Firstdirect Contact Number

Firstdirect Contact Number

0870 062 6718

Contact Number is not associated in any way with any company listed on this website. Calls to 01,02 and 03 numbers - These are known as geographical numbers and are charged at local rates, however, are included in the majority of landline and mobile phone packages. Calls to 0870 numbers “calls cost ten penny per minute plus your phone networks access charge. You can get the recording file by filling out the following information in contact form:”

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Firstdirect UK Opening Times

All Days 8:00AM - 10:00PM

Firstdirect Contact Number – Overview
Valuing our transactions is as much as important as earning our money. For hardworking individuals, the safety of banking is essential as you save up for you and your family’s future. This is why Firstdirect made all effort to ensure their clients hold up to a naturally high standard of convenience and security. In relation to having the perfect service to protect your savings, they also offer world-class customer service to ensure customers that no matter what happens – they will help you through. Firstdirect contact number is provided to clients, to give not just assurance but also dedication to their built relationship.

All about Firstdirect Contact Number
Firstdirect, a subsidiary of HSBC Bank, started in 1989, before the merger in 1992. Company made different services such as account creations for banking, mortgages, credit cards, loans, investments, insurance and many more. With so many clients to serve, First Direct made an effort to a full-pledge support, in order to protect and secure the customers. And to provide convenience, the Firstdirect contact number is established. This is to provide the very same service or answer any questions for you, at the comfort of your very home. No more driving, no more lines, no more hassle.

Reaching Firstdirect Contact Number
In order to reach First Direct, you can simply grab a phone. Dial 03 456 00 2424 for new customers or 0800 24 2424. If you are calling from outside the country, feel free to dial +44 113 234 5678 and your queries will surely be answered. For existing customers who wishes to inquire about their account, wants to change anything or proceed with any transaction, dial 03 456 100 100. Different charges may apply, so to avoid additional charges, make sure you contact your phone provider. Apart from these generic numbers, you may also find First Direct Contact numbers for specific inquiries, like 03 456 100 236 for mortgage queries and 03 456 100 147 for Minicom.

Firstdirect Contact Number – Customer Assistance
In case of seeking for assistance or giving enquiries for the Firsdirect, there are several ways consumers can select from. The Firstdirect contact number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so there is really no stopping you from clearing any doubts you have in mind. Besides, at any time you want to call, you will be able to do so. By any chance you do not feel like talking to a live representative, feel free to send an email at and get email support teams to look into you issue in no time. You may also ask assistance via twitter @firstdirecthelp or send a snail mail if you want things done via post.

Firstdirect Contact Number

Firstdirect Contact Number
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7 Responses to Firstdirect Contact Number

  1. Jihan Amer says:

    There was some miscommunication between me and the people from the customer support as communication was not clear. Later they called back and fixed the problem. Really great Scott.

  2. Sid Mash says:

    Credit limit offered by them was very low. It would be better if they increase my limit. I have no issues with First Direct bank for the past 2 years in terms of service.

  3. Lorence Bandy says:

    It is a very good bank. I have a Titanium master credit card taken from them. Since from past 7 years I have been using this card for online purchases, mobile bill, Internet bill etc.

  4. Matt Harnedes says:

    First Direct bank credit card is a good card. I am holding this First Direct for a period of one year. Its a Inner circle credit card. Nothing special all the facilities are there on this card. I am not happy with the limit.

  5. Russel Jones says:

    The reason why I closed the card is because they were very high in their charges. But I like their customer service.

  6. Henry Matt says:

    I got very good facilities from First Direct bank like cash back and also the limit is high. But I love their services.

  7. Jones dean says:

    It has been two years with First direct bank account. The services are average from them. The response has not been very satisfactory.

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