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Very Customer Service Contact Number

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Very  Contact Number Tips

Very Contact Numbers UK Helpline
 Customer Care Number 0344 822 2321
Financial issues 0800 092 9042
Credit Card Related 0333 000 0064
Warranty 0800 092 9051
Find out theft team 0800 015 1290
Shopping Insurance 0800 092 1920
Life claim queries 0800 111 4121

very-logo helpline

Very Overview

The most important thing for online commerce and business services is to have a fully functional customer service. was founded in 2009 and they have vowed to provide their customers with every issue. Very Customer Service is present to help customers with the problems from placing any order to solve any general query as well. It is very important that online service providers have a customer service department so any issue can be solved at the earliest. When it is an online shopping website they aim to encourage their customers to make interactions with their service agents. This allows them to stay close to their customers and build a trustworthy relationship which helps them to expand their business and maintain their reputation in the market. There are times when you feel better writing about your problems and waiting for the proper reply. But when you need solution instantly Very Customer Service is available to help with your issues and provide the most suitable solution.

The team is trained to take any genuine issue and provide you with the solution that meets your satisfaction. You might not intend to wait for long hours to get your query resolved and in that case, you can call the Very Customer Service over the phone and get answers to your problems. Their response is prompt and will provide you with the ideal solution to your problem. You can find every bit of information about the products on Very website which is UK’s most visited websites. It has over one million customers and to keep the number increasing they always work towards making their services customer-friendly.

Very Customer Service

You have your ‘My Account’ and in case you face any difficulty with your order, you can make the necessary changes online. It is not always very helpful to get solutions firsthand without referring it to the experts and for this reason Very Customer Service is deployed to help you in such situations. The team is there to assist you with all problems that arise from your order or in relation to it or any query. You can contact them on 03448222321 from your phone and ask your query online to the customer agent. This way you can get the quickest response to your issue and get assistance to solve your problem. The team is always ready to attend to your calls and provide you a solution to your most difficult or easy issues.

very customer service

Customer Service Timing

In order to allow hassle free calling services, there is a time frame when customers can call the representatives for support. They are available for 16 hours in a day and 7 days a week which is equivalent to almost the entire day. You can call them from 7 AM to 11 PM from your phone and put your query to seek solutions to your issues. The Very Customer Service representatives are ready to attend to your calls directly to provide you support. You don’t have to worry about any problem and in case you happen to face any you can just call them up. The phone numbers that you have to use to call the customer service are 0843 9020723 and 03448222321 from your phone to reach to the Very Support.

There are different phone numbers to dial from your phone as per your query. The phone numbers are divided so you can reach the expert without any delay and get the right most precise solutions. Before making a call make sure that you have the correct phone number according to your issue. This will allow you to wait for a shorter period and get a solution at a faster rate. You have to make the phone call within the UK only and the minimal call charges will be applicable.

The online shopping company has divided the customer service as per your potential issues that you might face or any general query as well. The different ways to get in touch with the company is listed below and accordingly you can call them or use the particular mode of contacting the customer service.

very helpline

Very Contact Number

The Very Contact Phone Number is provided and as per your issue, you can reach the customer support. They will advise you on the issue or any query and give your information that you need regarding anything on the general issue.

Very Helpline for Placing Order on Call

You are having difficulties in placing an order online and don’t know what to do now. You don’t have to worry because Very has taken care of that issue and to allow you the ease of ordering online. They have a devoted Very Helpline just for that purpose. In case you want to make an order over the phone, you can call them on 0871 872 7167 and make an order.

Very Customer Service to Know Status of Your Order

If there is any issue regarding an order that you made and which has passed its delivery date but not been delivered then you can call on a different designated phone number. You can call them on 08001413408 to get the update for that order. There can be some delay that might be unforeseen and causing and obstacle in delivering your order. Just call them and you can know the status of your order by making a simple phone call.

Very Customer Service for Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the solutions that are provided to you then you have an option of making a complaint. Although. Very aims to provide services to its millions of customers that they require to satisfy themselves but even if you feel that something is still wrong then you can use the phone number. You can call the Very Customer Service on 03448222321 and you can get in touch with the customer representative. You can tell the issue that you are facing or which has not been properly resolved. Other than the phone call you can also email them or if you wish you can also write to them.

