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Hastings Direct Customer Service Contact Number

hasting direct contact number


Hasting Direct Contact Number Tips

Hastings Direct Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Hastings Direct Car/Bike Insurance queries 0800 035 4801
Hastings Direct Home Insurance 0800 035 4917
Hastings Direct Van Insurance 0800 035 4946
Car and Bike Renewal of policy 0800 035 4790
Home and Van Renewal of policy 0800 101 8158
Hastings Direct Quotes 0800 101 8172
Hastings Direct Claim Registration 0800 035 4260
Emergency Breakdown Assistance 0800 035 4781
Hastings Direct Complaints Registration 0800 035 3949


Hastings Direct Customer Service Contact Number

hasting direct contact numberHasting Direct Overview

Based in the United Kingdom, Hastings Direct is an insurance company. It works through both the online and offline means. The company offers a wide variety of services and products including insurances for car, van, bike, and home. It also services its customers through facilities like the legal cover, vehicle substitute, and personal accident. The company was established in 1997 and has expanded many times in 2 decades. In the year 2006, the Insurance Australia Group obtained the company’s management for giving it a boost. It has also earned a spot in the London Stock Exchange. The company’s famous logo consists of an animated figure of Harry Hastings during the Battle of Hastings.

This insurance broker is one of the leading adviser companies in the UK predominantly because of the Hastings Direct Customer Service. The company believes in valuing its customers to the most. It prioritizes its customers’ satisfaction and happiness above all. Thus, it has been an immense success at imparting valuable customer services. The company provides various means to contact the dedicated Hastings Direct Customer Service team and clarify your concerns.

Hastings Direct is a UK – based insurance company. It was established in 1997 and has become one of the leading companies after 20 years. The company provides a number of products and services related to insurance and policies. It offers car, bike, van, and home insurance along with personal accident and legal cover as well as vehicle and key substitute. It was bought by the Insurance Australia Group in 2006. The company features in the London Stock Exchange.

The Hastings Direct Support channels have helped the company to establish happy customer bases worldwide. Their trained professionals provide quality customer care services to keep them content and tension free. There are several ways for contacting the Hastings Direct Helpline. Some of the means are mentioned below.

Hastings Direct Customer Service

If you have any doubts or queries related to the products and services offered by Hastings Direct, then you can immediately contact the customer care executives. The direct contact number 0800 035 4781. The customer care number for the international customers is +44 1737 815 876. There are several other numbers for specific product – related queries. For bike insurance related queries, dial up 0800 035 4790 and for car insurance-related queries, contact 0800 035 4260. If you require an insurance for your van, go for 0800 035 4969 and for home insurance, it is 0800 101 8158.

These phone lines are available 24×7 for the customers. While all the aforementioned numbers charge for the call, 0800 035 4801 is a toll – free number for Hastings Direct customer service. If you do not wish to contact the team through a call, then there are other means as well. You can send an email with complete information regarding your concerns to The company also provides many other online options for reaching its customer care team. You can visit the Hastings help page or the FAQ section for getting more information about your query. The company is particularly active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr by the name the Hastings Direct. The trained operators are always ready to take in your queries and give you solutions. You can sign up on the official website and contact the team through your account.

hasting direct customer service

You can contact the Hastings Direct Helpline officials through the phone. The company provides many contact numbers for product – specific queries. You can dial up the Hastings Direct Contact Number for general concerns. International customers can call on +44 1737 815 876 for resolving their queries. This number is available 24×7. The company sells many products and services and therefore, it offers different contact numbers for specific queries or doubts.

These phone lines are available for specific durations on weekdays and weekends. You can call anytime between 9 am and 9 pm on Monday – Friday. For Saturday, the timings are 9 am to 5:30 pm. For Sunday, the timings are 10 am to 5 pm. These numbers are not toll – free and charge different rates. The toll – free Hastings Direct Contact Number is 0800 035 4801.

Write to Hastings Direct Customer Care

The best way to reach the team is through a written letter. You can write a letter of complaint or query stating the accurate details and post it to the given postal address if you do not wish to use the above – mentioned mediums.

You can contact the Hastings Direct Helpline team through written means as well. The best and a secure way is to send a letter to the company’s postal address. Mention all the required details about your concern in the letter along with your personal information like name, date of birth, and contact number for the team’s convenience. Similarly, you can send an email to the company at the address for online contact. You can also send an email to for filing your complaints with the company. The Hastings Direct Support channels are available on various social media platforms as well.

You can also create your own account on the company’s official website and contact them through that account. The Hastings Direct also has its own mobile app for iOS and android devices. You always have the option of posting a letter at:

Hastings Direct
Conquest Hous, Collington Avenue
Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex, TN39 3LW

Hastings Direct Complaint Service

A good company is always ready to make up for its faults. Hastings Direct is no exception. You can submit your complaints with the Hastings Direct Customer Service for enjoying better services. You can simply dial 0800 035 3949 for registering your complaint. You can also visit the complaint request page on the company’s official website and fill in the necessary details. You can send an email to or post a letter to the above – mentioned address for filing a complaint.

Hastings Direct Contact Number

If you plan to call up the customer service agency, then it is recommended to check the timings for the same. The phone lines are available from 8 am to 9 pm for Monday – Friday, from 9 am to 5:30 pm for Saturday, and from 10 am to 5 pm for Sunday. For the international customers, the Hastings Direct Customer Service executives are available 24×7.

hasting direct helpline

Telephone call charges

The contact numbers are not toll – free unless mentioned. There are different charge rates for different numbers. For numbers starting from 0844 and 0843, the call charge is 7 pence per minute. It is 13 pence per minute for 0871 numbers and 3 pence per minute for 0870 or 0848 numbers. The international calls will include the roaming charges and network provider rates.

Hastings Direct Contact Tips

The company offers several ways to contact its support team. Since there are millions of customers worldwide, it is necessary to follow certain tips for contacting the Hastings Direct Helpline center. You have to make sure that you contact them with the right information in hand for getting better services in return. You can contact them insurance details and plan options. The officials will provide you with compared policy plans for convenience in choosing the right one. They will also send you notifications regarding the renewal dates and details. You can also acquire information related to legal and breakdown covers and vehicle substitute facilities. The Hastings Direct Support officials also provide details for quotes and claims. If you have any complaints, make sure that you collect every necessary detail before approaching the team. This will help in getting better solutions quickly. Frame your emails or letters in the right format so that the team will tend to your query as quickly as possible.

