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DWP Customer Service Contact Number

dwp helpline

DWP Contact Number Tips

DWP Helpline UK Contact Numbers
 DWP Toll-Free 0800 055 6688
 DWP Bereavement Benefits 0345 608 8601
DWP Social Fund  0345 603 6967
DWP Universal Credit 0345 600 0723
DWP Claims 0800 731 7898
DWP Technical Help 0345 604 3349
DWP Pension 0345 3000 168
DWP Disability Living Allowance 0345 712 3456
DWP Care Giver Allowance 0345 608 4321
DWP Vaccine Damage Payments 01772 899 944
DWP Child Maintenance Group 0345 713 3133

dwp helpline

DWP Overview

DWP stands for Department for Work and Pensions. DWP is the United Kingdom’s largest ministerial government department and is supported by 13 agencies and public bodies. DWP regulates pension policies of government employees of UK and is responsible for the welfare of government officials. DWP is responsible for welfare, pensions, and child maintenance policy. DWP consist of 4 organizations. Namely, Job center Plus, Child Maintenance group, Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service. DWP was created on 8th June 2001. Its basic aim is to provide financial independence to its customers and reduce child poverty. Its headquarters are located at Caxton House, 7th Floor, 6-12 Tothill Street, London – SW1H 9NA. DWP on an average consist of 80,000+ employees.

DWP Customer Services

DWP Customer service believes customer satisfaction is above everything, as a consequence, it’s the leading government company with the highest number of satisfied customers it has a network of approximately 25+ million customers all over the United Kingdom. DWP is responsible for the welfare and pension policy. Initially, its task was to create JobCenter Plus and Pensions Services, but later it grew into large government company providing services relating to pensions of people and reducing child poverty. DWP provides its services to all its customers. Below mentioned are some DWP customer services that DWP provides to the customers.

Pension Service

DWP’s pension service consists of local and centrally based pension centers. Local centers deal with claims which belong to localized jurisdiction and central deals with pension claims all over the country. Central pension service consists of (FPC) Future Pension Centre that provide state pension forecasts for people approaching retirement age, National Pension Centre (NPC) deals with the changing environment and issues or queries that are related to pension and related benefits. Pension Tracking Service (PTC) assists the user in tracking their previous transactions under the pension scheme and the International Pension Centre with all the inquiries related to the state pension. DWP pension services include State Pension, Pension Credit, winter fuel Payment and Cold weather payment. Customers can contact DWP for pension service at 0800 731 7898 (UK) or can visit here.

dwp support

Disability and Careers Service

DWP offers financial support to those people who have been disabled and their careers are at stake, whether they are in or out of employment. DWP’s Disability and Careers Service consist of following benefits: Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Career’s Allowance, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Attendance Allowance, Vaccine Damage Payment.

Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service

DWP provides financial support to those child’s who have separated from their parents by proving everyday living costs. For the people who cannot make basic arrangement for family’s requirement, they can contact Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service. Our Child Maintenance provides unbiased information and required support to help both parents make informed about child maintenance. Child Support Agency and Child maintenance services, calculate how much amount a parent should pay to other for maintenance of child and collect the maintenance payments in case if it is necessary. Customers can contact DWP’s for Child Support and Child Maintenance Service by making a call at 0345 608 8610 (UK) or they can reach there through this link also.

Job Centre Plus

DWP’s Job Centre plus helps unemployed people to search for work and also help employers to advertise for vacant jobs. It covers and provides benefits for people who are unemployed or are unable to work because of serious health conditions.  Customers can contact DWP’s Job Centre Plus at 0800 055 6688  (UK) or can visit at

dwp support

DWP’s Responsibilities

DWP Customer service believes customer satisfaction is above everything, as a consequence, it has various responsibilities for customers. Following are some responsibilities of DWP:

  • Understanding and dealing with causes of poverty.
  • Motivating people to work.
  • Motivating and making the disabled people live independently.
  • Serving income in terms of pension to the pension age people and promoting saving for retirement.
  • Avoiding fraud and errors.
  • Promoting healthy and safe work environment.
    dwp support

DWP’s Latest Information

Customers can get the latest information and news about DWP at DWP’s latest information and news website i.e. Here, customers can find latest updates of welfare, pension, and child maintenance policies.  Like Disability Living Allowance, Career’s Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Attendance Allowance, Vaccine Damage Payment

DWP’s Corporate Information

Customers can get the latest information and news about DWP’s publication scheme at, personal information charter at explains how exactly organization works and in favor of the general public.

DWP’s bodies and estate

DWP consist of following public bodies: The Pensions Ombudsman, The Health and Safety Executive and The Pensions Regulator. The Department for Work and Pensions has buildings in London, Newcastle, Sheffield, and Warrington. The Pension Service and Disability and Careers Service are being operated by a network of approximately 1000 Job Centers, benefits processing and contact centers all over the United Kingdom.

