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Plusnet Customer Service Contact Numbers

plusnet customer care

Plusnet Contact Number Tips

Plusnet Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Plusnet Sales Team 0800 073 1120
Plusnet Home Broadband Sales 0800 432 0080
Plusnet Residential Cancellations 0800 013 2632
Plusnet Service Status 0800 917 6714
Plusnet Business Support 0800 028 0282
Plusnet Business Sales 0800 023 2221

plusnet customer care

Plusnet Overview

One of the major internet service providers in the United Kingdom, Plusnet is a popular broadband company with over 750,000 customers across the United Kingdom. The company provides with high-speed internet connectivity as well as landline services. The company’s inception traces back to 1997 in South Yorkshire. Although in 2007 the BT Group had purchased Plusnet, It continues to operate as an individual organization. Since it’s acquisition by the BT Group, the services the company provided have widened. Some of the new services include Plusnet TV and YouView platform. The other services it operates include the Metronet and Plusnet Hosting.

The Companies efforts in providing quality service to its customers have been recognized and acknowledged. The key reason for the companies growth has been its easy accessibility and accountability to its customers. The company has received several awards and accolades for their customer service and reliability. Indeed there is no question of doubt about Plusnet Customer Service. The company has been awarded the same in the USwitch broadband awards 2016. With about 20 years of presence in the broadband industry, it has won its trust among the customers in the efficiency of their services. Plusnet has been rated as the best broadband service by several critics from time to time.

Plusnet Customer Services

Plusnet’s brilliant customer service options are available for all 7 days of the week. One can contact through various numbers through phone or check their services online. The phone numbers are contactable during the working hours which are quite convenient, from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM on all days. You can contact their toll-free number to resolve any general queries you may have. Plusnet customer service toll-free number is 0800 432 0200. The Company is generally quick in response and open in providing valuable information about various services. Anyone can contact through this during the working hours. International users from abroad can contact them through +44 345 140 0200. If you are an existing customer, before contacting, it is essential to keep your username and password registered with the company ready so that it can be swiftly used when asked for the reference.

plusnet customer-services

Plusnet General Inquiry Contact Numbers and Email Address

Apart from their direct numbers, Plusnet provides with specific numbers for various customer services they provide. These numbers can be contacted for general inquiry on that particular service. For any sales related queries, you can contact 0800 023 2221. Customers can also use the number 0330 123 4433. For any business support inquiries, you can contact 0800 028 0282. Abroad customers can use +44 330 123 9123. By contacting these numbers you can get access to various information regarding their services and also new registrations and bill payment guidance. If you are with the press, for any media queries you can contact them through the email id In case you are not satisfied with any service provided and decide to complain further you can contact this email id Contacting the company is never going to be an issue as you now have access to all these phone numbers.

plusnet-mobile helpline

Plusnet Customer Service Billing and Balance Check

To know about certain information you will be required to be a registered customer as they will be needing your registered credentials. Some of these are Customer Service billing details and check of service status and balance. To check the service status, you can contact them at 0800 917 6714. You will get to know details of the live services you are subscribed or it may come handy when you service has been blocked due to some reason. Any issues and interruptions with your communication can also be resolved. For any account and billing details, you can contact 0800 013 2632. +44 330 123 9197 is the number for abroad customers for the same. To view your broadband usage you need to login into their website, one may use this link.

Details about various mobile data plans and schemes can be checked online through this link.  Also if you are a registered user, you can simply log in  and gain access to all your mobile account details. Almost all the required information is generally available online to help you out and you need not waste any charges by calling their numbers.

Other Plusnet Contacting Modes

There are several other methods to contact the company. One of the most important Plusnet Contact Phone Number regarding sales is 0800 073 1120. Use this to directly contact their sales team. For home broadband sales you can contact 0800 432 0080. They even have a special number reserved for any cancellation of their services in a hassle free manner. For residential cancellation contact 0800 013 2632. With huge online services accessibility to customers has been made simple than ever before. All relevant information can be accessed from their official website Live chat facility with the technical team is also available.

