Halifax Contact Number

Halifax Contact Number

0870 062 6719

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Halifax UK Opening Times

All Days 24/7

Halifax Contact Number – Overview
One of the biggest advantages in being with the biggest company is security. The idea that everyone else is with them gives you an edge of thinking that everyone is being taken care of, that’s why they chose the company. This is true. If you stick with the best, you will surely get the best. This is what Halifax contact number has in mind. Since 1853, the company has been making a huge leap in the banking industry by providing exceptional service and up to date assistance. As part of the Lloyds Banking Group by the year 2009, Halifax contact number has over millions of customers making them focus on customer service and relation, to make sure no one is left behind. They, then, prioritize giving the Halifax contact number as a solution to the trending need of their customers.

All about Halifax Contact Number
Halifax contact number offers so many products and services and with the growth of clients, their need also heightens. The Halifax contact number is a very convenient way to reach them without having to lift a foot. Meaning no more long drives to the bank, no lines to follow, no stress to all customers. Convenience is one great factor consumer’s look into. If a company can work with you without having to ask for much effort, then you are doing a good job. Halifax promised their customers an easier method in reaching them, earning them rewards and recognition when it comes to customer relations.

Reaching Halifax Contact Number
Calling Halifax contact number is very easy. In fact, there are multiple numbers available to discuss your particular query. For bank accounts, you may call 08457 20 30 40, savings account is 08457 26 38 46, for mortgages it is 08458 50 37 05, credit cards 08457 44 45 55. There are more other numbers available specifically depending on your account questions and agreement start numbers. In case you want to personally meet a banker, set up an appointment to your preferred site at 08457 20 30 40.

Halifax Contact Number – Customer Assistance
The Halifax contact numbers listed above can be reached 24/7 entitling you to ask any questions you have in mind without having to wait for the morning to come. Just in any case you feel like not speaking with a live representative, Halifax contact number may also offer other services depending on your preference. You may send your questions via Twitter @AaskHalifaxBank. You may also send a snail mail to Halifax on the PO Box address they have available online. Additionally, a SignVideo Service is also available for customers who wish to communicate through sign language. Therefore, you may choose from various options just to obtain customer support from Halifax.

Halifax Contact Number

Halifax Contact Number
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5 Responses to Halifax Contact Number

  1. Riad says:

    Halifax has to be one of the most opportunistic and unprofessional Global bank ever dealt with. Poor customer service.

  2. Jessica Gomez says:

    I love their banking service. I have not had trouble with accessing money. I set up bank to bank transfers only and have not had problems.

  3. Mayor Jones says:

    Their customer service is nonexistent – the whole experience with them has been dreadful! At the moment

  4. Hasan Masud says:

    Have banked with Halifax for years but am not pulling every last penny out. Conflicting advice and red tape with stroppy counter staff.

  5. Jishan andrew says:

    This is bank that gives credit card without any proper checks to anyone. My identity was stolen and someone was issued a credit card in my name. How can they do this?

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