Very Customer Service for Very Credit Card

In case you have a query regarding the Very Credit Card then you can also reach them by calling the following phone number. You can call them on 03330000064 and ask you query related to this issue.


very helpline

Very Customer Service for Payment

When you face any difficulty with making the payment or have any queries related to this issue then also you can contact the customer service. You can call them on 03448222321 and find solutions from the agents. You need to remember that you are providing the correct details in order to make sure that the payment is done properly. If you fail to fill in the correct details then the payment won’t be made. In case you face any further details in this respect you are free to contact the customer service.

Very Customer Service for Credit Limit Increase

If you’re thinking to make an application and request to increase your credit limit then all you have to do is make a call. Just dial 03448222321 from your phone and talk to the customer agent regarding this issue. You will have to provide your Very Account details and accordingly the customer agent will consider for the particular service.

Write to Very Customer Support

Now, if you don’t want to follow any of the above-listed ways to get in touch with the Very SUPPORT representatives then you have the choice of mail service them on their address. The mail address is mentioned so you can post your query to the Very office.

Very, Customer Excellence
Sandringham Avenue, Chelmsford
CM92 1LH

The above is the Very Contact Phone Number you can call from you phone for particular inquiries. You can dial the numbers anytime between 7 AM to 11 PM for Very Support and Very Helpline. You can reach them and they’ll make sure that you get your queries resolved and are satisfied with the Very Customer Service. You can either call or mail or post online to get in touch with them.

Very Customer Service through Email

You can even use the email services to get in touch with the customer service team to get your problems solved. The query can be submitted to the email address The customer service representatives will get in touch not more than 3 days time. It is better to use the calling services when you require immediate assistance and you can also reach them through your login account. You can create your account to avail their services and support.

Very Customer Support on Social Media

If you wish to contact the Very Customer Service then you can also use the social media platforms to post your query or any genuine query.

In case you desire the check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) then you can also get on the website at If you directly want to open the FAQs then click on the link that is provided below.

FAQs Link:


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Currys Helpline

Currys customer service

Currys is a British company that provides electrical retail services in United Kingdom as well as Ireland. The company is a subsidiary of Dixons Carphone. It is a specialist in retailing household appliances as well as home electronics. The company currently runs 295 superstores in addition to 73 high street stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Henry Curry founded the electrical retailer in 1884. For a long time, the electrical retailer operated as a family business. This continued until Dixons took over the management of the stores in 1984. Despite the takeover, the electrical retailer continued operating independently without undergoing a change of name.

Currys Helpline

Currys Services

Currys Helpline

Operating as an electrical retailer in UK, the stores contain some of the best appliances in the country. Moreover, the retailer delivers items that customers order free. The free delivery services are for all orders without discrimination. It delivers small and large items. For small items, delivery is within 5 working days. The retailer delivers large items next day.

Customers who need Same Day delivery services from Currys have to pay £3.95. The free delivery services are for all customers whose addresses are in mainland United Kingdom. The delivery services are also for some of the islands. The delivery coverage differs depending on the size of the items in question and other factors.

Contacting Currys Customer Service

You can contact the company and speak to the sales team or the customer service office. You can also contact the electrical retailer regarding care plans. For the customer service and care plans, it is important to call 0344 561 1234. On the other hand, call 0344 561 0000 to speak to any member of the sales team.

At times, some customers experience problems with the electrical products that they buy from the retailer. In case of problems with operating the electrical products, customers should not panic but dial 0344 561 1234, which is the number for the Knowhow Team. Contacting the company by writing letters is also highly advised.

Currys Contact Tips

The telephone numbers for the sales team operate every day of the week, including weekends. From Monday to Friday, the numbers operate between 8am and 8pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the numbers are on from 9am to 6pm and 10am to 5pm respectively. On the other hand, numbers for customer service and care plans operate from 8am-8pm on Monday to Friday.

The customer service as well as care plans numbers operate on Saturday and Sunday between 8am-6pm and 9am-6pm respectively. The company operates technical support round the clock from Monday to Sunday. However, the opening hours change during the Christmas season as well as over banking holidays.

Asda Helpline

Asda customer service

J. W. Hindell founded Asda on February 19, 1949 in the United Kingdom. The supermarket retailer operates from the headquarters in Leeds, UK. The supermarket retailer is a subsidiary of Walmart in the US. The other subsidiaries that the supermarket retailer owns include Asda Stores Ltd and Asda Financial Services Limited.

Although the supermarket chain operates in the United Kingdom, it is a fully owned American company. Market-share based rankings indicate that the company is the second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Within the company stores, customers will find toys, food, clothing, general merchandize and financial services to mention a few.