To know how to switch to Plusnet from other services, you can visit think link, and here you can also directly chat with one of their sales advisors to know more details and the benefits associated with Plusnet. To know more about their packages you can click on this link, Here you can decide the plan that’s perfect for your requirement. To know various tariff plans for mobile services, visit You can access all the online customer services through this link, Here you can write your query and reach out to them effectively. In order to contact them for partnership and dealership purposes use the contact number 0800 023 2345. In case you forgot you password to login into you Plusnet account, there is no need to contact them as the help can be obtained directly online. Generally, the required information is sent to your registered mail id and you can proceed as per the instructions.

Plusnet Complaints

plusnet helpline

All customer grievances are properly resolved on time at Plusnet where customers are given the top priority. To know all about complaint procedures and conduct of Plusnet, visit where you can find the details you are looking for. You can address your complaints at Plusnet Chat ( or directly contact them at 0800 432 0200. You can even write to them in a letter giving proper details to identify your account. Plusnet Support is always there for solve your grievances regarding the service. If you wish to directly contact the CEO of the company Andy Baker, you can directly email him at Make sure your issue is really serious if you wish to contact the CEO.

More Plusnet Support and Helpline

Plusnet Helpline services are widely rated among the best across the United Kingdom. Their online help and Plusnet support portal offer various options. This portal can be accessed from the following link, Help support is available for all their services like broadband, Phone, TV, Mobile etc. You can also visit their well-detailed community forums where discussions on a lot of topics can be found. You can also give your feedback or share your service experiences here. There is a blog too where additional knowledge can be obtained. This blog can be accessed through this link, You also have the option to register and sign into the Plusnet community and be an active participant.

plusnet support

You are always welcome to write to them in a letter regarding any matter of concern with the services they provide. The letter can be a complaint as well as any feedback. However, when you write a letter, the company insists people provide information about the registered username or telephone number and the postcode. It will take around 10 days for the company to resolve your issue after the letter reaches them. For all standard communication, you can write to the following address-

Plusnet plc
The Balance,
2 Pinfold Streetm,
Sheffield S1 2GU

This address can be used for all services they provide. Customers should ensure that they give proper details of themselves so that the company can identify them in their database. In case you are not satisfied with the service provided, there is another alternative. Any dissatisfaction can be communicated by letter to the following address-

70 Fleet Street,
London EC4Y 1EU

CISAS is a separate organization that will help Plusnet customers in their queries. Other details about the organization can be found on the Plusnet website itself. Also many times it is advised to read the FAQs that are put online. Staying in touch with social media also is important. To effectively reach out to its customers Plusnet is active on various social media platforms. Here are some useful hyperlinks to check out:

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1 and 1 Customer Service Contact Number

1and1 helpline

1 and 1 Contact Number Tips

1 and 1  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
1 and 1  Sales 0333 336 5172
1 and 1  Hosting & Server 0333 336 5691
1 and 1  Website Plans and packages 0800 731 8994
To cancel the hosting services 0800 917 6273
1 and 1  Server related support (Live) 0333 336 5721
1 and 1  Sales Complaints 0333 336 5509 (option 1)
1 and 1  MyWebsite Sales Complaints 0800 171 2631
1 and 1  Billing Complaints 0333 336 5780
1 and 1  Domains, SSL Certificate 0333 336 5812
1 and 1  Webhosting 0333 336 5429
1 and 1 Mail 0333 336 5743
1 and 1 eBusiness 0333 336 5827
1 and 1 Online Marketing 0333 336 5941

1and1 helpline

1 and 1 Overview

If you are looking for a one-stop destination for all your web needs, then 1 and 1 Internet is your ideal destination. Founded in 1988, 1 and 1 is one of the largest web hosting company. It renders a gamut of services such as domain registration, web hosting, website builder, online marketing, professional email id, assured security and much more!

Many trusted users have given positive reviews for the services of this company. The core principle of the service provider is to provide “1 and 1 service”. In other words, one trial for all the products for 30 days, a click to upgrade your package and a call to get in touch with a technical expert. It guarantees to provide the best support and to cater to every need of the client. Probably, this is the reason accountable for making it one of the most preferred brand with 25 years of experience in work. It assures to secure your data and offers a range of flexible and unique features.

1 and 1 Customer Service is incredible and available for 24/7. Furthermore, it stores several online guides for all the services to give additional support. Besides, the responsive and professional technical assistance makes it one of the most trusted web hosting company. The association of more than 11 million customers and a committed staff defines “1 and 1”.