DWP Helpline

DWP provides 10 hours a day and 5 days week (Monday to Friday 8 Am to 6 PM) services to its customers that can be used at any day. Customers can connect and contact for DWP Helpline for state pension claims at 0800 731 7898 (UK), for Job Center Plus 0800 055 6688 (UK) and for Maternity Allowance at 0345 608 8610 (UK). The customer can contact at DTW for Bereavement at 0345 608 8601 (UK) and for social fund inquiries at 0345 603 6967 (UK). Customers can also contact for Universal Credit at 0345 600 0723 (UK). Calls made on 0800 numbers from Landlines from the UK are free. If a customer is calling from outside the UK, call charges are 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access. The calls on aforementioned numbers are monitored and recorded for security and training reasons. Customers can also get online assistance at DWP online helping site –

DWP Contact Phone Number

The customers looking for DWP customer assistance from the DWP team can get in touch with DWP Customer care agents by contacting at DWP Contact Phone Number 0800 055 6688, for state pension claims at 0800 731 7898 (UK), for Job Center Plus 0800 055 6688 (UK). Customers can connect and contact 10 hours a day and 5 days week (Monday to Friday 8 Am to 6 PM). If the customer is calling from outside the UK, call charges are 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access. The calls on aforementioned numbers are monitored and recorded for security and training reasons.

DWP Customer Complaints

In case customers or viewers have any kind of complaints regarding DWP services they can quickly get answer and solution by connecting to our team. Our DWP SUPPORT service team members are professionally trained to deal with customer complaints. For any problem with DWP, DWP customers can contact at 0800 055 6688 (UK) by landline. If the customer is calling from outside the UK, call charges are 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access (call cost vary with the different service provider). The calls on aforementioned numbers are monitored and recorded for security and training reasons.

dwp customer service

Write to DWP customer care

Department of Work and Pensions provides the platform to encourage customers to write directly to the company for their inquiries, complaints, and problems. It’s quiet better to write directly to the company in case customer care department does not respond properly. Formal written form of communication saves telephone charges that customer has to incur in case of communicating with the company by telephones. Below mentioned is the address to write to the company for inquiries and complaints. In case customers need DWP customer service assistance, they can write a letter and send it to DWP address.

Caxton House,
7th Floor,
6-12 Tothill Street,

DWP at Social Networks

The below links can help you in connecting DWP on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many other social media handles. Connecting to people at social networks is a different way of communicating people. We keep uploading and sharing something which makes customers and targeted customers like, comment, share, and develop interest, which improves our virtual interactions with targeted customers. We aim at building good public relation through social networks. We’re present on almost every social media channel. We’re available at below mentioned social platforms.

DWP Facebook: You can like, comment and share DWP posts on Facebook, by following DWP Facebook Page.

DWP on Instagram: You can like, comment and share DWP posts on Instagram, by following DWP Instagram Page.

DWP on Twitter
You can like, Tweet and share DWP posts on Twitter, by following DWP Twitter Page.

DWP on Youtube
You can like, Comment and share DWP videos on Youtube, by subscribing DWP Youtube Channel.

DWP on LinkedIn
You can like, Comment and share DWP posts on Linkedin, by connecting DWP@LinkedIn

There are many questions that customers frequently keep asking by emails and phone calls. DWP has provided a common link for almost all the frequently asked questions for resolving customer queries.

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DVLA Customer Service Contact Number

DVLA Helpline

DVLA Contact Number Tips

DVLA Helpline UK Contact Numbers
                Vehicle Tax Inquiries 0300 790 6802
Vehicle Tax Service 0300 123 4321
Driver Licensing Inquiries 0300 790 6801
Driving Licence Information 0300 083 0013
Theory Test 0300 123 4321
Driving and Medical Condition 0300 790 6806
DVSA driving test inquiries and booking 0300 200 1122
Car Check 0300 790 6802
Welsh Language Inquiries 0300 790 6819
 Driver CPC 0300 200 1122
Vehicle registration and tax with translation 0906 737 0013
Car tax 0300 123 4321
MOT and Vehicle Testing 0300 123 9000

DVLA Helpline

DVLA Overview

DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is a UK based agency which is popular worldwide for providing validation and licensing of a driver license. It is one of the popular agency in the UK that does the registration of the vehicles when an individual buys a vehicle, build a vehicle, alter or import a vehicle. The registration is done by filling a form under the supervision of the DVLA executives. To register a vehicle, DVLA may inspect your vehicle to make sure that the vehicle that is owned by you is strictly yours and check the records because of the changes made by you in the vehicle.

The vision of the DVLA to accept standards for vehicle licensing and the mission of the DVLA is to promote best practices for licensing of drivers and vehicles to maintain their excellence and professionalism in the society.

