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0870 062 6721

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Lloyds is a retail and commercial bank operating in the United Kingdom. It is a subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking Group. The bank was founded in 1765 and has now become one of the major players in the financial services industry.

Households and businesses as well as communities all over the United Kingdom have benefited from the services that the bank provides. The bank is renowned for providing wide-ranging financial services as well as products.

The two individuals who founded the bank to provide banking as well as financial services and products in Great Britain were Sampson Lloyd and John Taylor. The founders were responsible for setting up the foundations upon which the bank grew to what it is today in Birmingham.

Lloyds Services

Lloyds Helpline

As a financial service provider in Great Britain, Lloyd specializes in banking services. On the other hand, the specific types of services and products that customers receive from the bank include current accounts, savings and ISAs.

Other services include credit cards and loans. Customers who need to buy home as well as motor insurance can do so directly from the UK bank. Life insurance in addition to mortgages and investments are the remaining services that have made the bank a household name in the UK.

The bank allows customers to manage their money while on the move through mobile banking. In addition to this, customers are able to enjoy banking services through tools such as Internet banking and PhoneBank, which the bank provides.

Contacting Lloyds Customer Service

The customer service number to call and relay your issue with Lloyds to a company representative is 0345 300 0000. On the other hand, customers who do not want to call the 0345 number have the option of getting in touch with the company through 01733 347 007.

Lloyds Contact Tips

If you want to call Lloyds from outside the UK, dial +44 1733 347 007. Whether calling from within or outside the UK, the PhoneBank numbers are open 24/7. If you have lost a debit card or credit card, then you can call the bank on 0800 096 9779.

If you want to report a lost credit card or debit card, simply dial +44 1733 347 007 from outside the UK. Customers with speech or hearing impairments should use the relevant textphone numbers to communicate with the bank.

All the textphone numbers for the speech and hearing impaired individuals are available 24/7 but only for customers who want assistance with their personal accounts. It is fine to contact the bank through it’s Contact Us section on the official website.

Lloyds Helpline
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