Other useful links to follow:

  • Facebook – You can send a personal message with your query to the company’s Facebook page – Hastings Direct.
  • Twitter – You can also contact the support team on Twitter by the name @HastingsDirect for resolving issues.
  • Google+ – You can follow the company’s Google+ page for latest updates and contact them.
  • YouTube – The company operates its YouTube channel for the convenience of its customers.
  • Tumblr – You can contact the support officials on Tumblr as well.
  • Help Page – Hastings Direct Helpline provides its services through this page.
  • Complaint Registration – You can also register your complaints on this online forum.

Tesco Car Insurance Customer Service Contact Number

tesco customer care

Tesco  Contact Number Tips

Tesco Contact Numbers UK Helpline
Tesco Car Insurance Customer Care Number 03453668631
Tesco Car Insurance Other services contact 01132093098
 To cancel any service 03452462895
Tesco Car Insurance Glass line number 03456778888
Tesco Car Insurance Claims line 03453000680
Tesco Car Insurance Emergency assistance 03453661309
Tesco Car Insurance Key coverage in claims 03453660228
Tesco Car Insurance Young drivers complaints 03300222202

tesco customer care

Tesco Overview

If you are on a hunt for a reliable and secure car insurance, then Tesco Car Insurance is surely the best option. Whether you are going to a nearby market or your office, you can feel secured while traveling by your car. The vision of Tesco is to be people’s bank and assures them with the excellent class assistance, which they can trust without any hesitancy. In the insurance world, it has grown over the years by making a unique place. Assuredly, it has proved its worth in whichever business it enters. It has provided car insurance to thousands of people over several years.

Many people have sent positive reviews to Tesco car insurance service. Tesco has received five-star rating due to its astounding facilities and features. The convenience to manage the car insurance by accessing the online official website adds to its advantages. Moreover, the UK-based helpline in case of unfortunate accidents is available for 24 hours and seven days. The car insurance provides optional extras, which includes Breakdown cover. If you add this, you can get more benefits such as an upgraded courtesy car for up to 28 days, lump sum payment in case of an accident and much more!

Tesco Car Insurance Customer Service is reachable for 24/7. You can buy the insurance online effortlessly. Unlike the conventional car insurance, Tesco renders special offers, discounts and earn badges. Based on your driving score through the particular app, you may get discounts up to 20%! You can claim your insurance smoothly. For this, you can access different contact number of underwriter available online. Tesco Car Insurance guarantees to make the work of its customers easier by eliminating the stress and never-ending paperwork.

Overall, Tesco Car Insurance tries to meet the requirements of its clients in every possible way. The services do not limit only to the car, but it spreads to the injuries of the driver and the companions as well.

Tesco Car Insurance Services

Tesco car insurance provides a gamut of services to cater to the need of its clients and always provide the high-quality service. If your vehicle gets hit by an uninsured driver, then you won’t receive any penalty for the same. Rather after a proper inquiry, you can restart your no claim discount. If you directly buy from the bank, you’ll receive added security. The most exciting feature is the availability of an extra car to replace your original car while it’s being repaired. It lets you continue your daily travel without any hassle. If your vehicle suffers from any minor damage such as a scratch on the paint screen, broken windscreen or any other small issue, then, Tesco will provide you the service to repair or replace the damage. Besides, all the entertainment units in the car including telephone, stereo or any other types of equipment gets covered under the insurance. The customer can receive the quote on his potential policy or retrieve your quote online.

tesco-clubcard helpline

Tesco car insurance provides a discount for the Club card customers and handwritten insurance by a team of trained insurers. Motor insurance is available for customers with 21 or above years old age.  Besides, the customers between the age 17-25 can get exclusive access to Box insurance. Unfortunately, if your car meets an accident, you can get covered up to £200 and £100 for medical expenses. The car insurance gives £5000 for any severe damage. If you wish to claim compensation from the person who is responsible for the accident, Tesco Car Insurance covers your legal costs as well.

If you are planning to travel to any country in EU, you will get the insurance cover for almost 90 days. However, you must be in the period of the Insurance and a resident of the UK.

For further queries, you can check the online policy guides related to the exclusions, monetary limits, and excesses.  The customer can even personalize the cover pay to add extra options as per his requirements.

The customers can get different discounts by using the app of Tesco. This app lets you overview the plausible rewards while driving. Tesco Car Insurance CCustomer Service extends the online as well as the offline support. The customer service team is devoted to its work. The friendly team guarantees to get the issue resolved on the urgent basis.

Tesco Car Insurance Customer Service

Tesco Car Insurance approaches its customers for their complaints or valuable feedback through an online community, several contact numbers as well as social media profiles. It affirms to deal with each issue and to address the problems efficiently. The customer support team consists of well-trained professional and committed staff available 24/7 via multiple platforms.

tesco-insurance support

The customers can place a call at Tesco Car Insurance Contact Phone Number, 0345 246 2895. The team is exclusively available to tackle your queries related to the policy or issues related to additional cover. The helpline is open from Monday to Friday between 8am-9pm or Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm. However, the timings are a bit different for the festive season. You can check the website to know more. To get a quote, either access the online platform or ring at 0345 366 8631. If you are calling from a mobile phone, contact Tesco Car InsuranceHelpline at 0113 209 3098. There is a probability of calls being recorded.

If you feel that the agent isn’t helping, you can complain about him. For making a complaint about any purchased car insurance policy reach at 0345 366 1309 or 0113 820 9992. Additionally, the customer can contact his policy underwriter by the contact numbers available on the site of Tesco.  “Your community” has a list of resolved queries; you can search for your answers and even ask questions. Further, it lets you support other customers in their problems. For this, the customers can access the extensive FAQ section. If you would like to send feedback, you can fill the feedback form or call the support center. Tesco always wishes to improve with every feedback. In other words, the customers help Tesco to rectify its faults and become even better.

If you would like to send your complaint or any query regarding the insurance through your social media account, you can access its profiles. Tesco is active on Facebook and Twitter. You can send your feedback in short form. Besides, to get to know about the latest job openings and other updates, check out the LinkedIn profile. The customers can receive the news on the latest discounts through these platforms.

Write to Tesco Car Insurance

If you believe that you never reach an accurate solution while talking to the customer care agents or if your problem stands resolved, then, you can instead write a letter to the following address. This process takes time, but you will receive a response soon.

Tesco, Prospect House,
Trentham Lakes North,
Stoke on Trent, ST4 4TW

Do not forget to mention all the relevant details regarding your car insurance, in the case; you have purchased any. Besides, if you are trying to make a new query regarding the insurance policies, then, do state your personal details so that, the team can get in touch with you.

For making complaints related to car insurances, write a letter to the below address.