DVLA Customer Services

Being one of the best licensing agency, the DVLA also promises to provide one the best customer services to their customers. The DVLA Customer Services have fulfilled their customer services with the top quality. The DVLA Customer Services have a well-developed customer services desk that includes highly trained professionals who are always ready to help the customers. Now, to get in touch with the DVLA Customer Services there are certain phone numbers which can be dialed from anywhere in the UK. The customer services can be contacted through various methods such as Over the phone, Mail, or through a letter. For general inquiry, 03000830013, and for driving license inquiries, 03007906801 can be dialed. The trained professionals will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will try to help you at any cost.

One of the general numbers that can be used to get connected through any services of DVLA is 08719763359. This phone number directly contacts the head office of the DVLA Customer Services.

dvla customer scare

DVLA Customer Services Contact Number

There is a possibility that a customer can face various consequences with their driver or vehicle licensing. It may be due to the following reasons

  • Expired license validity,
  • Lost/Stolen license,
  • The License has been torn off, and so on.

In this case, one can always feel free to contact the DVLA customer services. The services executives include trained professionals who are always ready to help you and provide you the best assistance. The contact numbers such as  03007906801, 09067370013 can be contacted to do a general inquiry, vehicle registration inquiry, and vehicle registration and tax translation respectively. Apart from phone contact numbers, there are also various methods by which the DVLA customer services can be contacted. And for an individual who directly wants to get connected to the customer services they can contact on 0300 790 6801. However, there are no free phone numbers but there are mobile friendly local rate 03 numbers.

DVLA 24/7 Helpline

As we know the DVLA is best in its every field providing from vehicle registration to customer services, one more addition to its services makes it among one of the very best licensing agencies in the UK. The DVLA customer services are also available 24/7 to their customers. Whether you need assistance for the lost license or expired license, the service executives will be always happy and willing to help you at any cost. 08700250121 is the number that you can dial from your phone to get 24/7 customer assistance. Apart from these numbers, there are some contact numbers that will assist you through international calls. 08719763359 contact number is used to connect to the general chief executive of the DVLA customer services.

DVLA Travel Information

The services of DVLA is not only limited to the UK, the customer services of DVLA will also assist you when you travel abroad or drive abroad with your vehicle. If you want to travel abroad with your vehicle you have to contact the customer services of DVLA. On getting in touch with the services executives they will provide you an abroad code that will be valid for 21 days. If the code expires after the 21 days, you can call on 0871963359, that will connect you directly to the head office of the DVLA in the UK. However, since the call services are not free, if you will be charged at the local rate of 03 numbers. The DVLA provides driving and vehicle license for all over the Europe and also driving outside the EU/EEA. To drive outside you need an International Driving Permit that is issued by DVLA on request.

dvla helpline

DVLA Phone Numbers

The DVLA have various phone numbers for their various services that are helpful to their customers to get connected to the customer services executives. The phone numbers can be used to lodge complaints, ask for services, do a general inquiry, driver contact check, driver license inquiries, and much more. There are various DVLA Contact phone numbers of various services such as 03007906801 for Driver licensing inquiries, 03001234321 for Car tax, 03002001188 for theory test inquiry, 03002001122 for booking a theory test, 03007906802 for vehicle registration, 03007906806 for Driver’s medical inquiries, 09061393837 for Driver Check Service Contact, 09067370013 for Vehicle registration and tax with translation, 03002001122 for DVSA driving test inquiries and booking, 03001239000 for MOT, vehicle testing and approval and 03002001122 for Driver CPC. And the number that is used for general inquiries is 0300 200 1188.

Apart from phone numbers, there are also various contacting methods such as DVLA Support and DVLA Helpline that can be beneficial for the customers to get in touch with the DVLA customer services.

Write to DVLA customer care

Sometimes there can be a huge mess when contacting to phone numbers. It may be possible that the lines are busy and you may have to wait for a longer time to get in contact with them. For this, the DVLA Support have come up with the alternative by writing a letter to them to drop an email. The customers will be benefitted with the service as soon as the executives receive the letter or the mail. Some of the address that you can write to are shown below:

For DVLA Customer Services
Longview Road, Morriston,
Swansea, SA6 7JC,
United Kingdom

For DVLA Driver Licensing policies

Drivers Customer Services
Correspondence Team

For Vehicle Tax, SORN and Vehicle Registration and V5C certificates

Vehicle Customer Services
SA99 1AR

For Driving and Medical Issues
Drivers’ Medical inquiries
SA99 1TU

You can write to above addresses to get your problem solved by the DVLA Support services.

dvla customer service

DVLA Airlines Contact Numbers

Apart from the above-discussed ways to contact to customer services, the DVLA Support also provides the support for vehicles that are imported internationally or some individual carries their vehicle from their place to the UK region. The DVLA services check the international license with the driver’s and vehicle’s license that it is permitted to be used internationally or not. If an individual wants to get their licenses verified they can feel free to call on 03000830013, which is the contact number of Driving License Verification and Online Service Help.