Asda Helpline

Asda Services

Asda Helpline

The supermarket retailer now owns more than 525 stores in the United Kingdom where customers can find and buy any item that they need. Some of the items customers can find at the stores include festive foods, wooden toys, champagne as well as winter coats. During the special seasons such as Christmas, the retailer offers several deals and discounted rates.

Latest entertainment is readily available at the supermarket stores. Lately, the company has begun providing a money service. Under this category of services, customers can purchase credit cards and obtain assistance with their travel arrangements. Home insurance, life insurance and motoring are all part of the services that customers receive under this category.

Contacting Asda Customer Service

Customer service is for all customers who need assistance with payment options as well as delivery information. It is also for customers who need information regarding the location of the nearest Asda stores. The customer service is for anybody who needs help with specific products or line of business that the supermarket retailer operates.

The company has several departments and divisions. This means that it has wide-ranging telephone numbers through which to contact and speak with a company representative. It is important to identify the department that you wish to speak to before placing the call. However, if you need details regarding the location of the stores, dial 0800 952 0101.

Asda Contact Tips

When calling Asda from any BT landline, customers pay nothing, as the calls are free. The call charges from other mobile networks or telephone service providers may vary. On the other hand, if you are interested in speaking with a representative at the Contact Center, remember to call between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5.30pm on Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

Do not forget to check the FAQs section on the official company website to find more assistance with the questions or problems that you have.

ASDA Direct UK

Asda customer service

Asda Direct UK is a British-based supermarket retailer that was founded on February 19, 1949. The retailer has headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Thus far, the retailer has opened stores in more than 620 locations around the United Kingdom. Although the retailer operates in the United Kingdom, it is in the hands of American owners after acquisition by Walmart.

The American retail giant acquired Asda in a deal worth more than £6.7 billion in July 1999. The acquisition by Walmart enabled the retailer to operate the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Although the organization mainly runs a supermarket retail business, it has diversified into others.

ASDA Direct UK

ASDA Direct UK Services

ASDA Direct UK

Running a supermarket retail business is the main function of the organization. Today, the company has delved into other industries that include financial services. It is also one of the mobile phone companies in the United Kingdom. The company enables customers to do as much online shopping as they desire from a wide selection of products.

The second largest retailer in the UK has come up with plans to expand specific operations that it undertakes to increase its foothold in the market. It plans to acquire a pod technology concept that will provide the foundation for a successful click and collect operations. The retailer endeavors to refine the online offers that it provides to customers.

Contacting ASDA Direct UK Customer Service

Get in touch with customer service at Asda Direct UK to ask for clarifications regarding delivery options. The customer service is accessible through emails and phone calls. Getting in touch with customer service through email entails going to the Contact Us section on the official website and filling the online form with the relevant details before submitting it.

If you prefer talking with a customer service representative in real time, the phone approach would be the best one to use. In this regard, the phone number that you need to call and obtain proper assistance regarding your order or delivery options is 0800 952 3003. Call this number for help with amending orders, online accounts, Asda Flowers Online and other pressing matters.

ASDA Direct UK Contact Tips

The telephone number for customer service at Asda Direct UK operates during specific hours from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, although you can get help any day of the week, it is advisable to place the call between 8am and 8pm when customer service representatives are in the office to receive calls and respond to your concerns.


Argos Helpline

Argos customer service

Argos is a subsidiary of Home Retail Group. As a catalogue retailer, the company operates in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. It is more than 40 years old having been founded by Richard Tompkins on November 13, 1972. Thus far, the organization is the leading digital retailer in the United Kingdom because of the more than 33,000 products that it offers.

The organization is also the largest online high street retailer in the UK boasting of more than 430 million visits to it’s website every year. Each year, the retailer caters for the needs of more than 130 million customers in the country. The retailer serves customers through a network that consists of around 740 stores. It is a large employer in UK with more than 31,000 workers.

Argos Helpline

Argos Services

Argos Helpline

The online retailer allows customers to purchase different items. Customers interested in buying technology stuff can do so from this online retailer. Customers in need of home and garden supplies or tools can get them from this online retailer. Similarly, the retailer stocks wide-ranging baby and nursery tools as well as toys in addition to sports and leisure products.

Other items that customers will find from the online retailer include clothing supplies as well as jewelry and watches. Customers who need gifts for their loved ones or friends should order these directly from the online retailer and track the progress of the delivery from source to the preferred destination.