1 and 1 Services

1 and 1 provide exclusive, reliable and efficient services to millions of its clients. The provision of services covers the UK and other areas too. With its help, you can create your e-commerce website, register or transfer a domain name. The Web hosting or WordPress hosting, powerful servers, creating a professional email address and online marketing falls under the distinct services.

The customer can get his perfect domain at a reasonable price. The benefits don’t end with a mere domain name. The package offers tons of subdomain, customer support for 24/7, many options to choose the domain, registration for several years, exclusive discount offers for other services and SSL certificate. It lets your company possess a professional online presence. Also, you can connect your domain to the hosting services too. The data gets stored in two different centers. Further, there are many daily backups. It ensures the security of your data. You can avail this service from this link.

1and1 support

If you are planning to start your own business but have no expertise in the website, then no worries. You can use 1 and 1 to create your website with just a few clicks. A plethora of customized image, text and design templates are available at your disposal. You can make the significant changes according to your preferences. Plus, the package includes the domain too! This link will help you can choose the basic, plus or premium plan.  If you add a personal consultant with the package then, you’ll receive special focus and advice for your project. For more information, place a call at 0800 021 1693.

1 and `1 is popular for its web hosting services. To guarantee the top performance of your website, you must use their hosting service. The whole package includes 24/7 support, cent percent flexibility, and availability, easy recognition and useful plugins for your site. Additionally, you can create your professional email id similar to the 1 and 1 domain. You can choose the plan from this link  The servers are ideal for simple as well as complex projects. It permits you to flexibly manage the hosting options as well as the IT resources.

1 & 1 customer service

In case, you are planning to start your e-commerce site then 1 and 1 allows you to create a user-friendly and attractive site, which is engaging for your customers. Likewise, you do not need to worry about the marketing. The company offers a range of tools to increase the rank of your site and thus, the target audience. It is the goal of the business to increase your market presence and consequently, boost the business.

The customers get SSL certification for any package, which protects the site in the best possible way. Apart from it, the existing sites can use the SSL setup with 1 and 1 to get it done in a couple of minutes.

Overall, with 1 and 1 you can get everything, you need for your website starting from building it till making it visible to a large number of audience. 1 and 1 Customer Service provides the most trusted and dependable assistance.

1 and 1 Customer Services

If you would like to get in touch with the customer care center to get your concerns settled, then you can choose from a set of distinct choices. According to your preferences of time and communication platform, you can reach, interact and avail the dynamic services.

The customer can get in touch with the 1 and 1 Helpline or the customer service at 0333 336 5509. It is accessible 24/7.  For assistance related to sales, hosting or packages use the 1 and 1 Contact Phone Number, 0333 336 5691. For Online Marketing, e-commerce and live chat support service, approach the team at 0333 336 5941, 0333 336 5827 and 0333 336 5721 respectively. The customer can log in or create his account, which paves the way to get the right help. Learn more at

For further queries, you can check the extensive FAQ section. When you reach the web page, you’ll see numerous options like Account and Billing, Domain, Web Hosting, Webpages, servers, security, e-commerce, Email and online marketing. You can pick the option as per your issue. You’ll get a list of questions; if your problem is in the given set, the puzzle will be resolved. However, if it isn’t the case, then you have two options. Either you can place a call to the customer care center to get in touch with a reliable agent, or you can set an appointment according to your availability by mentioning the time slot. The 1 and 1 Support team will communicate with you as per the meeting. You can check the given link to access the help center, which includes the popular and relevant topics.

In this technological era, two of the fastest, steady and trustworthy methods include sending an email or a message at social media handles. The customer can send his issue in clear and short form to the official mail id  Besides, 1 and 1 is quite active on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube. To check the latest updates and about the new job openings, you can follow the official LinkedIn profile. You can send not only the complaints and arguments but also receive notifications about any upcoming discount offers.

Write to 1 and 1 Helpline

1 and 1 ensure to extend its customer support in every possible way. It includes the provision to contact the center via post. Although, in the era of digital technology, there is hardly anyone, who sends a letter to the company. However, many times sending a letter proves to be much more efficient and effective way. For instance, if you are sending vital documents. To contact 1 and 1 via post, you can send a mail to the below-given address.

