Sky TV Contact Number

Sky Contact Number

0870 062 6707

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Sky TV UK Opening Times

All Days 7:00AM - 11:00PM

Learning More about Sky
Sky is one of the earliest founded broadband and telephone providing company in the United Kingdom. The company started when the merger between British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television had a merger in 1990. From then on, Sky has been the largest television provider in the UK and continuously makes significant profits while gaining more and more subscribers every year. As of this year, Sky is known to have about £14 million capitalization of the stock market by April of this current year, 2014.

Getting Sky’s Assistance
With the rapid growth of customers and subscribers, Sky can’t help but provide more assistance. It makes equal sense as every day; more customers need explanations and answers to existing questions. Currently, getting a Sky contact number handy is very useful not only to current subscribers but also to those who are looking to get services with them. Calling them can give you more perks unlike visiting a local store, though promotions may differ from time to time. The assistance you can get by calling varies from billing inquiries to technical support and submission of complaints and commendations.

Knowing the Sky Contact Number
Since Sky renders multiple kinds of services, they provided different Sky contact numbers for easier solutions. For Sky TV customers, Sky Broadband, Sky Talk, and any billing and account detail query, the main hotline to dial is 03442 411 653. You may also ask for password reset and submit complaints through this number. Scheduling an engineer appointment has a hotline number of 03442 414141. Moving your services while you transfer homes has a different hotline too, you can dial 03332 00 80 00 and get a Sky expert to figure out the changes for you. By any chance you want things done automatically, there is also an automated hotline you can reach, the number to dial is 0333 202 2133. For cancellation requests, you can dial 03332 022 135. The cost of calling these numbers are dependent on your phone provider. If you are calling from a BT landline, there is a 15p connection fee and 9p thereafter.

Other Ways to Reach Sky
The advantage of being with one of the largest and most trusted network is that they are so popular, they can be seen almost everywhere. The same thing with being with Sky. The Sky Contact number is another option for those who prefer to get someone over the phone, but if you are more on personal interaction and letters, you are not limited. Sky can be contacted through social media too, via Facebook and Twitter. You may also go with live chat online by visiting their official website, and have someone to answer your queries promptly.

Sky Contact Number

broadband and telephone providing company in the United Kingdom

Sky Contact Number
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  1. Andrea Loren says:

    Love SKY, best broadband and telephone company I have been with. Stuck with them for several years and have No plans to move as a Customer.

  2. Osman sani siba says:

    My name is osman sani siba , am one of your client with home address flat 52 15 Drummond road cr0 1tw … I would to find out if my sky contract can be transfered to my brother since hes willing to and i wanna move from this address very soon . thank you

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