DVLA Telephone Call Charges

The DVLA does not have any free phone numbers like 0800 or 0808. But, there is the mobile-friendly local rate that will let you contact the customer services and DVLA Helpline. The call charge of DVLA phone numbers is 13 pence per minute plus the charges that are active on your phone numbers service provider. It is recommended to first know your accessible call charges that are given by your service provider and after that make a call to DVLA customer desk.

DVLA Complaints

Each and every agency may have some complaints about their services and to handle this, the trained professional is hired by the DVLA who knows about licensing things. These professionals are too good in their work and are willing to help you every time and at any cost. You just have to make a phone call, drop an email, or write a letter to their office and your complaints will be solved as soon as possible. You can always contact the phone numbers from 8 AM to 7 PM between Monday to Friday and from 8 AM to 2 PM on weekends.

The DVLA Helpline number is 03007906807 that can be dialed from 8 AM to 5:30 PM between Monday through Friday and from 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.

Apart from this, you can fill an online form and email us at the provided link:

DVLA also have contacts with social networking sites which can be used for contacting DVLA support services and the same are mentioned below:

Some of the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) are mentioned below

  • DVLA free post: Tells you about the prices of postal services of the DVLA. Generally, it is free for stamps and papers.
  • About DVLA tax reminders: Informs you about the Taxes that you have to pay and also sends a tax reminder letter.
  • About DVLA emails: Tells you where are the email section for DVLA is located which can be used to contact customer services.
  • Lost License: Tells you tips how to complain about your lost license and how to acquire it again from the DVLA office.

National Rail Customer Service Contact Number

National Rail Contact Number

National Rail Phone Number Tips

National Rail Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Number
Contact National Rail Support 03457 48 49 50
Contact National Rail Support (Welsh) 0345 60 40 500
Contact National Rail Support (Impaired) 0345 60 50 600
National Rail  Inquiries from Overseas +44(0)20 7278 5240
Toll-free Contact Customer Service 0800-022-3720

National Rail Customer Service Contact Number

National Rail Contact Number

National Rail Customer Service Overview

National Rail Enquiries is one of the most useful platforms for each and every person in the United Kingdom. National Rail inquiries provide a detailed train schedule for the National Railway networks in England, Wales and also Scotland. National Rail Enquiries is a part of the Railway Delivery Group (RDG). The RDG provides business services to the Train Operating Companies. National Rail Enquires is a self-sufficient organization which handles around more than 2 million inquiries of customers in a week. They have so far won about 28 awards and around 17 million people use their services every year. They offer various services like ticket sales, journey planning, real-time information, information about the fares and so on.

National Rail Enquiries with a team of just 25 members has managed to be the railroad guide for millions of people across the United Kingdom. Customers are considered to be a prime asset at the National Enquiries and customer feedback and suggestions are primarily considered while implementing changes. National Rail Customer Service is well organized and systematic which assures guaranteed help to the customer and ensures quick problem solving for the customers.

In 1996, Train Companies in the UK had been advised to provide a contact number for addressing public inquiries who wished to travel by train. After the privatization of British Rail was enacted in 1996, National Rail Enquiries was created which would take dutiful measures to answer the queries of the public regarding information stretching across the whole National Rail Network.

The make the process of receiving information as convenient as possible, a local rate phone number was registered- 03457 48 49 50, which would further direct the enquirer to the closest inquiry bureau. Soon the business was streamlined to give rise to regional contact centers.

In 2005, TrainTracker™ Text was launched, which is essentially an SMS Inquiry portal. This made the process of self-service possible and more preferred over enquiring through the telephone. This further took shape in 2009 with the 24×7 Twitter service and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows in 2012.

National Rail is committed to solving any doubts or complaints in addition to providing a convenient platform for easy booking and reservations.

National Rail Customer Services

National Rail Customer Service provides timely help to the customers through mediums such as telephone, mobile phones and through emails. You can easily get service or your problems can be solved in minutes once you contact the National Rail Customer Services through any means mentioned above. You can call on the respective numbers for getting your queries solved or else you can just drop an email at

If you are looking forward to making any inquiries regarding the train times, fares, season tickets, and station information then you need to make a call on 03457 48 49 50. This number will be available at your service 24 by 7 excluding the Christmas Day.

You can contact the train tracker services which enable the customer to keep a track of their trains ensuring convenience in their journey. The contact number provided by National Rail Customer Service is 00844 306 9145.