Tesco Bank Complaints, P.O. Box 277,
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 2BU

Tesco Car Insurance contact Tips

Many times, it is cumbersome to communicate with the Tesco Car Insurance Support team. If you would like to avoid an unnecessary wait, then you can follow the contact tips. Hopefully, they can make your task easier and get your work done fast.

If you are trying to the contact the customer support team for queries regarding the policies, then, it would be better first to go through the online policy guides. The guides will surely assist you with your doubts. Moreover, you can get a reasonable quote too. Since different numbers are available for the various purpose, you must contact accordingly. It will save your time and allows you to contact the right person.

In case, you must contact the call center to make a complaint, try to be a bit more patient. It goes a long way, and the agent may help you out of his job to assist you. The Bank believes in providing a hassle-free service. Even if a mistake is on its part, it will rectify it.

While using the online social media handles, practice a few cautious methods. Firstly, try to send a personal text only. Avoid any irrelevant details, stick to the point and mention your contact details. It is a more secure way. However, if you are making any public post, then do not state any sensitive personal information. Moreover, Tesco doesn’t send any tweet or message to ask you to disclose your confidential information. If you are sending a letter to the address, do not forget to include the crucial details else your work will be delayed.

tesco helpline

Other useful links:

Go Skippy Customer Service Contact Number

goskippy helpline

Go Skippy Contact Number Tips

Go Skippy Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Go Skippy Car Insurance contact number (Sales) 0344 840 6300
Go Skippy car insurance phone number (Customer service) 0344 840 6302
Go Skippy number (Car insurance) 0344 840 6301
Go Skippy number (Home insurance) 0344 776 5306
Go Skippy number (Van insurance) 0344 776 5314
Go Skippy number (Bike insurance) 0344 776 5315
Go Skippy number for Car Insurance Claim 0344 840 9503
Go Skippy number for Van Insurance Claim 0344 840 9504
Go Skippy Number for Bike Insurance Claim 0344 840 9505
Go Skippy contact number Home Insurance (Sales) 0344 776 5306
Go Skippy Bike Insurance contact number (Sales) 0344 776 5748
Go Skippy Van Insurance contact number (Sales) 0344 776 5309
Go Skippy Customer Service Home Insurance 0344 776 5311
Go Skippy Customer Service Van/Bike Insurance 0344 776 5308
Go Skippy 03 number (Breakdown) 0330 159 0452
Go Skippy breakdown helpline 0871 872 7166

Go Skippy Customer Service Contact Number

goskippy helplineGo Skippy Overview

Go Skippy is an independent broker insurance organization that helps in providing its customers a high-quality and most convenient insurance policies at the most affordable and competitive prices. The company searches the best deals and policies that are best suitable for its customers, as well as fill, suit their requirements and their pocket. Go Skippy offers a wide range of products and services along with the high competitive bike insurance, car insurance, van insurance and home insurance policies. These additional products and the services will help an individual to tailor the available services to match and fit his/her wants and needs. This will also help an individual to enhance his/her policies. Go Skippy guarantees it customers with right policies at the right price and at the right place. Go Skippy allows its customers to choose the best-selected in-house as well as external insurers and applies for the policies provided by them. The company makes sure that its customers get along with the market’s best insurers who are well known for their commitment towards their work and their customers. Go Skippy also promises its customers to provide excellent services throughout the policy period.

All the companies should take up the responsibility of guiding and solving the queries of the customers and people who wish to use the products and the services provided by the companies. Insurance is always confusing and complicated. Therefore it is very necessary for the company to be very active and strong in dealing the confusions, complaints and making people aware of various policies and the benefits. Go Skippy has arranged various methods to deal with the complaints and the queries. Go Skippy customer service is appreciated by most of the customers as they are effective in solving the problems of the customers.

Go Skippy Customer Services

Go Skippy customer service is a notable one. Each product or service provided by the company has its own division of customer care. The customers can visit the company or the store for direct dealing of the problems and the issues faced by them. The executives in the working place are trained to deal with the customers’ problems in a friendly manner. Right from the foundation of the various policies are explained to the customers in understandable ways. The customer care number of Go Skippy is 0344 840 6300. By dialing this number one can find out about various policies and evaluate the best policy that suits his/her requirements. The company not only provide assistance but also provides space for the customers to register their complaints. The aim of the company is to provide services that keep their customers happy. The direct customer service number is 0344 840 6302. Go Skippy works from 9 am to 8 pm on Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 7 pm on Friday, and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday. Also, on the bank holidays, Go Skippy executives and staff would be available from 9 am to 4 pm.

go-skippy support

Go Skippy various customer care numbers

As mentioned above, Go Skippy has various division and customer care numbers for each of the service or product the company provides. The Go Skippy customer service number for car sales and service are 0344 840 6300 and 0344 840 6302 respectively. The Go Skippy customer service for car insurance, bike insurance, van insurance and home insurance are 0344 840 6301, 0344 776 5315, 0344 776 5314, and 0344 776 5306 respectively. The other Go Skippy customer service numbers are 0344 776 5311 for home insurance, 0344 776 5308 for van insurance and 0344 776 5308 for bike insurance. If any breakdown occurs the customers can dial 0330 159 0452. The Go Skippy breakdown helpline is 0844 324 5680. For any complaints, customers can call 0344 776 555725.

Go Skippy numbers regarding Claims

The customers have different numbers for various claims regarding their policies. The number for a car insurance claim registering or any other matter relating to car claims is 0344 840 9503. The number of a van insurance claim registration or any other issues regarding van claims is 0344 840 9504. Similarly, the number for registration of bike claim or any other problems regarding bike claims can be solved by contacting 0344 840 9505.

Go Skippy Contact Numbers regarding sales

Go Skippy insurance broker company has different numbers for easing their services with the customers. Since it is a field of high risk and investment the company has divided its services into various branches and divisions. The contact numbers related to sales are 0344 776 5306 for home insurance, 0344 776 5309 for van insurance, and 0344 776 5748 for bike insurance.

goskippy support

Go Skippy Car Insurance Contact Numbers

Go Skippy has dedicated staff to separately handle various services by providing a number of Go Skippy Helpline and Go Skippy Support. Go Skippy car insurance executives and team members will be available during the specified working hours of the company. The customers can contact 0344 840 6300 for any problems related to the car insurance. If the customers require any guidance and assistance then they can contact the car insurance team members by dialing 0344 840 6302. For renewal of the car insurance policy, one can dial 0344 840 6301, i.e. the Go Skippy car insurance renewal number.