1and1 Internet Limited,
Aquasulis House,
10-14 Bath Road,  Slough, SL1 3SA

The customers need to assure to write the post in a crisp and concise form. Further, you must address the issue properly by mentioning the relevant details so that the 1 and 1 SUPPORT team can equip you with the correct assistance. Do include your personal details including contact information so that the representative can reach out to you to discuss your problem. There is just one disadvantage of this traditional yet convenient method, the time taken to get a response. The client must be patient as it may take a bit longer than other ways to reach customer care. Strictly avoid it on urgent basis.

1 and 1 Contact Tips

It is usually observed that contacting any company for discussing your predicament is a cumbersome task. Still, if the particular code of conduct is followed, the task becomes manageable. The customers can follow the given contact tips to ease their work and get it done fast.

Unlike other companies, 1 and 1 provides an excellent online support system. Some guides are available for different services. Moreover, the frequently asked questions and the online community is present for your aid. Before contacting the customer care, look for the guides and pre-solved questions. Most of the times, the query is already resolved.

If it is inevitable to call the center, then try to stick to the central problem. Explain your issue clearly and avoid any unnecessary detail. It will save your time and helps the agent to understand you better. Plus, be patient, calm and trust the agency.

While writing a letter, email or message through the social media handles, be precise. If you are making any public post, do not include your sensitive personal details. It may land you in trouble. The customers can receive the response within 24 hours for emails or messages.

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Sky Internet Helpline

sky customer care

sky customer care

Rupert Murdoch founded Sky UK Limited on November 2, 1990. Sky is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world operating from and serving customers in the United Kingdom. Businesses, organizations and individual consumers would have a difficult time accessing broadband Internet, television, fixed telephone lines and mobile services in one package if not for the efforts of Murdoch’s company.

The channels that customers in UK can watch on television include Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky News. The company now runs several initiatives as well that include Bigger Picture, Sky Academy, Sky Sports Living for Sport, Sky Academy Starting Out, Sky Ride and Sky Rainforest Rescue. The company serves more than 11 million customers in the United Kingdom with it’s pay-TV services.

Sky Helpline

Sky Internet Services

Sky Helpline

Digital terrestrial television is one of the services that Sky provides to customers in the United Kingdom that has made it a household name in the region. It provides these services through BSkyB. Video on Demand is yet another category of services that the company offers in Britain. It provides the video streaming services through Silverlight, which belongs to Microsoft. The company has a foothold in the gaming console market through Sky Go.

Moreover, the company offers several products to customers as well. These products include the Digibox, Personal Video Recorder, High Definition (HD) and 3D. Through BSkyB the telecoms giant has been broadcasting television programs in 3D since 2010. The 3D programs are mainly in two of the telecom’s television channels; namely, Sky Movies 3D as well as Sky Sports 3D. The high definition service has been in operation since the company launched it in 2006.

Contacting Sky Internet Customer Service

Sky offers three different tools through which customers can contact the customer service. First, chatting online with the company experts or representatives is one of the options worth pursuing. The other option is to dial 03332 022 135 and speak with the representatives of the company at the customer service department. The other option involves sending a message. All these options are available at the telecoms official website.

Sky Internet Contact Tips

Sky Talk customers who call the company through 03332 022 135 pay nothing. However, callers who are not subscribed to the Sky Talk service but want to call the 03 numbers have to be ready to pay the same amount that is payable when placing calls to 01 and 02 numbers, only if they have calls package. Without calls package, callers will have to pay the appropriate charges after checking up with the service provider.

TalkTalk Helpline

talk-talk support

TalkTalk is a public limited company in the United Kingdom that provides telecom as well as mobile network, pay television and Internet access services. It is one of the giants in the telecom industry raking in more than £1.795 million in revenues annually.

Originally when it was founded in 2003, the company only served customers with services in fixed line telephony. It has now undergone complete transformation to provide wide-ranging services in fixed line and mobile telephony as well as broadband to businesses and consumers.

The company now ranks second behind Virgin Media in the ULK where the provision of quadruple play services is concerned. What this means is that customers who subscribe to the company’s services will receive broadband, TV, fixed landline and mobile phones.

TalkTalk Helpline

TalkTalk Services

TalkTalk Helpline

TalkTalk provides different types of telecom services to consumers and businesses in the UK. First, it has always been a provider of excellent fixed line telephone services in the UK. Now it has introduced mobile phone and broadband Internet services.

Television has also become one of the main services for which the company is renowned within Great Britain. It is one of the seven partners that were involved in the creation of YouView, which is a television venture.