National Rail Customer Service also provides the information of the train through texts and to avail the same and track your train you need to drop an SMS on 8 49 50 and you will receive all your train details by text.

National Rail also provides services through the phone to its international customers. The international customers can contact National Rail Customer Service on +44(0)20 7278 5240.

National Rail Customer Service takes care of all its customers and ensures that each and every customer is benefitted with the service. The customers who have a hearing disability can contact the National Rail Customer Service through text phone and the contact number for the same is 0345 60 50 600.

National Rail Customer Service believes that language should not be a hindrance in providing services to its customers. As National Rail also provides services in Wales a special customer service number is made available for the Welsh people that provide services in the Welsh language. The number is 0345 60 40 500.

National Rail Customer Service

Telephone Charges

The telephone charges for contacting the National Rail Customer Services vary accordingly. For international callers, the international rates apply. For the train track customer service number, the charges are 12p per minute. For availing, the text customer service the rate is 25p for every successful reply.

Write to National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Customer Service also provides you the option of sending your inquiries in writing by the post. Your inquiries will be answered within 10 working days. Rail National Enquiries provides three addresses where you can drop your letters.

Customer Relation

Suite 410
1 Northumberland Avenue
Trafalgar Square

National Rail Complaint Services

National Rail Customer Services value their customers and always ensure that the customer queries are solved and their customers enjoy their rail journeys with comfort and much ease. You can drop an email at If you’re still unhappy with the services you can register a complaint to the independent consumer watchdog at or if you are in London area then you can contact

Contact National Rail Customer Service

Want to Contact National Rail UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the National Rail contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9145.
If you have any doubts regarding the schedule, booking, payment, etc. you can call National Rail Contact Phone Number, 03457 48 49 50 for clarifying them. Usually, general queries can be clarified online itself by dropping a short message on the website, so that customers do not have to go through any kind of telephonic hassle. National Rail also gives you the chance to complain about any grievances that you might have. Overseas customers can dial +44 (0)20 7278 5240 for any sort of uncertainties. However, international call charges will apply. Inquiry services at National Rail will be available 24×7 except on 25th December when the office will be closed for Christmas. If you are a native Welsh speaker then you can directly contact 0345 60 40 500. Lines will remain open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. except on Christmas Day. National Rail takes an active interest in satisfying all its customers. Travelers with hearing impairments need not call, but can straight away drop a message on 0345 60 50 600.

National Rail Booking Customer Service

Customers can book tickets via the telephone by calling 03457 48 49 50. The associates will be happy to walk you through the range of tickets they offer and their train frequencies before you settle on anything. The organization seeks to continuously make the whole procedure of booking tickets as easy as possible. For this purpose, National Rail has also established a train tracker service through the number 03457 48 49 50 for speech recognition services that provide live arrival and departure schedules and correct fare information. One can also drop a text on 84950 for an instant response.

Fortunately, National Rail has apps for both Android phones and Apple iPhones. In this regard, it is possible for you to get familiarized with the app via helpful tutorials on the site. Book tickets instantly via these apps without wasting valuable time at the counter. The apps will offer you with the same packages and rates, but only from the comfort of your home. Do not forget to check out for these FAQ sections.

National Rail Latest Information

National Rail has a dedicated Information Centre to specifically handle requests and queries. Since the website is well integrated, customers can easily enter their destination routes for booking railway tickets in the UK. You might wish to set up alerts for National Rail to receive regular updates and information. For any assistance on the same, you can login here.

If you simply want to know the fare details, schedules or onboard facilities, then you can visit the National Rail Train Operating Company page to get easy access. For more information click here.

Customers can contact National Rail for checking rates and schedules as well but need not book immediately. For further assistance, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page to save time and effort by selecting the relevant category, checking if your query has already been attended to.

National Rail Complaints

At National Rail, the team is devoted to constantly satisfy its customers and keep improving its services. However, if they give you any chance of complaint, their associates will gladly respond to any such feedback within ten days. The Complaint Team will be available from Monday through Friday, right from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the evening at 0800 022 3720 as well as 03457 48 49 50. However, it is not possible to lodge complaints on Christmas Day.

National Rail Helpline 24/7

For ease of access to this department, customers can either call on the National RAIL HELPLINE number 0800 022 3720 or express their grievances via emailing at If somehow you are not satisfied with the response or wish to discuss aspects of it, then you may contact National Rail SUPPORT at 020 3176 2999. The telephone lines will stay open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Write to National Rail Customer Care

Reaching out through the phone is not always preferred by customers, and for that reason, they can write a letter and post it to the Customer Relations Team, Suite 410, 1 Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5BW. However, the inquiry has to be regarding something which need not require an instant or urgent response as it may take up to seven days for receiving a reply after acknowledgment. Be sure to include your correct personal details for an untroubled experience.