Go Skippy Van Insurance Phone Numbers

The working hour of the van insurance executives and assistance team is same as but there is a small change in the working hours on Saturday and on the bank holidays. On Saturday and on bank holidays the van insurance team will work from 9 am to 3 pm and 10 am to 4 pm respectively. For sales related queries, problems unrelated to sales and renewal of van insurance policy the customers can dial Go Skippy contact phone numbers 0344 776 5309, 0344 776 5308 and 0344 776 5314 respectively.

Go Skippy Home Insurance Phone Numbers

Go Skippy home insurance assistance team and executives will be available in the specified working hours of the company. The only exception is that on the bank holidays the home insurance assistance team will be available from 10 am to 4 pm. For any queries relating to sales, one can contact Go Skippy Home insurance sales team by dialing Go Skippy contact phone number 0344 776 5360. Queries other than sales can be solved by contacting 0344 776 5311. For renewal of home insurance policy, one can contact 0344 776 5360.

Go Skippy Bike Insurance Phone Numbers

The working team for bike insurance will available at the specified timing of the company except on the bank holidays. The bike insurance assistance and executive team will be available from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on the bank holidays. The Go Skippy Helpline and Go Skippy Support phone numbers are 0344 776 5784 (sales), 0344 776 5308 (service team), and 0344 776 5315 (renewal).

Write to Go Skippy Customer Care

An individual can also directly contact the company by writing a letter. The company encourages an individual to follow the traditional method of writing a letter to the company relating to its service and products. Also, if any of the customers want to send any materialistic information or documents regarding their policy, they can send it through the post. The company has no problem with its customers sending a written letter. The Go Skippy address is as follows:

Go Skippy Insurance
Lysander House
Catbrain Lane,
Bristol BS107TQ

One can also locate Go Skippy Insurance Broker Company easily by using the link

Go Skippy Complaints

A lot of the companies hesitate or give less importance to the complaints and issues that their customers have. The reluctance of the companies towards the customer service is very common in the field of business. In order to keep loyal customers and for the growth of the business the company has to provide before and after services. However, it is possible for every company having drawbacks in their services. Customers are now free to file or register their complaints. Go Skippy encourages and treats the feedbacks and the complaints as valuable as the company take the complaints in a positive way. Go Skippy feels that the customers’ complaints and feedbacks as a motivating force. Customers can directly write their complaint(s) to the quality manager of Go Skippy Insurance Broker Company. The address is as follows.

Quality Manager,
Lysander House,
Catbrain Lane,
Cribbs Causeway,
Bristol BS10 7TQ

There are alternate ways for writing the complaints if one is not comfortable in writing and posting the letter. One method is to write to the email id Another way is to directly make a call to the Go Skippy complaint team and complain about the problems that you are facing. The Go Skippy contact phone number for making a complaint is 0344 776 5725.

The following are the links for social media handles and the links for FAQs.

Skippy get a quote –

Nationwide Customer Service Contact Number

nationwide support

Nationwide Phone Number Tips

Nationwide  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Nationwide Customer Service Toll-free 0800 30 20 11
Financial Planning Manager 0800 328 78 12
Credit Card Helpline UK 0800 055 66 11
Credit Card Helpline Abroad +44 2476 43 89 97
Insurance Support 0800 051 02 34
Personal Loans 0800 545 30 00

Nationwide Customer Service Contact Number

nationwide support

Nationwide Overview

If you want to avail financial services specifically in your interest, then Nationwide Building Society is the top alternative. Nationwide Building Society is a mutual financial institution, founded in 1846. The “mutual” implies that it runs for the profits of its members. Besides, being the largest building society, Nationwide has a firm belief to provide the top of the line services as per consumer’s interest. This building society invests its profits in upgrading its products further. The services rendered aims to cater customer’s needs.

Nationwide truly believes in customer’s satisfaction. Whether you buy a home, take a loan or save your valuable money with Nationwide, it assures the best care. It’s products, services, charities, causes supported or communication, everything is done keeping in mind its members’. Moreover, it always considers customers point of view and feedback.  Each year, it asks its members to vote on the way it works. The members can give their suggestions freely. Most people prefer this building society due to its offers, rights to participate in decisions and outstanding customer care.  It changes its products or develops new offers as per customer’s feedback.

Nationwide stands high as its building is built on reliable and appropriate methods to reach the heights. The primary framework on which Nationwide works is simple. It provides a gamut of services from a savings account, mortgage service, current account service and other financial products. Additionally, it tries to give the regular services at minimal costs to its customers.

Nationwide is not limited to its financial services. It supports different communities across the UK. It is a registered charity and has a vision that each citizen in the UK has access to a modest home. Since 1997 it has contributed to over 3000 charitable causes.

It supports a team of 18,000 dedicated employees, which provides excellent Nationwide Customer Service to over 14 million members.

Nationwide has received Awards and recognition too. It has won many recognition awards based on the services, products and work environment too! Nationwide continues to serve the people. Over the years, Nationwide profits and member deposits are on an increasing scale.

Nationwide Services

With over 160 years of expertise, Nationwide provides services through its branches spread across the UK. In the UK, it is the greatest provider of both mortgage loans as well as savings. Besides, it provides personal loans, insurance plans, credit cards and much more. Being a member at Nationwide entitles you to certain rights such as to vote in different elections, attend meetings and get exclusive information. The facilities keep on improving due to customer’s feedback. It provides a current account for everyday banking, a range of competitive offers for credit cards, savings account, mortgages, ISAs, loans to make borrowing easy, investments and insurance.

The insurance products include home insurance, car insurance and Life insurance.

It supplies current accounts such as FlexPlus current account, FlexDirect current account, accounts that pay interest and accounts with extra added benefits. It offers a range of service accounts and even provides an online calculator to estimate your savings goal and plan accordingly. Depending on your needs, you can either have a Select credit card or the national credit card. To get a Loan is now easy. You can get no obligation personal loan with Nationwide. In case you already possess a current account in Nationwide, then, you’ll get preference too. You can receive an instant online decision by applying; loans are much simpler to avail. Further, you can know the rates and details of loans available online.

If you are new to investing then, Nationwide is your best option. You can read the guides available online or talk to their Financial Planning Managers to reach any real decision.  It provides ISA (Individual Saving account), which is an excellent way to save without paying any tax. The interest earned on ISA is free from any tax. It is highly recommended. You can read the terms and conditions on the official site of Nationwide. Nationwide issues a range of options to make the payments and transfers. There are more than ten options from which you can choose! Nationwide renders assistance throughout the process ranging from the best offer to the customer, supportive staff, clear and right information, and till the end of the process.

Nationwide Customer Service is supported by a team of experienced staff, who is ready to assist anytime.