Contacting Argos Customer Service

You can reach customer service through several methods. First, you can contact an advisor at the customer service of Argos through live chats. The company has several numbers through which to get in touch with the customer service and these are 0345 640 2020 as well as 0345 640 3030 for home delivery enquiries and store enquiries respectively.

Customer service is also reachable through emails. If you prefer sending a letter, the online retailer will have no problem receiving your concern or complaint and responding to it accordingly. However, writing letters should only be for official correspondences as well as issues that do not require urgent attention.

Argos Contact Tips

If you want to contact the online retailer over any pressing issue with your order, remember to do so between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday. If you want to contact Argos on Sunday, the best time to do that is between 10am and 6pm. These times are the only hours during which to access the telephone services that the company operates.

Argos Contact Telephones

Argos customer service

Argos is a catalogue retailer that operates in the United Kingdom. The company is a subsidiary of Home Retail Group. The retailer has opened hundreds of stores in the United Kingdom. It operates an ecommerce website that receives hundreds of millions in visits each year. The company is now one of the largest online high street retailers in the UK.

The company has established its branches or stores strategically. This has enabled the retailer to have a store within 10 miles of the 96 percent of the population in the United Kingdom. Today, the retailer boasts of a workforce of close to 1,000 workers. The retailer specialized in stocking and selling consumer goods to customers in the United Kingdom.

Argos Contact Telephones

Argos Services

Argos Contact Telephones

The retailer publishes catalogues twice each year. In January, it publishes a catalogue for customers interested in the spring and winter collection. In July, the retailer publishes a catalogue meant for customers interested in the autumn and winter collection. The retailer once opened several stores outside the United Kingdom only to close the ones in India.

The retailer is the registered owner of several brands that include Pro Fitness, Elevation, Aquarius, Cookworks and Visiq among others. The retailer has a website that is purely for price comparison of financial services. It operates the ArgosTV, which runs on Sky Channel 642 as well as over the Internet.

Contacting Argos Customer Service

Customer service at Argos is accessible to any person who has questions and problems that need answers or clarifications. Customers can contact the retailer for assistance through the phone. The other avenue that customers can use to ask the retailer for answers and clarifications on pressing issues is regular mail. Live chat is also available on the official website.

The customer service number to call and forward home delivery enquiries is 0345 640 2020. The customer service is also accessible by phone to people who desire to make store enquiries. You can forward the store-related enquiries to the retailer by calling 0345 640 3030. The address to send the regular mail to is available under the Contact Us section of the official website.

Argos Contact Tips

The customer service numbers that you can use to get in touch with Argos operate only during specific times. For example, between Monday and Saturday, customers can only receive assistance when they make their calls from 8am to 8pm. The customer service numbers operate on Sundays as well, but only between 10am and 6pm while live chat is on round the clock.

Currys Contact Number

Currys customer service

Currys Contact Number – Overview
We can’t deny the fact that the world we are living today greatly depends on technologies. Technologies play an important role in our everyday living. Whatever you intend to do, it is apparent that there is the involvement of technologies. Due to this need, there are companies that see to it that people have the opportunity of getting these technologies for especially for their household. One of the leading and trusted service providers is Currys. Currys contact number will help you to solve your needs through the products and services they offer to the consumers.

All about Currys Contact Number
There is a wide array of technological products that provided by Currys contact number to the consumers. Different kitchen appliances can be purchased and obtained in their online store. Therefore, if you are looking for kitchen appliance, it is better for you to visit their website then. There are small appliances like floorcare, microwaves, iron, fans and heaters that can be obtained from them. There are TV appliances as well as for entertainment. Different kinds of cameras can be found and bought from them too. If you are looking for audio system and appliances, it is ideal to visit their store because there is a wide array of options for you. Various models of computers are available for consumers at the same time. More so, there are computer accessories that can be purchased. When it comes to different models and brands of mobile phones, it is beneficial to look for the right one from their store.

Reaching Currys Contact Number
Getting in touch with Currys contact number can be done easily. In addition, there are several options that can be adhered in order to reach them. One of these options is to visit their website at You will be able to know the products and services offered by the company for the consumers through their website. In case of using the telephone landline, you may call 0344 561 0000. You will be directed to a sales representative of the team. The line is available from 8am to 8pm Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm Saturdays and 10am to 5pm Sundays. You may also send a post to them at Currys, PO Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA.