Additionally, the organization also understands the importance of social media handles for easy enquiring and access of information.

ESA Tax Credit Helpline

ESA Tax customer service

ESA Tax Credit refers to a program run by the United Kingdom government that stands for Employment and Support Allowance. The credit has been in operation since it’s founding on October 27, 2008. The benefit is applicable only to adults in the UK. The benefit is for people aged 16 years and above with a limited capability for work and residing in the United Kingdom.

The program is for UK residents in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The tax credit is in two categories; namely, income-related ESA and contributory ESA. The former is means tested while the latter is non-means tested. The former is not taxable but the latter is taxable.

ESA Tax Credit Helpline

ESA Tax Credit Services

ESA Tax Credit HelplineESA Tax Credit is for people who are unable to work yet are aged 16 years and above. To qualify for this benefit, the applicant must not be under any form of gainful employment. However, the government allows people who are able to do some work to be eligible for the benefit upon satisfying other appropriate requirements.

People diagnosed with terminal illnesses do not have to undergo any form of assessment to determine their eligibility or ineligibility for the benefit. Such individuals receive automatic induction into the benefit. All applicants must show that they are not eligible for Statutory Sick Pay to qualify for ESA.

Contacting ESA Tax Credit Customer Service

If you feel that the awarding or non-awarding of ESA Tax Credit is an issue that requires further evaluation, call 0800 055 6688. People with speech and hearing impairments can use the textphone service by calling or dialing 0800 023 4888. Welsh speakers can contact the relevant office via 0800 012 1888. Call these numbers for information on how to challenge ESA decision.

ESA Tax Credit Contact Tips

The contact center numbers operate from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Before placing the call to ESA Tax Credit, prepare your national insurance number, medical certificate, GP address as well as phone number, home telephone number and mobile phone numbers, details of mortgage or landlord, bank account details  and council tax bill among others.

Before calling any number, check the phone call charges that apply. Some of the numbers do not attract any charge because they are toll free. Other numbers attract different rates depending on whether the call is through a mobile phone or a landline in the UK. When making the calls from abroad, call your mobile phone or landline service provider to understand the charges first.

Child Tax Credit Helpline

Child Tax customer service

Child tax credit is a program that the UK government runs as a way of subsidizing the cost of bringing up children. The benefit has nothing to do with the costs of childcare. Applicants who are working but on low income qualify for Working Tax Credit, which provides them with the help they need regarding cost of childcare.

The tax credit is for UK residents in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland who are aged 16 years and above. Residents who are under 16 years can ask to be included in their parents’ claim for this tax benefit in which case they would qualify together with their own children. This is a non-taxable and means tested tax credit.

Child Tax Credit Helpline

Child Tax Credit Services

Child Tax Credit Helpline

The HMRC, which stands for Her Majesty Revenue and Customs, administers the tax credit. The tax credit is for UK residents who are 16 years and above. Secondly, you have to be responsible for at least one child to apply for the tax credit. The child has to be under 16 years, or between the ages of 16-20 years in addition to being in fulltime and non-advanced education in school.

The exact amount that the applicant is entitled to differs based on numerous factors. Moreover, the maximum amount to which an applicant is entitled comprises many parts depending on personal circumstances such as family element (per family), child element (per child) and disability elements (per disabled child).

The applicant considered eligible for the tax credit will get the amount in his bank account, post office, building society or via a simple payment for people unable to manage the other types of accounts. The government remits tax credits to all the eligible or successful applicants every four weeks.

Contacting Child Tax Credit Customer Service

Child tax credit is a program that HMRC runs. Consequently, the customer service number that applicants should call to get answers for specific problems is 0345 300 3900. This number is for all general enquiries via telephone. The department has a textphone number for applicants with speech and hearing impairments, who should use 0345 300 3909.

Child Tax Credit Contact Tips

For applicants who want to call the department and ask questions or make general enquiries, the number to call is +44 2890 538 192. Call these numbers to ask for a claim form or inform Her Majesty Revenue and Customs about the change in your circumstances. It is important to have as much information as possible before placing the call.

Before calling, confirm the charges with your mobile phone or landline service providers first.

VAT Helpline

VAT customer service

VAT refers to a tax that the government receives when people buy goods and services in the United Kingdom. HMRC determines the rate of this tax. Buyers do not pay a separate tax. The price they pay for any good or service that qualifies already contains the amount of tax to pay. The price includes the tax. In certain instances, it is possible to obtain refund of the tax paid, if you supply supporting documents.

VAT Helpline

VAT Services

VAT Helpline

In the United Kingdom, the HMRC has created three different types of VAT rates, which include standard rate, reduced rate and zero rates. Currently, standard rate stands at 20 percent and they apply on most goods as well as services in the UK. On the other hand, reduced rate is at 5 percent and is applicable on items such as gas or electricity for home and car seats for children.

