the Company
This is the official page of the company at LinkedIn.
This is the link to the official YouTube channel.

This is the official link to the bill payment portal for all the BT services where you can comfortably pay all your bills.  It is also a trusted and secure portal.

SKY TV Customer Service contact phone number

sky customer care

You can call on this number to contact Sky TV Customer Service


sky customer care

Call this number and save it with the name – Sky TV Customer Service

Sky TV Phone Number Tips

Sky Contact Number Helpline Sky UK Number
Sky TV Contact 03300 412 526
Sky Broadband Contact 03300 412 544
Sky Talk 03300 412 553
Sky Digital 03442 411 653
Sky Customer Service 03300 412 558
Sky Moving/Sky Installation 03300 412 563
Sky Technical Support 03442 411 653
Sky Billing 03442 411 653
Sky Cancellation 03332 022 135
Join Sky 03442 411 653

SKY Customer Service contact phone number

List of Sky TV Helpline Phone Numbers

Sky is among the leaders in digital entertainment providers in the United Kingdom. It is offering the collective services in the areas of television and cable broadcasting, internet, telecom and mobile and broadband services through the fiber cables. The customer base for Sky is covering all those from the UK and Ireland who has their headquarters In London. The broadcasting services are offering the various satellite television channels relaying the top Chartbusters in television shows along with the viable broadband plans that give excellent service to the customers.

The company is resolving all sorts of complaints, queries or assistance on the website only. The below mentioned SKY contact numbers are quite useful for the customers. These numbers are quite advantageous as you don’t have to wait for the longer time periods as with the singular numbers. The best way to use these numbers is to get the account information handy and use the options carefully to avoid anymore waiting for reconnecting. You can easily find the relevant information about calling in case you don’t have the idea about the information that you will need while talking to an agent.

To Read More about Sky TV OfferingsClick here

Sky Customer Care Service

The Sky customer care service is ready to serve the customers 7 days in a week. You can call upon them in between the hours of 7 am to 11 pm for your complaints grievances or queries. The best suggested time for calling the customer care is in between the hours of 7 am-11 am and 1 pm-11 pm. In case you are trying in between the 11 am to 1 pm duration, then you may have to wait for more than two hours. Therefore it is advisable to call as suggested between the time hours 7 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 11 pm. The best part about the customer care is that when you are looking for a call on the immediate basis the sky customer service number representative on 0344 2411 653 can be the best option to get solutions to your queries. This is a toll-free number where you don’t have to pay any charge for calling at the Sky customers. The other numbers that are ending in the series with 03, 02 & 01 numbers are chargeable and you have to pay a small charge while talking on these phones. The only drawback with the customer care is that they are bound to charge you for calling them from any number if you are not an existing sky customer with a landline phone.

The charges applicable to the customers calling from the other phones are quite different and depend on the service provider that you are using. In the same manner, if you are an existing Sky customer, but don’t remember your registered sky id, then you will be billed for calling the customer service.

Sky Customer Service Number Opening Hours

The calling hours for the customer care keep on changing from the department to department. The calling hours are related to the operation hours for the specific department. The calling lines are closed for the most of the bank holidays and the public holidays except the technical support that is operating 24*7 round the year. Along with this the most of the departments are accepting the calls in between the hours of 8:00 am to 11:30 am 7 days a week. Nowadays the use of the social media is also increasing for complaints and grievances registration. Alike the other players in the market the company has also started on the same way. If you don’t want to get bothered by the phone calls and waiting for a simple tweet in the online sphere can do the same for you. The common channels that are widely used by the company are as below:

Adding to it the company has made a foray into the online sphere with the old, but effective live chat system that is available for the customers at Sky Contact Us. This is also one of the easy contact streams to the customer for getting in touch with the customer support.

Sky TV Customer Complaint Service

The best thing about Sky is that its complaint recording services can be availed 7 days a week that helps those who are unable to spare time on the weekdays. At the Sky customer service number 0344 2411 653, you may lodge your complaints about the complication with Sky TV products or services and the Sky talk & Sky broadband. It is a toll-free number that can be dialed for free from the sky talk and mobile customers. Apart you may also file your complaints via live chat with the Sky customer care experts 7 days a week in between 8.30 am to 9 pm.