Contact Nationwide Customer Service

nationwide support
Want to Contact Nationwide UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Nationwide  contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9132
In every way, Nationwide is a people’s bank. From its products and services to its extensive customer service, this building society has got everything. Nationwide Contact Phone Number is available depending on the product/service. It has a range of contact numbers for different products/ services such as Mortgages, Personal Loan, Credit Card, Existing or new current accounts, Digital Banking, Savings Account, Insurance, Financial Planning, Emergency, Lost and Stolen, and to make complaints. For instance, to make a claim (Except Personals loans and credit cards), you can call Nationwide HELPLINE at 0800 30 20 15(UK). Most of the helplines are available for 24 hours and seven weeks. With the accessibility to a vast number of contacts, Nationwide makes sure that each complaint gets equal importance.  Nationwide SUPPORT its clients through different platforms, guides and online aid.

It tries every possible way to save the time of its members. Keeping this in consideration, it provides online leaflets to answer common doubts faced by the customers. You can even ask for the brochures by post. You can message Nationwide in two different ways. If you have registered for Internet Banking, then just log in and send a secure message. On the other hand, if you are new to Nationwide then you can fill an online form depending on the product/service, you would like to avail/ask queries. The latter way is a bit insecure so doesn’t mention your personal details.

You can offer your feedback either by filling a feedback form or give your suggestion through “Your Voice”. You can share your opinions whether you are happy with the services or if you have any idea that may help Nationwide to perform better.

Another way to contact Nationwide Customer Service is by visiting any of its branches.  You can use the online branch finder to locate the nearest branch by entering details related to town, city or branch number.

Nationwide provides an exclusive way to communicate through social media handles. It is quite active on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow them and send your complaint, feedback or report an issue in a crisp form. Besides, it has a profile on LinkedIn too. Follow Nationwide to receive its latest updates and job opportunities.

If you would like to know more about the Nationwide SUPPORT, you can check the FAQ section. You will get the list of different contact numbers, guides, online feedback/complaint forms and frequently asked questions on various queries.

Write to Nationwide Customer care

You can send a complaint to Nationwide in a written format as well.

Before, sending the mail to it, make sure to include your name, account details, address and an alternative contact number to get in touch with you during the day.

The Complaints Team
Nationwide Building Society
NW 2020
Swindon, SN38 1NW

Moreover, it must be ensured to include only the relevant details such as the issue and suggestions. It is vital to keep it short and precise.

Nationwide provides Payment Protection Insurance, if you have any complaint regarding it, you can send the same to the following address.

Nationwide Building Society
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park,
Northampton NN3 6NW

The written method should be strictly avoided if the issue must be dealt on urgent basis.

Nationwide Contact Tips

Nationwide has the team of committed employees but it becomes tedious sometimes to contact the customer care agent quickly. You can follow a few contact tips to make sure that your issue resolves efficiently. Check the frequently asked questions or the prepared guides before approaching the branch/ Customer Care. Many times, the solution is already available on the official website. It is bound to save your time and energy.

The provision of so many customer care contact numbers is a boon. Make sure that you communicate as per your query regarding a product/service. For instance, if you have queries regarding the existing personal loan, ring at 0800 545 30 00. In other words, before placing a call make sure to check that the contact number belongs to the required section.

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You can also get information about loan features and benefitsISA allowance  &  Investing advice on their official website.

If you are sending a written complaint or an online message (through social media handles/form), try to stick to the point. Only include the necessary information.

When you call the customer care or visit the nearby branch, try to be polite with the agents/employees. Since Nationwide already has a motto to give its members the top priority, therefore, you don’t need to worry about your work.

You can follow these contact tips to get your job done quickly and in a hassle-free manner.

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Number

nationwide customer service

Nationwide Phone Number Tips

Nationwide  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Nationwide Customer Service Toll-free 0800 30 20 11
Nationwide Financial Planning Manager 0800 328 78 12
Nationwide Insurance Support 0800 051 02 34
Nationwide Personal Loans 0800 545 30 00

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Number

Nationwide Overview

Based in the United Kingdom, Nationwide Insurance has become one of the largest companies in the insurance and financial sector as a part of the Fortune 100 club. Over a period of 85 years, Nationwide has transformed itself from a small automobile insurance firm in Ohio to a multinational insurance and financial company ranked among the topmost firms in the United Kingdom. The Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service guarantees that every client and policyholder gets the best and benefits the maximum. Their committed team of highly professional officials works as the greatest asset for the company and leaves no stone unturned in satisfying the customers.

Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service has worked efficiently in offering the finest policy plans to the audience not only in the UK but also across the globe. Their services are efficient and rewarding. The company’s dedicated workforce has helped in gaining more customers. They prioritize their clients’ contentment above all and work proficiently towards fetching benefits for them. This has helped Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service to become one of the most popular insurance companies in the UK.
nationwide customer service

Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Services

Nationwide offers quality car insurance products to their customers. They have their special comprehensive car insurance with a 5 star Defaqto rating. Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service is available in several mediums. You can call them or send in a written request. The contact number available for reaching their customer care executives is 0800 30 20 11 for domestic customers and +44 1793 65 67 89 for the international client base. Their dedicated operators will help you with any query or concern you have. The company also provides its customer services through Twitter. Nationwide prides itself over an extensive online portal which contains frequently asked questions for more convenience. Most of the queries are already answered in this section. If you have any more concerns, you can fill an online form with a detailed description of your problem or send the customer care officials a secure message from your online banking account.

Write to Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Care

One of the best means of contacting the Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service is by sending a written complaint to the customer care department of the company. Customers enjoy the facility of sending query letters to Nationwide Car Insurance at:

The Complaints Team,
Nationwide Building Society,
NW 2020,
Swindon, SN38 1NW,

Sending a letter can be a long process and the company officials might take a bit long time to answer your query or solve your problems.

Nationwide Car Insurance Complaint Service

Nationwide is a company built on the principles of valuing their customers and tending to every bit of issue they have. Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service welcomes their customers’ complaints and their team puts in its whole – hearted efforts to providing the best services to the clients. This is why the company provides several facilities to their customers for sending in their complaints. You can open the official website for the company and fill in an online form for filing your complaint. It will require your contact number, postal address, and a detailed description of your complaint. You can also send them an email at Since this information is shared over the internet, make sure you do not mention any sensitive information such as your postal address, PIN codes, etc. The company also provides the contact number for lodging a complaint. If you are a domestic customer, then you can dial 0800 30 20 15 (Domestic landline number) or 03457 30 20 15 (Domestic mobile number). For international customers, the complaint can be lodged at the international number +44 1793 65 67 89.

nationwide contact number

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Number

The company offers several contact numbers for a specific product related queries. You can reach the Nationwide Car InsuranceCustomer Service concerns related to lost or stolen cards, car insurance claims and policies, repair information, and general insurance inquiries. There are separate numbers for the domestic and the international customers. These lines are available 24×7 wherein qualified operators are ready to help you with their skills and expertise.

