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0870 046 9507

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ESA Tax Credit refers to a program run by the United Kingdom government that stands for Employment and Support Allowance. The credit has been in operation since it’s founding on October 27, 2008. The benefit is applicable only to adults in the UK. The benefit is for people aged 16 years and above with a limited capability for work and residing in the United Kingdom.

The program is for UK residents in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The tax credit is in two categories; namely, income-related ESA and contributory ESA. The former is means tested while the latter is non-means tested. The former is not taxable but the latter is taxable.

ESA Tax Credit Helpline

ESA Tax Credit Services

ESA Tax Credit HelplineESA Tax Credit is for people who are unable to work yet are aged 16 years and above. To qualify for this benefit, the applicant must not be under any form of gainful employment. However, the government allows people who are able to do some work to be eligible for the benefit upon satisfying other appropriate requirements.

People diagnosed with terminal illnesses do not have to undergo any form of assessment to determine their eligibility or ineligibility for the benefit. Such individuals receive automatic induction into the benefit. All applicants must show that they are not eligible for Statutory Sick Pay to qualify for ESA.

Contacting ESA Tax Credit Customer Service

If you feel that the awarding or non-awarding of ESA Tax Credit is an issue that requires further evaluation, call 0800 055 6688. People with speech and hearing impairments can use the textphone service by calling or dialing 0800 023 4888. Welsh speakers can contact the relevant office via 0800 012 1888. Call these numbers for information on how to challenge ESA decision.

ESA Tax Credit Contact Tips

The contact center numbers operate from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Before placing the call to ESA Tax Credit, prepare your national insurance number, medical certificate, GP address as well as phone number, home telephone number and mobile phone numbers, details of mortgage or landlord, bank account details  and council tax bill among others.

Before calling any number, check the phone call charges that apply. Some of the numbers do not attract any charge because they are toll free. Other numbers attract different rates depending on whether the call is through a mobile phone or a landline in the UK. When making the calls from abroad, call your mobile phone or landline service provider to understand the charges first.

ESA Tax Credit Helpline
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