In case you are willing to make a complaint about the services from Sky Go & Sky extra then you need to call the Sky Helpline for customer complaints, 0344 241 1599 which is free for the sky talk and mobile customers.  The other customers calling from the different networks have to pay a little charge for calling on the sand number. The call costs are the same for all the three number 03, 02 or 01 numbers if you are having the call package for your subscription. The simplest thing that can be quite useful for you to resolve the problems is to visit any of the sky contact us portals on the website. This is quite useful if you are frustrated from the long waiting and want to avoid the queue calling the Sky Phone Number center. Then mail is the best option for you to send the complaints. Any of the complaints shall be mailed to the postal address that is as below:

Sky TV Customer Care Address:

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD


Those customers having issues with the any of the TV programs has to call the number 0344 241 0265 for registering their complaints or record their grievances. Apart you may also make complaints by sending an email but these are more prone to be discarded due to the heavy volume of the emails on the systems. The customer service staff is trained to offer the qualitative service to the clients and whenever you call the staff will not fail to answer your queries and even escalate the issues that are beyond their capacity. You may reach the sky customer care on any of the numbers, including the toll-free number 0800 759 759 to resolve your complaints about any of the services. Though it may not be time saving like the 03 number do, but the later numbers are paid one and you are charged for the same.

Sky Bill Payment

sky bill payment

The bill payment services for the sky customers are covering a wide range of options including the online service. You can pay for the same by signing on the registered account or may create one if you do not have one by registering first. This is a simple process that can help you a lot in saving the valuable time for you. This can be useful in the routine case, but if you are looking to settle the dispute about any unwanted bill then you need to call on the customer care and talk to the live agent for resolution of the problems. The first payment becomes due in the 14 days of activation of the service and you may contact the customer service for any sort of billing and payment liabilities related queries. The simple queries like amount billed for the service so far can be inquired from the automated calling system on the sky contact number 0333 202 2133.

For the sky talk customer support you can try on the number 0344 241 1653 to resolve your issue about the billing and other concerned issues. You may make corrections in the account details and can track your order or avail the insurance services from the customer care agents. In case you are looking for the offers on the TV packages, then you have to call on the number 0333 202 0921.

And in a serious manner, if you want to report the news regarding a deceased account holder, the Sky contact number to change account holder status is 0333 202 0912.
For delay in payment of the fee, you will be charged $5 as late payment fee, which you will pay in addition to your bill amount.

Sky Broadband

The broadband customer can connect on the toll-free 0800 151 2747 Sky Contact Number for all sorts of their fiber broadband needs. This is the number where you may lodge the complaints regarding the broadband services, Sky Wi-Fi services and more.

  • For cancellation of Sky broadband services: Sky contact number 0333 202 2135 Timing 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.
  • For downgrading the broadband services: local Sky helpline 0344 241 1653.
  • Choosing the best Sky broadband pro option: Sky contact number 0344 824 5100.
  • Technical support needs: Sky Phone Number 03442 411 653.

Sky’s Product Page Provides Information on All Broadband Plans & Features.

Sky Talk

Sky is flexible enough to provide you with the services and willingly provide the services for upgrade and downgrade as requested. You may also visit the FAQ page to find out more about the services and options.

  • For cancellation of Sky Talk services: Sky contact number 0333 202 2135 Timing 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.
  • For downgrading a Sky Talk: local Sky helpline 0344 241 0266.
  • Choosing the best Sky phone number transfers: Sky contact number 0333 200 8000.

Sky Go

In case you are having issues with the Sky Go service call on the below numbers:

  • For problems & queries: Sky go service contact number 0344 241 1599.
  • For fixing & rescheduling appointments: Sky helpline for appointments, 0344 241 4141.