Telephone call charges

These contact numbers are not toll – free and phone call charges are applicable. For the abroad customers, the phone charges will apply international roaming charges. For the domestic customers residing in the United Kingdom, the call charges vary depending upon the network providers.

Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service is dedicated to providing quality services to their customers and make sure that nothing goes unattended. You can contact their officials for making inquiries and getting information about their products and policies. You also have the facility of filing complaints to get better service in the future.

Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Car Insurance is one of the leading insurance and financial companies in the United Kingdom. With their focus on valuing their customers, Nationwide Car Insurance has established a firm position in their experience of 85 years. The company is devoted to offering the best plans and making the maximum benefits for their customers. Their trained agents and expert executives make sure that you get the best quality and enjoy your experience with Nationwide Car Insurance. Their special Supply Management Services help their corporate clients to meet their business objectives and needs.

Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline believes in serving their customers with the best possible service. Their customer care executives are available for all day and night to help you with any query or concern you have related to their policies. You can contact the company through the Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Phone Number or write to them through an email or a letter or on a live chat. Here are some of the ways you can choose from for contacting Nationwide Car Insurance Support officials.

Contact Nationwide Car Insurance Customer Service

Want to Contact Nationwide UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the Nationwide  contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9132
Customers enjoy the best customer care services from the Nationwide Car Insurance Support system. You can call them for any queries or problems whenever you find it convenient. First, you need to select the product you are concerned about and dial up the number any time of the day for 7 days a week. Some important Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Phone Numbers are the following:

  • Lost and stolen cards – 0800 30 20 11 (Domestic) +44 1793 65 67 89 (International)
  • New car insurance claims – 0800 028 57 99 (Domestic) +44 1202 731 167 (International)
  • Autoglass windscreen repair – 0800 011 39 80
  • General car insurance inquiries – 0800 028 56 88
  • Claims including damage repair – 0800 028 57 73 (Domestic) +44 1202 731 167 (International)

These lines are open from Monday to Sunday and 24 hours. These numbers are, however, not toll – free and cost the standard rates. Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline officials are available to help you with any claims and queries. The company also provides Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Phone Number for making any complaints related to the service – 0800 30 20 15 (Domestic landline number), 03457 30 20 15 (Domestic mobile number), and +44 1793 65 67 89 (International number). You can reach these lines from 8 am to 8 pm on Mondays, from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, and from 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays.

Write Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline

You can get the fastest response to any of your queries or concerns from our devoted customer care executives by sending in a written email or letter. You can contact the Nationwide Car Insurance Support in a number of ways. You should register yourself for an Internet Banking account and send the company a secure message. It should contain no sensitive information such as account numbers, card details, or personal information. The Nationwide also provides an online form in which you can submit your query. You can also reach Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline through Twitter and get an immediate reply to your inquiries. You can also find some previously answered FAQ section at FAQ Section. The postal address for the company’s customer care department is The Complaints Team, Nationwide Building Society, NW 2020, Swindon, SN38 1NW. You can also send an email at

Nationwide Car Insurance Contact Tips

Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline officials help their customers get the best policy for these tips. Here are some tips for simplifying the process of car insurance.

  • Reviewing the budget – Before contacting the helpline executives about the required product, you should review your budget for the purchase. It will help in easing the policy choosing process.
  • Comparing prices – You should make a few comparisons to know the right estimate of auto loan you will require. It will help you to have the financing in the right place.
  • Automatic payments – Choose the automatic payments option because the company offers 1% discount on loan rates for all automatic payments.

For any other query related to the company’s policies or plans, you can contact the Nationwide Car Insurance Helpline center any time of the day.

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Nationwide is one of the largest car insurance companies in the United Kingdom, helping millions of customers get the best financial services for their automobile. Dedicated officials at the Nationwide Car Insurance Support system are always ready to solve your problems and answer your queries. Customers are guaranteed a content customer care service because of the company’s vision to value their customers. This is the reason for the trustworthy position the company has established in the global market.

ECAR Insurance Customer Service Contact Number

Customer Service

ECAR Phone Number Tips

ECAR Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Number
ECAR Customer Service 0333 222 4552
Car insurance Phone Nmber 0333 222 4551
Van insurance Phone Nmber 0333 005 2352
Policy renewal Phone Nmber 0333 222 4551
 MMS Phone Nmber 07537 416 059

ECAR Insurance Customer Service Contact Number

Customer Service

ECAR Customer Service Overview

ECAR Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the United Kingdom and they provide insurances for houses, cars, bikes and vans. ECAR insurance is enjoying a lot of popularity since its advent in the year 2004. ECAR Insurance poses to be one of the very few insurance companies of the United Kingdom which deal with short-term as well as flexible car covers.  This company enjoys a huge customer base and has already sold more than one million insurances in such a short tenure. From 13th July 2015 changes are being made in the ECAR Insurance Company and it is being changed to a better company with a new name called Brightside Car Insurance. The Brightside Car Insurance Company will have a new phone number which would have minimum charges so it can be really beneficial for the customers and also enable the customers to avail the services in a minimum price.

The customers of ECAR Insurance can choose between three types of car insurance policies. They are a standard annual insurance policy, short term insurance policy and pay as you go insurance policy. ECAR insurance customer service looks after all the needs of the customers providing them efficient and timely services which are of prime importance being an insurance company. ECAR Insurance is definitely your one stop destination where you can ensure your priced possession and also receive a profitable cover if at all anything happens to them.

ECAR Insurance Customer Services

ECAR Insurance customer service is provided in various mediums. You can reach them with your phone on 0333 222 4552 which can be contacted on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Assistance is immediately provided on the telephone and you can take care of your insurance problems without wasting time. Being an e-insurance providing company online support is also provided to the customer provides all the FAQs which normally a customer has. The online portal of ECAR Insurance is well organized and thus a majority of the customer doubts and queries can be easily solved just checking online. If you still have further queries you can always drop an email on and get your doubts and queries answered through email.

Write to ECAR Insurance Customer Care

ECAR Insurance Customer service has also enabled a postal address to the customers where they can send their queries in writing and can avail the benefits of the excellent customer service. Getting your queries answered through this, however, would be a lengthy process as ECAR Insurance can guide you only after getting your letter.