The company launched the mobile telephony services in 2010 for operating a mobile virtual network through the Vodafone UK network. The company now runs dongle, which is a mobile broadband available to it’s customers, that gives users access to the Internet while on the go.

The company is renowned for the many incredible offers that it extends to existing customers. For this reason, it is a good idea to visit the official website and identify the exact offers that the company runs at any given moment.

Contacting TalkTalk Customer Service

If you want to place an order for any of the services and products that the company sells, do not forget to dial 0800 049 7864. The company handles all general enquiries that existing and prospective customers make by calling +44 (0)20 3417 1000.

TalkTalk Contact Tips

The sales hotline number to use in contacting the company is 0800 049 1402. It is advisable to call this number only from 8am-10pm, 8am-9pm and 9am-8pm between Monday-Thursday, Friday and Saturday-Sunday.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to send normal mail in case of an issue that does not require urgent attention and for which you need the response in writing. Emails are also great avenues for communicating with TalkTalk.

Virgin Media Internet Helpline

virgin-media support

Virgin Media Internet is a division within the Virgin Media Group. Through this division, customers are guaranteed the fastest broadband services in the market today. Currently, the division serves customers in the UK market alone.

The company allows customers to go online and browse the Internet whether they have or do not have a phone line. Customers have the option of choosing between broadband and broadband with phone. The cheapest and costliest broadband plans go for £4.99 and £17.99 respectively.

Virgin Media Internet Helpline

Virgin Media Internet Services

Virgin Media Internet Helpline

The superfast fiber services that the company provides start from £4.99. The superfast broadband has speeds of up to 50Mbps. Virgin Media Internet has a new product that it calls VIVID, which is the next generation of optical fiber with speeds of up to 200Mbps.

With VIVID, users are assured of an easy time streaming movies, videos and music simultaneously and on multiple devices. The new service enables users to enjoy unlimited downloads.

The broadband services are just but a part of an entire package that includes television, mobile plans and fixed landline. Furthermore, customers can buy a router from this division of Virgin Media and use it connect seamlessly to services such as VIVID, SuperFibre 50 and Fibre.

The company is able to provide superfast fiber services primarily because of the investments that it has made in cables. The company uses DOCSIS 3 tech cables to provide incredibly fast broadband services.

Contacting Virgin Media Internet Customer Service

The company has emerged one of the best in the category of broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom. However, in case an existing customer has any issue to report to the company, the number to dial is 0800 064 3839.

Virgin Media Internet Contact Tips

If you have an issue that you need a representative of the company to address regarding broadband services, call 0345 454 1111 from any number. On the other hand, call 151 if you have a Virgin Media telephone or mobile phone.

The lines remain open from 8am to midnight every day of the week, including weekends. It is important to ask your service provider regarding the costs of calls you make using other different networks considering that they are not similar but vary significantly.

Do not hesitate to ask the community for assistance. Simply sign in to the official website and look for the Virgin Media community. Then again, chat with a company representative right on the website and obtain assistance immediately. A representative is always available.

Sky Internet Helpline

sky customer care

Sky Internet refers to a division of the Sky plc that provides broadband services to customers in the United Kingdom. The parent company found this broadband division or subsidiary in 2006 to provide British customers with Internet services.

The company mainly serves Sky customers with the broadband services. Ofcom recently compared the services that this company offers with competitors such as EE, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT and Plusnet only to discover that Sky broadband has the fewest complaints.

Sky Internet Helpline

Sky Internet Services

Sky Internet Helpline

Sky Internet has several broadband services for customers to choose, pay for and use in the United Kingdom. Some of the packages are for areas where Sky network is available. Other services cater for areas where the network is not available.

Some of the packages that customers in the UK can choose include Sky Wi-Fi, Sky fibre, Sky Fibre Unlimited as well as Unlimited Pro. However, the available of these packages anywhere in Great Britain is subject to survey and location.

Broadband Unlimited is one of the most popular services that the company sells. Under this plan, customers are able to download all the movies, photos and music that they like after only paying a monthly fee of £10.

The company guarantees 30-day customer satisfaction with broadband and talk. The guarantee applies the moment a customer activates any of his package. However, the guarantee is only for the refund where subscription fees are concerned.