Currys Contact Number – Customer Care
If you need the customer assistance of Currys contact number, you may dial 0344 561 1234. Customer service and care plan support of Currys can be reached from 8am to 8pm Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 6pm Saturdays and 9am to 6pm Sundays. You will be directed to a customer support representative once you contact them. Charges for calls may vary depending on the mobile service provider you are using.

Currys Contact Number

ARGOS Contact Number

Argos customer service

ARGOS Contact Number – Overview
Shopping is one of the exciting things to be done. It existed long time ago and still existing at these present times. Regardless of the status in life, it is apparent that shopping is natural among human beings. People love to shop because primarily it helps to reduce stress aside from the fact that they are able to obtain the essential and fundamental things needed. With the advent of technology today due to rapid growth of innovations, there are service providers that maximize its relevance. One way of doing this is by means of building online platforms in order for the consumers to shop easily. ARGOS contact number is one of the leading and trusted online retailers in UK today.

All about ARGOS Contact Number
ARGOS contact number is one of the leading digital stores in the web nowadays. There are over 33,000 products offered among consumers. It is apparent that the mobile channels and stores of Argos are rapidly growing. Furthermore, it continues to be the largest high street retailer online in UK due to more than 430 website visits every year. There are almost 130 million customers that are being rendered services by Argos in a year. Aside from that, it has more than 740 store networks. Argos gives importance to the environment by recycling the materials used to deal with the business. For instance, the bags that they are using for the stuffs being purchased by the consumers are recycled. The company aims in making the life of the people easier and more convenient along with a safer environment to live with.

Reaching ARGOS Contact Number
In order to keep in touch with Argos contact number, it is ideal for you to visit their website at Apparently, you will be able to find for more details about the company of Argos in their website. Apart from that, you have the chance of finding for the contact information together with the products and services being offered for the consumers. On the other hand, you may press 0845 640 3030 in order to contact them. There is a minicom service number as well that you can use through text phone – 0845 640 0755. More so, there is a CD version of the services they offered and if you want to obtain one, you may call 01435 862 737.

ARGOS Contact Number – Customer Assistance
In case of needing help in shopping with Argos contact number, you may call 0845 640 3030. They will do anything so as to make consumer’s shopping easier. Consumers with disabilities may call this number as well for they will be given assistance in shopping. For website and order enquiries, you may call 0345 640 2020. They are available round the clock.

ARGOS Contact Number

Asda Contact Number

Asda customer service

Asda Contact Number – Overview
Household and other basic needs can now be purchased in the web. The main reason for this is people that, people want to maximize their resources such the technologies that surround them today. Besides, by adhering to this option, they will not find the task of accumulating their basic needs daunting. For instance, if consumers have plans of buying for groceries but too tired to go out due to the demand of work in the office, there is no issue about this anymore because groceries can now be acquired and bought online. There are service providers that go online in order to serve consumers better. One of them is Asda contact number.

All about Asda Contact Number
Nowadays, there are over 500 stores of Asda contact number in UK. There are huge stores at the same time small ones but perfectly structured and organized. There are more than 40,000 products that are being sold by Asda in their stores. Therefore, you have a wide array of grocery options. The online store of Asda gives consumers the privilege to shop for groceries, entertainment, baby stuffs, gifts, photo and cards, flowers, travel items, health and beauty products, tyres, and wines. With this wide range of choices available for you, it is apparent that you need not to worry about going to typical stores then. All you need to do is to face your computer and shop for anything you want to purchase for your household. Besides, there is an assurance that the products being offered are low cost and primarily suits the budget of the consumers.

Keeping in Touch with Asda Contact Number
In reaching Asda contact number, you may visit their official website at The website provides all the information regarding the products and services they render to the consumers. In addition, you will be able to know them further through the menu ‘About Us’. You will get additional information about them. In case of using telephone landline so as to reach Asda direct contact, you may press 0843 557 3638.

Asda Contact Number – Customer Assistance
When calling the customer support of Asda contact number, you may dial 0871 434 4930. Calls from BT landline is 5p per minute. Calls from other mobile service providers may cost higher. On the other hand, if you have complaints for Asda store, you may press 0843 504 1261. In case of having complaints for Asda direct, call 0843 507 7971. 0843 numbers cost 5p per minute from BT landline. You may call anytime for they are available round the clock. You may also send them a post at ASDA Customer Services, ASDA House, Southbank, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD.

Asda Contact Number