MMT Centre,
Severn Bridge,
Aust, Bristol BS35 4BL

ECAR Insurance Complaint Service

ECAR Insurance is very keen on keeping their customers happy. They always adhere to all the requests of the customers and always try their best in providing quality and timely insurance services to their customers. In spite of that even if the customer has any complaints ECAR Insurance Customer Service is always there for their customers and considers the customers as their top priority. According to the statistics, 100 % of customer services are taken care of by ECAR Insurance Customer service within a span of 8 weeks. 37.5% of the customer complaints were upheld by the ECAR Insurance in the favor of the customer after realizing that customer’s needs were not fulfilled. In case you have any complaints regarding any issue you can drop an email to the Customer Relations Team Leader at the following email address ECAR Insurance Customer Service will make it a point that your complaints are immediately taken into consideration. For any sort of questions that arise regarding booking and calling please check once in the FAQ section.

For more information about the cancellation of your policies, please do contact check the canceling you section.

ECAR Contact Number

Want to Contact ECAR Insurance UK Customer Service? Look no further – here is the ECAR Insurance contact customer service phone number- DIAL 0844 306 9146.
An online portal for availing insurance of all types, ECAR is a UK – based company. The company started with offering bike insurance and went on to provide policies for cars, vans, home, and life insurance for giving an encircling experience to its customers. With more than 1 million customers as its policyholders and over 250 employees registered in its payroll, ECAR has become one of the leading insurance companies in the UK and around the globe. The company’s enormous success has helped them to establish an image of a trustworthy name offering customer – oriented products.

One of a quality of the company is the magnitude of choice offered to its customers. The clients enjoy the privilege to choose their policies and customize them on their own accord. The company allows you to have full control over the plans that you purchase. ECAR Helpline services offer quality support to its customers with all of their problems and concerns. You can enjoy several benefits as a part of the ECAR Support policy.

ECAR Insurance Renewal Contact Number

For renewing your insurance policy all you need to do is call on 0333 222 4452. The insurance counselors are always ready to help and they give the best quotations of the insurance covers which are provided by ECAR Insurance. Within minutes you can get done with the tedious process of renewing your insurance policy and be assured of your priced possessions.

ECAR Telephone Call Charges

The charges for calling the contact number of ECAR Insurance Customer Service number are genuine. ECAR Insurance Customer Service charges according to the national rate as their customer care number start from 03 the call rate is same as for the call rate of numbers which begin from 01 or 02.

Contact ECAR Customer Service

ECAR offers its customers the facility to contact them through the ECAR Contact Number 0906 736 6522 which is available from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. This number is not toll – free and costs £1.02p per minute. The international ECAR Contact Number is +44 906 736 6522. Their competent customer care executives will listen to your problem or query and help you to solve them through their effective advice. For making general inquiries about the company’s insurance policies, you can dial up 0333 222 4552 and get information about their products. ECAR Contact Number 0333 222 4551 is available for you to sign up for insurance or file a claim. The ECAR Support facilities are also available for people with hearing problems through the MMS number 07537 416 059. Customers are guaranteed proficient services from the customer care professionals of the company.

ECAR Helpline

Write to ECAR helpline

ECAR provides its competent helpline services through several other mediums as well. You can send your complaints, issue, or queries in a written form as well. Customers enjoy the ECAR support facility to write a letter and post it to them at ECAR, Brightside Park, Severn Bridge, Aust, and Bristol, BS35 4BL. The letter should contain a contact number, a complete and lucid description of the problem or complaint, and do not share any sensitive information. The ECAR helpline is offered through the online service system which is accessible at the following link – hhtp:// There are several email addresses for the ECAR support channel:

You can contact the ECAR support system through the email facility for issues related to driving license, reproof of Bonus, complaints, or marketing problems. Make sure that you do not include any sensitive information like your account or online banking details. The ECAR helpline services pride itself over the useful FAQ section which offers detailed answers to the common queries of the customers. The link for the FAQ page is

ECAR Contact Number tips

ECAR provides services and products that respect the customers’ privacy and security at the same time. The ECAR helpline professionals assure you that the personal information is secure in their hands and provide you the right solutions for your problems. The customer care services for the company guarantee the confidentiality of your details. This is the reason that anyone lodging a complaint or asking for help for a problem is required to be on the call while talking to the executives. The company continues to review and enhance its technical security features for providing more security to the customers. ECAR support system protects your personal data through their 128-bit secure socket layer and encryption technology for guarding your account details. The collected personal information includes name, residential address, contact number, birth date, email address, and debit or credit card and account details. This information is stored in a well – prevented system which does not allow unauthorized access.

When you provide your personal information while filing a complaint, the helpline officials use the information for various purposes. They process your quotation automatically and manage your policy and claims while remedying your problem. ECAR helpline also reminds you of due dates for renewal of insurance or policy.

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The efficiency and credibility of the ECAR support services have created such an impact on the customers that the company has become one of the most popular insurance companies worldwide. The trained and competent professionals help you sail effortlessly through any problem you face and provide the best answers to all your concerns and queries.

Swiftcover Insurance Helpline

Swiftcover Insurance customer service

Senior executives from several insurance companies met and founded Swiftcover Insurance in 2005. They created the company to offer car insurance services through the Internet alone. The goal of the founders was to create an insurance company capable of providing customers with value for money.

It became the first ever company in the United Kingdom to offer customers the chance of printing their own insurance certificates after buying. The UK-based insurance company provides services online only. With an innovative customer area, it is now possible for customers to do whatever they want to do, as long as it is insurance-related, on the Internet.

Swift Cover Insurance Contact Number

Swiftcover Insurance Services

Swiftcover Insurance Helpline

Swiftcover has various insurance products that it sells to customers. It is renowned for some of the most amazing and customer-friendly car insurance covers. On the other hand, it has emerged as a serious player in the home insurance industry because of the flexibility of the covers as well as the peace of mind that they allow customers to enjoy.

Van insurance is also an insurance product that the company provides to customers in the United Kingdom. The van insurance product is from AXA Insurance UK plc. The van insurance is for all types of vans regardless of whether they are for personal or business and commercial deliveries.

Contacting Swiftcover Insurance Customer Service

Customer service is available for all regardless of the insurance package that you choose. The company wants all customers to enjoy excellent services. On the other hand, if customers have a complaint against the quality of car insurance services that they received, they should not hesitate to call 0330 024 6389 (for the policy) and 0330 024 5518 (for the claims).

The insurance company has several useful numbers for different types of insurance claims. Each insurance cover has specific number that customers should call to learn more about the actual policy or file a claim. For general queries or a policyholder query, call 0330 024 6394. For a query on no claims discount, call 0330 024 6408.

