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CHILD TAX CREDIT Contact Number – Overview
In United Kingdom you can actually get a Child Tax Credit if you are a family with children under 16 or if they are under 20 and in approved training or education and if your family income threshold is below £42,000, this will be on top of child benefit that you get. Each child that qualifies for a Child Tax Credit will get money, how much you will get will also depend on your income and circumstances. One household per eligible child is observed. The minimum amount that you can get from Child Tax Credit contact number is £545 a year; more usually know as ‘family element’, you can still get extra elements on top of this.

All about CHILD TAX CREDIT Contact Number
Like all other benefits, the Child Tax credit is paid to your accounts, like your bank account. You are paid by CHILD TAX CREDIT contact number every 4 weeks or every week from the date of claim to the end of a tax year which is April 5, this is unless there will be changes in your circumstances. There will be no limit set for your income because the rates are dependent on your circumstances. You can get as much as £26,000 for a one child family, however you can still get higher rates if you pay for approved childcare or if one is disabled. Sometimes your tax credits could also go high or down depending on the changes in your work or life, if for example your child leaves your home, necessary changes should be reported to the Tax Credit Office. Eligibility for a Child Tax Credit usually depend on the child’s age or if you are responsible for the child, which means that they live with you all the time, you are the main carer, they have their toys and clothes in your home, you provide them money for food and allowances, they live in an EEA country or Switzerland but are financially dependent on you. However if there are two individuals that are responsible for a child, you can both apply and the Tax Credit will be deciding on your behalf.

Getting in Touch with CHILD TAX CREDIT Contact Number
For more information about CHILD TAX CREDIT contact number, it is ideal to visit their website at to get more specific details about Child Tax Credit. The website also offers you with helpful links, such as tax credit calculators which can help you in computing on how much you may get for a Child Tax Credit, you can also answer a series of questionnaire which can tell you if you are eligible and if you are responsible for a child.

CHILD TAX CREDIT Contact Number – Customer Care
You may call the Tax Credit office and ask about Child Tax Credit, you can contact them at 0345 300 3900, a textphone is also available at 0345 300 3909, and if you’re calling from outside the UK you may dial +44 2890 538 192. You may contact those numbers if you have any complaints, suggestions or if your circumstances have changed. They are open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 4pm on Saturday’s. They are closed on Sunday’s and major holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Child Tax Credit Helpline

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    Child Tax credit helpline people are really good. They helped me lots to give me proper information.

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