Santander Contact Number

Santander Contact Number

0870 062 6733

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Santander UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday ---

Santander Contact Number – Overview
Due to the high demand of banking transactions at these present times as well as the innovative technologies, there are several banks that adhere with the idea of going with digital banking. In this connection, Santander contact number has makes use of these innovations as well in order to provide the best banking services to their clients and customers. Santander contact number is said to be one of the largest and leading banks in UK today that conquers the world of technology just to render the excellent banking performance. Clients of Santander have the assurance that they find solutions when it comes to their money.

All about Santander Contact Number
Santander contact number allows their clients to check their balances and view up to seven years of transactions. In addition, clients can see their savings and personal accounts that include current accounts, savings, and credit cards all in the same place through the digital banking. Transferring of money and paying the bills are being made easier for the consumers as well because they can be done in just a matter of few clicks of the mouse. More so, if you happen to be as one of the clients of Santander contact number, you have all the freedom to request and manage your overdraft. The paper statements for current and savings accounts that are typically encountered previously can now be accepted through online. Santander allows their clients as well to update their personal details. Indeed, there is a wide array of banking services that are being provided by Santander to their clients and potential customers.

Getting in Touch with Santander Contact Number
There is a wide range of options to reach Santander contact number. First and foremost, it is ideal to browse and go through their website at The website of the bank covers a lot of banking services that clients can choose from based on their banking needs. Santander UK telephone hotline is 0843 504 1751. Therefore, you can contact the bank by simply pressing the indicated numbers on your telephone. You can use the hotline in case that you lost your credit or debit card or it is being stolen. For instance that you forgot the required information for your digital banking, you may call the same number as well. Santander UK representative may tell you to send your details via email. Keep in mind that the bank never asks for your personal information in an email then.

Santander Contact Number – Customer Care
The aforementioned number and website can be utilized for the customer service of Santander contact number. In case that you are you are experiencing technical issues, you need to remember that the lines are open at 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 9pm for Sunday.

Santander Contact Number

Santander Contact Number
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7 Responses to Santander Contact Number

  1. Boni Adam says:

    Personal and business app is appalling you can’t transfer payments between the two.

  2. Rachel G says:

    In my honest opinion Santander’s 123 Account is the best account I’ve experienced. Their customer service is brilliant

  3. Dalia Stanton says:

    It’s no point calling them, because U will never get resolution to your problem…
    I can say – useless!!!

  4. Kolin Powel says:

    Unhelpful and rude call center staff with rigid flexibility and archaic business processes. Time to change to the other bank i think.

  5. K Ben says:

    No problems with Santander so far. Im with them for almost 2 years. I had account with Lloyds before and after some shocking customer service

  6. Lousinia says:

    Love the benefits and the security the card provides.

  7. Selina says:

    I like their customer service people because they are friendly and polite.

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