Contacting Sky Internet Customer Service

Sky Internet has followed up on the habits of the parent company, Sky plc, by providing excellent customer service. Anybody who wants to sample the excellent quality and work of the customer service should contact the company via 0871 434 3185.

Sky Internet Contact Tips

To contact Sky Internet about any broadband service that has a problem or you wish to order, simply call 0800 151 2876. Call the company on 03442 411 653when experiencing problems with your broadband package.

Calls that you make to the contact centers are free if you are a Sky Talk customer. On the other hand, non-Sky Talk customers have to pay the appropriate call charges when calling the company using any of it’s 03 numbers, which attract similar charges to 01 and 02 numbers.

Customers who wish to contact the company regarding joining or upgrading broadband package should call 0871 434 3185 or visit their official website for more ways on contacting them. Customers who do not have call packages should check with the tariff guides of their service providers and be ready to pay the applicable call charges.

AOL Helpline

aol customer service

AOL is an American multinational corporation that provides mass media services. It is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. Some of the industries in which the company operates include media, web search engine, computer software and technology.

The company is also responsible for developing, growing and investing in brands as well as websites in which it wants to invest. The services that it provides cater for all aspects of digitally distributing content, services and products to consumers and publishers as well as advertisers.

The subsidiaries that the company owns include The Huffington Post, MapQuest and CompuServe among others. The company provides customers with access to some of the best musicians, artists and journalists around the world.

AOL Helpline

AOL Services

AOL Helpline

AOL provides wide-ranging services that include content, local, advertising, ventures and membership. To create the relevant content that readers love all over the world, the company has employed more than 20,000 bloggers that include policy experts, politicians and celebrities.

The company has several advertising tools that customers can take advantage of to advertise their services as well as products. The services that the company provides regarding local content include business listings, user-generated content and professional editorial content.

Under membership, customers are able to find subscription packages, mobile services and communication tools as well as other wide-ranging integrated products. It has created AOL Desktop, which is a suite for integrating instant messenger, media player and web browser.

Contacting AOL Customer Service

All the English-speaking clients can contact the customer service through +1 800-827-6364. As for the Spanish-speaking clients, AOL customer service is reachable through 1-866-885-5117. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service through unparalleled support.

AOL Contact Tips

The Help section on the official AOL website is where customers and non-customers can find all the assistance they need regarding company products and services. If interested in signing up, account support, password reset and technical support, call 1 800 827 6364.

The deaf and those with hearing difficulties have a way of getting in touch with the company regarding any issue by calling the TTY service number, which is 1 800 759 3323. The TTY service is only for those who have the appropriate TTY-enabled equipment.

The customer service representative is only available from 8am to 1am ET between Monday and Friday as well as 8am-10pm ET on Saturday. Paid customers can get in touch with the customer service or care to receive technical support around the clock since the service runs 24/7. Check out their official website for more ways on how to contact them.

British Telecom Helpline

British Telecom customer service

British Telecom or BT is a telecom company that serves customers in the United Kingdom. It is one of the leading communications service providers in the world. It operates in more than 170 countries spread all over the world.

BT provides television, broadband, fixed and mobile phone services. Moreover, the provision of networked IT services is an area where the company has excelled in lately. It is the oldest communications service provider in the world.

BT mainly operates in the UK as well as Ireland. In the last two years (2014-2015) it has served more than 6,500 corporate as well as public sector workers. Globally, it has employed more than 18,000 workers.

British Telecom Helpline

British Telecom Services

British Telecom Helpline

The company has broken down it’s group business into several categories through which it serves customers around the world. The categories include BT Global Services, BT Business, BT Consumer, BT Wholesale and Openreach.

The company is a global leader in the provision of solutions and services in the communication industry. One of the most popular products of British Telecom is BT Sport, which has exclusive rights to show English Premier League and UEFA Champions League among others.

Broadband, television, mobile and fixed line telephony are other types of services that the company provides around the world. Under broadband, packages that customers can choose are Broadband Unlimited, Broadband Premium, BT Infinity and Infinity Unlimited among others.

The company allows customers to switch from their current broadband and line to BT. What is more, customers can do the switch without having to contact their old supplier for a MAC code. It contacts the old suppliers on behalf of customers who want to make the switch.

Contacting British Telecom Customer Service

The number to call to speak with the customer service representative or office is +44 1793 596931. However, customers who are interested only in making general enquiries to British Telecom should call 020 7356 5000 but only from the UK.

