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MBNA BANK Customer Service Contact Number

0871 872 7182
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MBNA Bank UK Opening Times

All Days 24/7

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MBNA Bank Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Customer service and payment number 03456062062
MBNA Bank Apply for a Credit Card 0800 068 8788
MBNA Bank claims number 0800 169 2618
MBNA bank protect lifestyle 0800 587 0525
MBNA Bank 24-hour travel number 0800 085 5928
MBNA Bank customer complaint number 0800 062 062
MBNA Bank balance transfer 0800 933 944


MBNA BANK Customer Service Contact Number

mbna contact numberMBNA BANK Overview

MBNA stands for Maryland Bank National Association. MBNA was the world’s biggest issuer of independent credit cards, and its specialization is the affinity cards. In the United Kingdom, MBNA headquartered in Chester, United Kingdom. MBNA Limited provides all fund related facilities like the transfer of funds, charity, airline seat booking, buying things, get rewards, and MBNA offers its own as well as co-branded credit cards to UK residents. In 2012, MBNA Europe Bank Limited was renamed to MBNA Limited. MBNA has been providing their excellent services in the UK for the past 20 years and still haven’t found a customer out of the millions of customers, to be disappointed with their services.

MBNA was the world’s leading issuer of the credit cards, and the affinity cards were the specialization of the MBNA. In the United Kingdom, the MBNA headquartered in Chester. MBNA Limited offers all exclusive services in their credit cards which includes fund transfers, rewards on usage, charity, purchase, movie ticket booking, airline ticket booking and much more. MBNA has co-branded other credit cards as well. MBNA Limited was the new name of the former MBNA Europe Bank Limited in Nov 2012. MBNA Limited is a subsidiary of the UK Funding Limited. MBNA has been in this business of credit cards in the UK for the past 20 years and always turned out to be the best. With the many services provided by the credit cards, it can be used anywhere from high street to online shopping.

MBNA not just excels in their credit card services but is known for the fast and devoted Customer services. It is crucial to MBNA to relieve the client of any problem since they believe in keeping the customers satisfied with their services.

With all the previous years of experience, the company provides the best Customer service to their clients. In a small span of time, the MBNA Bank Customer Service resolves the clients’ issues, since the convenience of the company has been the priority of MNBA. One can easily communicate with the MBNA Bank Customer Service and rest assured once they have informed of their issue.

MBNA Bank Customer Service

With the idea to provide a convenient service to the client, MBNA has many customer service teams to them. These teams of Customer Service provide the customers with a quick solution to their issues. For the different purpose of contacting the MBNA Bank Customer service, various helplines are available. For inquiries regarding stolen or lost cards and other general information, one can contact this number- 03456 062 062. For applying to get a credit card one can use this number – 0800 068 8788. If one wants to transfer money, then they can contact this number – 0800 933 944.

MBNA has many Customer service agents who are committed to resolving the issue communicated to them from the customers. The Customer Service provides a quick response as soon as they know about it. As the customers have different problems, various MBNA Helplines are available for each purpose. For general matters such as the card stolen or lost one can contact-03456 062 062. To apply for a new credit card, one can use this MBNA helpline-0800 068 8788. In the case of information on transfer of money one can use -0800 933 944.

MBNA Bank general inquiry contact numbers and online form

The company has provided many ways to communicate with the Customer Service to ease the problems of customers. One can contact the MBNA customer support center by-03456 062 062 for general queries such as stolen cards or lost cards. MBNA also provides a secure online form where one can submit any question. It is available on the official website of MBNA, in the Help and Support option. The Customer service will resolve the issue as soon as possible, but if they need to look for more details, then they might take some time. For a quick response from the Customer service, one can contact this number- 0800 062 062. The Customer Service sends a confirmation when the issue is resolved otherwise it takes less than 56 days to fix it.

The company provides the MBNA BANK contact phone numbers of their Customer service department as well as other ways to communicate with the MBNA Support team. One of it is via the secure online form which is accessible on the official site (https://www.mbna.co.uk/). After clicking on the Help and Support of the home page and by scrolling down, one can find the secure online form. One has to fill the form with their details like e-mail id, credit card number, name, address and other related information. Once the customer service resolves the issue as soon as they find it, they email it to the concerned customer, or it takes less than 56 days to fix it. For general questions, one can contact-03456 062 062 and for complaints-0800 062 062.

mbna bank helpline

MBNA Bank Complaints

The MBNA Bank Customer Service is committed to providing a quick and efficient solution for their clients. And for this purpose they provide a different mode of communication with the customer service. One can submit their complaint through the secure online form, calling them or by posting a letter to the Customer Service. The secure online form is accessible from the official site. With this number – 0800 062 062, one can call them to make a complaint.

The MBNA Support teams find it necessary to learn about the inconveniences faced by users and take care of it. With the secure online form, one can submit both their queries and the complaints. And it is obtainable from the official site of MBNA in the Help and Support page. And there are other methods through which one can contact the MBNA Customer Service is by posting them a letter or calling at their MBNA BANK contact phone number-0800 062 062. The Customer service wants to write all comprehensive details like the card number, clear issue and what do they expect from the Customer service team.

MBNA Payments

Payments are obviously the major point of banks. When the customers need to make a transaction at MBNA, they can either pay by phone or by post. As far as the pay by post option is concerned, the cheque has to be written and write MBNA Limited in the payable section. Th card number is mandatory to be mentioned on the front of the cheque in the box you can see on the top-left corner of the side and send the filled check to the address: Card Services, Thynne St., Bolton, BL11 1AZ, United Kingdom. The next option is Pay by phone, wherein the customers with a debit card, dial 03456062062 to make a payment. In fact, you can also set a direct debit on their account, if in the case of the bill payments and so on. This enables direct debit every month without you having a reminder to pay the bill every month.

mbna bank helpline

More MBNA Bank Support and Helpline

MBNA has many Customer service contact number for the people with specific issues. For people experiencing financial problems one can reach this number – 0800 028 0690. And MBNA BANK Customer Service also provides the facility of communication for deaf people through Typetalk, for that this number is available – 18001 03456 062 062. MBNA even take care that the deaf people can communicate with ease to the Customer Service. In the Help and Support page of the official site, one can find many frequently asked questions by the clients in the FAQs section. The troubled customers can check their query here; it is probable they might find their issue.

MBNA even took care of communication with deaf people with their customer service with the Typetalk which is accessible through this number – 18001 03456 062 062. And MBNA Support even helps out the people with financial problems. With this MBNA Bank contact phone number – 0800 028 0690, the people experiencing financial crisis can contact to Customer service for support. There is a section called FAQs in the Help and Support page of the official website which consists of frequently asked questions by users. There is also a search bar in it to look for the topic in that section. One might be able to find their issue in this section and would not need to contact the Customer service.

Write to MBNA Bank Customer Service

The customers can also mail their letters concerning their complaints or feedback to MBNA Bank Customer Service to this address –

MBNA Limited
Chester Business Park,
Wrexham Road,
Chester CH4 9FB

But if the issue is not solved within 56 days or the customer is not so satisfied with the response then they can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service.

One can also check these social handle links of MBNA-

MBNA BANK Customer Service Contact Number
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