Netflix Helpline

netflix customer service

Netflix is a US company that provides Internet streaming services on demand to customers internationally. Currently, the company runs the streaming operations in North America, South America, New Zealand, Australia and Japan as well as some countries in Europe. The company has been providing these services and more since it was founded on August 29, 1997. It currently boasts of more than 69.17 million subscribers in different markets around the world.

The founders of the company were Marc Randolph and Scotts Valley. The company now operates in more than 40 countries around the world.

Netflix Helpline


Netflix Services

Netflix Helpline

Netflix allows registered and paying subscribers to enjoy watching TV shows as well as movies online. Moreover, customers can now stream the TV shows and movies on smart TV as well as other gadgets such as tablets, mobile phones, Mac, PCs and even gaming consoles. Before signing in, customers can request for free trial to determine whether the streaming services are what they need.

Registered subscribers can only enjoy the services after paying a subscription fee. The monthly subscription fee that entitles subscribers to all the services that the company has to offer is $9.99, which has increased from $8.99 but only for new customers.  A single user who needs a basic package has to pay a monthly subscription of $7.99. On the other hand, a family plan is available after paying a monthly subscription fee of $11.99.

Contacting Netflix Customer Service

Subscribers who need to contact Netflix customer service can do so by calling +1 866 579 7172, which is for it’s operations in the United States. As for the other countries where the company runs the streaming services, the customer service number differs, thus the need to ascertain this before calling. It is hard to call the company from any country where it does not provide the streaming services. The number +1 866 579 7172 is for all prospective customers/subscribers.

Alternatively, you can always contact the company through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The online live chat is also available to customers. The help center page contains tips that will help you find answers to your concerns or questions.

Netflix Contact Tips

All existing subscribers can call Netflix by dialing 1 800 585 7265, which is available 24 hours every day. However, if you want faster response to any issue, ensure that you sign in with your account details. Next, move to the Contact Us section of the official website and press/click the link marked Call Us. The company will provide a service code that you must provide upon prompting. The representative will also provide an estimated wait time.

Virgin Media TV Helpline

virgin-media helpline

Virgin Media TV is a digital cable television service that Virgin Media provides in the United Kingdom. It is the second largest provider of pay TV services in the United Kingdom behind BSkyB. The company boasts of more than 3.6 million subscribers. It began operations as Virgin Media’s content subsidiary. Some of the wholly owned channels that it operated include Challenge, Trouble, LIVING and Bravo.

Subscribers are free to subscribe to the television services that Sky offers, which include sports and movies.

Virgin Media TV Helpline

Virgin Media TV Services

Virgin Media TV Helpline

Virgin Media TV provides subscribers with several services or packages. The fiber optic cable TV package is one of the most popular because of the 230 channels that subscribers can watch. Out of the 230 channels, 47 are in HD or high definition. Subscribers have access to the TiVo service, which entitles them to live pausing, rewinding and recording television programs and movies. The Premium Pay TV is available to customers upon paying a fee as little as £5.

Moreover, the company has several deals that it provides at any given moment. Therefore, it is important to visit the official company website and learn about the latest deals that allow you to save money. Currently, some of the deals worth the money that can help subscribers to save money include Big Kahuna Bundle and M+ TV as well as Big Bang Bundle. The deals each have specific and unique features. Visit the official website to learn more about each deal.

The cable television deals that the company provides go for as little as £3.50. Moreover, all the content and entertainment that customers receive on television enjoy powering through fiber optic cables. A large portion of the channels that customers can watch provide 3D as well as High Definition programming. Instant access to on-demand content is possible through TiVo’s digital video recorder or DVR.

Contacting Virgin Media TV Customer Service

The number to call to speak with the customer service representative at Virgin Media TV is 0808 168 8217. However, the company has several numbers for subscribers to call when in need of different types of solutions to their problems. Customer service is reachable for making complaints regarding any issue such as broadband, account, billing, Phone, mobile and TV. The customer service is available to call when moving, buying and upgrading homes.

Virgin Media TV Contact Tips

Regardless of the problem or issue that you want to raise with Virgin Media TV, it is worth remembering that you can make calls between 8am and midnight every day. It is advisable to check the availability of staff at the customer service before placing the call.