Some of the goods and services on which the zero rates apply include basic food items excluding takeaway meals and all meals in restaurants. Magazines, newspapers and books also attract zero rates. Shoes and clothing for children are zero-rated. Tampons, pads and all types of sanitary protection attract zero rates. Installing energy-saving items attracts zero rates as well.

Contacting VAT Customer Service

The telephone line to call and receive answers to any VAT question you have is 0300 200 3700 if you are in the United Kingdom. If you struggle with speech and hearing impairments, then you should use the textphone service by dialing 0300 200 3719. On the other hand, if outside the United Kingdom, then you should call +44 2920 501 261.

VAT Contact Tips

Before placing a call and asking general enquiries, check that you have your registration number as well as postcode ready. What you should avoid doing while making the call is paying the value added tax or agreeing to pay over the phone. The opening times during which you should make the call are from 8am to 6pm between Monday and Friday.

The offices remain closed during bank holidays and on weekends. On the other hand, the best times to call are from 8am to 11am between Monday and Friday. This is because the offices are less busy thus increasing your chances of getting the attention and quality of service or answer that your issue deserves.

Lastly, do not be afraid to contact the Online Services Helpdesk for assistance regarding how to use or register for the Value Added Tax online services.

Budgeting Loan Helpline

Budgeting Loan customer service

Budgeting loan is a facility that the United Kingdom government extends to people who are on low income. The loans are for specific types of items or services such as furniture, household equipment, clothing and footwear. Successful applicants can use the loans for paying rent in advance or for removal expenses when moving to a new house or accommodation.

The loans are for United Kingdom residents who are in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. Applicants can apply regardless of their age. The loans are non-taxable. The Department for Work and Pensions in the United Kingdom is empowered by the government to administer these loans.

Budgeting Loan Helpline

Budgeting Loan Services

Budgeting Loan Helpline

The loans are for UK residents who are already receiving income support. The applicants should already be on income-related ESA. The other requirements that the applicant has to satisfy includes being on pension credit and universal credit as well as income-based jobseeker’s allowance. Importantly, your income must be within the maximum threshold.

Prior to applying for the loans, ascertain that you, your partner or person with whom you live has been benefiting from any of the credits and supports mentioned above for a minimum of 26 weeks. In addition to using the loans to buy furniture, clothing and footwear, the government allows applicants to use the funds for clearing hire purchase payments as well as other debts.

Single applicants are entitled to up to £348. Couples are entitled to £464 each. On the other hand, applicants who have children can apply for up to £812. The maximum amount the applicant can get depends on his ability to repay the loan as well as the money in his bank account, which should be £1,000 or more.

Contacting Budgeting Loan Customer Service

For more information on the budgeting loans, you should contact the local Jobcentre Plus. The number of the Jobcentre that you should call for more information is 0345 603 6967. Contact the Jobcenter regarding how to get the claim form and for assistance on filling it accurately and properly with all the relevant details.

Budgeting Loan Contact Tips

Before placing the call to the Jobcenter Plus or the relevant government department within HMRC that handles all issues regarding budgeting loans, understand the call charges first. For example, the 0345 numbers attract a charge of up to 12p per minute from landlines as well as between 3p and 45p from mobile phones within the United Kingdom.

All calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are free by landlines or mobile phones in the UK.


Student Finance Helpline

Student Finance customer service

Student finance is a government program that helps UK students to obtain funds for college or university tuition fees. The financing also enables students to obtain government funding that helps with their living costs. In addition to the financing, the UK government allows students to get more financing based on their level of income, disability and number of children.

Although the financing is available for all UK students, the application process is different from country to country. For this reason, it is advisable to find out the application process to follow in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Students who live in Isle of Man, Guernsey or Jersey should consult the relevant education official for assistance with the application process.

Student Finance Helpline

Student Finance Services

Student Finance Helpline

Eligibility for the student finance services depends on several factors. First, the applicant must have qualified for college or university education. The course the applicant is taking in college or university affects his eligibility. A student who has studied higher education course in the past might be eligible or not. The age, nationality and residency status also play a role.

The university or college in question here that makes a student eligible for financing must be one that provides a qualifying course. The university or college must be one that the government recognizes. The student must be taking a first degree, foundation degree, certificate of higher learning, diploma of higher learning and others to qualify.

All students qualify to get the loan regardless of age but as long as they are UK nationals, enjoy settled status, normally live in the England or have lived in the UK for not less than 3 years prior to starting the course. Students from EU countries are also eligible for the financing to help them offset living expenses as well as tuition fees.