British Telecom Contact Tips

A customer who has a BT landline should call the company through 150. On the other hand, the number to call for people with non-BT landlines or mobile phones is 0800 800 150. People with business questions who want to call British Telecom with a BT phone 152 is the number.

Business questions to the company can be made by calling BT on 0800 800 152 from a non-BT landline or mobile phone. To send a text message to the company, do not forget to prefix the number with 18001. For more information please visit their official website.

Sky Complaints Telephone Number

sky customer care

sky customer care

Sky is a United Kingdom telecom giant. It is now one of the leading investors in television content with investments worth £4.6 billion. In addition to this, the brand is the leading marketer in the United Kingdom. In the category of Television Ad Sales Houses, the brand is the third largest in the country.

Currently, the brand boasts of a subscriber base of more than 20 million. It serves customers in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria. More than 40 percent of all homes in the United Kingdom use at least one of the products and services that the brand sells. The company has emerged the fastest growing brand in providing services such as broadband and home telephony.

Sky Complaints Telephone Number

Sky Services

Sky Complaints Telephone Number

The brand provides triple play services, which are home telephony, broadband and TV. It is more renowned in the digital TV circles. The brand provides the number 1 ranked connected TV platform in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, customers are able to access HBO only through the services that this brand provides.

The brand has invested heavily in original comedy and drama in the United Kingdom. Recently, the company launched AdSmart, which is the first fully integrated as well as targeted TV advertising service in the world. The brand also sponsors a team of professional road cyclists that has won the Tour de France in two out of the last 4 years.

Contacting Sky Customer Service

Sky Customer service is easy to access regarding any issue that you have with any of its products and services. You can inform customer service your problem by phone. For example, where your complaints have to do with TV products or services, the customer service number to call and obtain assistance is 03442 411 653.

If you are unhappy with the quality of broadband services from the telecom giant, then use the customer service number to let them know about your complaints. The same customer service number will come in handy when you wish to inform the company about your displeasure with its Sky Talk package.

Sky Contact Tips

Sky Talk customers or subscribers will enjoy free calls upon calling the contact centers about the quality of products and services through the 03 numbers. However, customers who use other service providers will pay the same call rates when calling the 03 numbers as they would with calls made to the 01 and 02 numbers. This only applies if these customers have calls packages.

TalkTalk Customer Service Number

talk-talk support

The history of TalkTalk in the United Kingdom is interesting. The company began operating as a member of The Carphone Warehouse Group Plc. In around 10 years, the company has grown into one of the leading providers of telecom services in the UK. The first big step the company took to entrench itself in the UK was introducing free calls between its customers in 2004.

The brand is the pioneer of free broadband, having introduced these services in 2006. In 2007, the brand went ahead to purchase the broadband business that AOL was operating in the United Kingdom, which helped to increase its customer base significantly. The company has a foothold in the entertainment industry by sponsoring the X-Factor, which it began doing in 2009.

TalkTalk Customer Service Number

TalkTalk Services

TalkTalk Customer Service Number

The company specializes in providing four main types of services to UK customers in the telecom industry – voice telephony, fixed line, broadband and TV, which are commonly known as quad play services. It has extended these services to customers all over the United Kingdom for years. It provides customers with value for money.

The brand introduced TalkTalk Business in 2011 after rebranding the Opal Business that it acquired and operated much earlier. Today, the company has installed its own equipment in over 3,000 of all the local telephone exchanges that are in the United Kingdom. Consequently, this has made it possible for the company to serve the needs of more than 96% of all households.

Contacting TalkTalk Customer Service

The TalkTalk customer service is able to handle all the questions that you direct its way on any of the products and services that it sells in the United Kingdom. For this reason, you should not be afraid to chat with customer service online by visiting the official website, which is, and checking under the Contact Us section.

If you prefer phone calls, the best customer service number to call when in need of help on issues such as getting information regarding the numerous products and services that the brand sells is 0800 049 1424. Customer service has never failed to respond to concerns that customers send by writing letters and submitting through regular mail as well.

TalkTalk Contact Tips

Before placing the calls to the TalkTalk contact numbers, ascertain that your account details are in order and ready in case a customer service agent asks for them. By providing the account details, you make it much easier for your issues to receive the attention of the relevant office. Call only after checking the call costs with your service provider.