Swiftcover Insurance Contact Tips

Swiftcover Insurance has a team of dedicated personnel in charge of ht customer service. The customer service personnel have won several awards in and out of the United Kingdom for the quality of service that they provide. Customers who need quotes or cover renewals receive all the help they require to choose the best insurance cover.

Before making any call to the company, check the official website for information on opening hours and the correct number to use.

Admiral Home Insurance

Admiral customer service

Admiral Home Insurance is just but one of the insurance products that Admiral provides to customers in the United Kingdom. The prices for this product are from a low of £97. The company has made it much easier for customers to buy this product based on their insurance needs, finances and other factors.

For example, customers can combine the home insurance with other covers such as buildings insurance and contents insurance. The company exercises flexibility with the various insurance products. The product guarantees customers value for money, thus ensuring that they never have to worry about damages to their homes.

Admiral Home Insurance

Admiral Home Insurance Services

Admiral Home Insurance

The home is one of the most expensive purchases that people make. For this reason, taking a home insurance is one of the best ways of providing the investment with the protection that it requires for growth. Taking the home insurance offers a solid return on investment. In addition to the home, you can also insure the building and contents therein.

The company allows customers to buy the home insurance cover online. The company provides customers with excellent support services, assistance and answers to the most pressing issues that they experience. Features of Admiral Home Insurance include family legal protection, home emergency cover, boiler emergency cover and accidental damage cover.

Contacting Admiral Home Insurance Customer Service

Customer service has personnel that is experienced and well trained to handle any problem that you might have regarding Admiral Home Insurance. If you need clarification on any aspect of the insurance, call customer service on 0800 600 870 and ask your question. Use this number to file a report or complaint regarding quality of service you receive.

Phone calls are the fastest and most effective methods through which to communicate with the customer service department and obtain assistance with home insurance. Making the phone call will enable the company to pair you up with the right person who has the skills and answers to handle your issues.

Admiral Home Insurance Contact Tips

Customers who prefer getting in touch with the insurance company by phone should place their calls when the offices are open. For example, the opening hours between Monday and Friday are from 8am to 10pm. On Saturday and Sunday, you will only receive the much-needed assistance upon calling the company for assistance between 9am-5pm and 10am-4pm respectively.

During Bank Holidays in the United Kingdom, the phone numbers that you should call may or may not operate. On the other hand, the company does not answer calls with questions about Home Insurance that you ask on days such as Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Admiral Helpline

Admiral customer service

Admiral is an insurance company operating in the United Kingdom and specializing in car insurance. The insurance company began operating in 1993 when it was founded. The company specializes in car insurance but this is not the only type of insurance that it provides to customers in the United Kingdom.

When it launched in 1993, the company only had one brand, no customer and 57 employees. The company now operates in seven countries. It has grown into one of the largest providers of car insurance services in the United Kingdom. It serves more than 4 million customers in the US, France, Italy and Spain.

Admiral Helpline

Admiral Service

Admiral Helpline

Other insurance products that it sells include van insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and home insurance. For this reason, customers are able to find solutions regarding all their insurance needs in one place. The company is a one-stop shop for all insurance needs. Some of the car insurance products that the company offers include Single Car, Van and Multi Car.

However, the other car insurance products that customers get from the company include life insurance, warranty insurance and travel insurance. Motorbike insurance as well as pet insurance are two products that the company has began proving it’s mettle in, especially in the United Kingdom as well as other countries where it operates.

Contacting Admiral Customer Service

If you prefer getting in touch with customer service regarding any insurance product that Admiral sells, the number to call is +44 (0) 333 220 2062, especially from abroad. If you need assistance with Single Car and Multi Car insurance products, do not forget to call and speak with a company representative on 0333 220 2000 from within the UK.

Admiral Contact Tips

Do not forget that calls made to the 03 numbers are not free. Although they attract specific call charges, they are not any costlier than what users pay when calling the national geographic numbers that begin with 01 and 02. The charges on the 03 numbers remain the same whether you are calling from a mobile phone or a landline in the UK.

If you want a quote regarding Motorbike insurance, call 0871 434 4905, which cost 5p per minute in addition to the access charges that your phone service provide levies. Questions on Travel insurance should go to 0343 658 0260. For Life insurance questions, call 0800 294 8168. A member of staff will always respond to you as long it is during opening hours. For more on how you can communicate with their customer care representative, visit their official website.

Admiral Contact Number

Admiral customer service

Admiral Contact Number – Overview
In the year 1993, Admiral contact number had been launched. The primary aim of this insurance company is to render lower insurance policy premiums among various people. More so, it is an objective of the insurance company to provide the utmost benefits to their potential clients. There is a wide array of insurance services that can be offered to customers who want to have the insurance policies. On the other hand, the primary insurance policy that is being focused by Admiral Insurance contact number is car insurance policy.

The Nature of Admiral Contact Number
As mentioned earlier, Admiral Insurance contact number specializes with car insurance however, there are other insurance policies they provide as well. Basically, Admiral Insurance offers multi car insurance policy among their potential customers. People who have two or more cars are ideal to obtain this type of car insurance policy. In addition, single-car insurance policy is provided by Admiral Insurance as well. This type of insurance policy is at low cost thus customers will not find difficulty with the financial need in order to obtain it however, it is ensured that the insurance policy is at high quality at the same time. This is ideal for those who are young drivers or those individuals who are living in the cities wherein accidents typically occur. There are other lower insurance premiums that are being provided by Admiral Insurance in order to expand their operation in UK.

Reaching Admiral Contact Number
For instance that you want to know more about the insurance policies and services offered by Admiral contact number, it is advantageous on your part as potential customer of the insurance policy to visit so as to have the answer regarding this matter. In terms of obtaining multi car insurance policy, you may dial 0844 848 4316 which is available from 8am to 11pm Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 8pm every Saturday and 10am to 8pm for Sundays. In case of wanting for single-car insurance policy, you may call 0844 543 4416 that is open from 8am to 11pm Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 8pm every Saturday and 10am to 8pm for Sundays. Calls to 0844 numbers will be charged at 5pence per minute from BT lines. With other networks and mobiles, there are variations that can be encountered then.

Admiral Insurance Contact Number – Customer Assistance
The website and numbers indicated above can be used and referred to when needing the customer support of Admiral Insurance contact number. On the other hand, if you want to call for a quote, press 0844 848 4316 for telephone landlines. In case of using mobiles for calling, press 68401 and you will seek appropriate assistance from a company’s representative.

Admiral Contact Number