Contacting Student Finance Customer Service

In England, the student finance number to call regarding general enquiries is 0300 100 0607. Students with hearing and speech impairments can express their questions using the textphone service by dialing 0300 100 0622. The telephone number operates from 8am-8pm on Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

The textphone service runs 8am-4pm on Monday to Friday. EU students should call 0141 243 3570 if they are within the United Kingdom. However, if the EU students are outside the UK, they should call +44 (0) 141 243 3570. EU students should call between 9am and 5.30pm each day from Monday to Friday.

Student Finance Contact Tips

Do not hesitate to call the relevant number regarding complaints, 24+ advanced learning loans, European services team and appeals. Prior to calling, whether you are in the UK or abroad, confirm the call charges first and the opening times. The only numbers that will not attract any call charge are the ones beginning with 0800 and 0808.

Universal Credit Helpline

Universal Credit customer service

Universal credit refers to a new type of benefit that the UK government introduced to help people who are on low income or simply out of work thus unable to make a living. It is for UK nationals who are of a working age. The credit is available for the nationals of Wales, Scotland and England but yet to become law in Northern Ireland.

The Department for Work and Pensions administers the benefit. The government introduced this credit to replace other benefits that include Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support as well as Employment and Support Allowance or ESA. It simplifies work for people who had to apply for these benefits separately.

Universal Credit Helpline

Universal Credit Services

Universal Credit Helpline

The benefit is not available in all parts of the United Kingdom. Successful applicants receive the benefit as a single monthly payment that the government sends directly into their bank accounts. The applicant must indicate the bank of his choice where he expects the government to send the payments. Applicants must indicate if the benefit is to help them pay rent.

Two applicants who live together as partners are entitled to a single or joint monthly payment as long as they are both eligible. Applicants have to be ready to wait a few weeks for the approval and disbursement into their bank accounts to take place. The government does not pay new claims within the first seven days, except where the applicant is vulnerable or terminally ill.

Contacting Universal Credit Customer Service

The credit is available in specific jobcenters. It is not available everywhere in the United Kingdom. For this reason, call 0345 600 0723, which is the official Universal Credit helpline for more information regarding where to apply for the benefit. The hearing and speech impaired applicants should use the appropriate textphone code number – 0345 600 0743.

Universal Credit Contact Tips

Welsh speaking applicants can address their questions regarding this credit to 0800 012 1888. The beauty of calling this number is that you do not have to pay any fee since it is toll free. When calling the 0345 numbers, be ready to pay up to 12p per minute from a landline or between 3p and 45p from a mobile phone in the United Kingdom.

The government has introduced a digital service for residents of Southwark, Croydon and Sutton to use in applying for the credit. The digital service is for residents of these areas whose postcodes begin with the following prefixes: SM5 1, SM5 2, SM5 3, SM5 9, SM6 0, SM6 6, SM6 7, SM6 8, SM6 9, CR0 2, CR0 4 and SE1 5.

HMRC Helpline

HMRC customer service

HMRC or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs is a department within the government of the United Kingdom responsible for taxes and customs. As the sole recognized authority on matters regarding tax and customs, the department ensures that money is available for funding all public services in the United Kingdom. It enjoys the support of Valuation Office Agency in the UK.

The department is responsible for obtaining funding for supporting families and individuals by collecting taxes and customs. It is able to engage in facilitating legitimate trade while protecting the economic as well and social and physical security of the United Kingdom nationals through running an efficient customs service. It is not a ministerial department.

HMRC Helpline

HMRC Services

HMRC Helpline

The department came into existence through the Act of Parliament in 2005. It replaced IRCE, or Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. The department safeguards the flow of money going to the Exchequer through several activities such as collection of taxes in addition to compliance with and enforcement of tax laws in the United Kingdom.

It ensures the availability of money for funding all public services in the UK. It is responsible for facilitating legitimate international trade while protecting the economic, fiscal, physical and social security of the United Kingdom. It also collects all trade statistics involving the UK. It administers Statutory Payments, tax credits, Child Benefit and government banking service.

Contacting HMRC Customer Service

As a government department, HMRC is full of several departments. The number to call depends on the exact question or issue that you want the department to address. For example, the numbers you should call when in need of assistance from the office handling Income Tax enquiries is 0845 300 0627.  All enquiries on customs duties, excise and VAT go through 0845 010 9000.

For assistance with Self Assessment, you should direct your call to 0845 900 0444. Questions on Tax Credit as well as Child Tax Credit go through 0345 300 3900. As for Child Benefit, the number that all UK nationals should call from anywhere in the country is 0845 302 1444. The best thing is to call and ask the exact office to direct your question to and get an answer.

HMRC Contact Tips

Most of the services that the department provides through telephones are available from Monday to Friday alone. Only a few services are available on Saturdays. On the other hand, none of the services or telephone numbers are available on Sundays and bank holidays. Similarly, check the opening times to avoid placing the call when the office you need to handle your issue is closed.