SONY PS4 Contact Number

SONY PS4 Contact Number

0870 062 6757

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SONY PS4 UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday --
Sunday ---

SONY PS4 Contact Number – Overview
Sony PS4 contact number has been known all around the world for creating world-class quality home entertainment appliances, gadgets and gaming consoles. Play Station, known to be the mother of all high-end gaming console started in 1994 and today, have lived up in creating the Play Station 4. The latest from all the play station creations that gives livelier, vivid graphics with easier navigation and better controllability over its gaming features. Play Station 4 was officially launched in Nov 2013, both for North America, Europe and Australia. It features an AMDx86-64 processing unit, allowing more high featured games to run smoothly without lags. Noted as the most powerful console of the year, Play Station 4 continues to make good selling values for everyone to admire and envy for.

All about Sony PS4 Contact Number
What Sony did to their latest creation was to astonish their usual fans. They built dual quad core processor to match the high end graphic processor with a reliable memory and storage. The usual PS4 games can be played but now, you may play the latest Need for Speed and Diablo without any lag, not to mention the latest Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. Whether it is racing or RPG, it will all fall smoothly on your screen. If you need assistance you can always reach the Sony PS4 contact number.

Reaching Sony PS4 Contact Number
Managing your Account and connecting to Sony PS4 contact number is actually not hard. First of all, Sony is a well-known brand and catering to their millions of customers has always been a part of the culture they’ve lived up to. Here are some of the methods of communication you can use if you need to ask for help about your console. Their website has so much to offer such as the Frequently Asked Questions, Online User guides, not to mention a community for users who could ask help from those who uses the device themselves. You may also manage your account by clicking the login page, or send them an email at You may also contact them even if you are abroad; they have a list of their contact information posted online to help customers all around the globe.

Sony PS4 Contact Number – Customer Assistance
To reach Sony PS4 contact number, you may dial, 0203 538 2665. This number can be reached either by mobile or landline. To avoid additional charges it is best advised to ask your phone provider if they have any special charging scheme for these numbers. Make certain that you have your PS4’s serial number listed down for our technical team to easily look into your account and finish off your concern in no time.

SONY PS4 Contact Number

SONY PS4 Contact Number
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10 Responses to SONY PS4 Contact Number

  1. J j says:

    My account has been banned for what ever reason, I haven’t done anything, I spent a lot of money on this, I’m very upset for blocking me, absolutely have not done anything wrong.. please can you unblock me from using my account thank you

  2. Pawel says:

    Hello PlayStation services, I’m sorry to interrupt your work but I got banned for a fake reason as my friend that I have now blocked, reported me to you and as of yesterday I got a message when I logged. Back onto my PlayStation, which said that I got suspended for a week time and as of that day I wanted to contact you because I got banned for nothing. So please if you can do something then I will be very thankful. My PlayStation name. That got banned is. GoldenShark548. And also my full name is Pawel Dlugi. Thank you for your support.

  3. Julija says:

    Hello! Bought a telefone a year ago. A week ago the phone turned off and did not turn on any more. The phone did not fall. What happened to him and what to do?

  4. Dylan says:

    Hi my friend seems to have trouble with his notifications not making a sound when people send him messages he tried settings but no joy please advise

  5. Jack_Jackson1223 says:

    My son made an account about 2 years ago today Sony asked him to change his password so he did then they ask him for his date of birth which is can not find so now he can’t use his account, do you know how much money I have spend on that account for it to just be in useable??

  6. Brandon Noakes says:

    I had a software update today on my PlayStation 4 today which signed me out which I have forgotten my password where it then asked for my DOB which is forgotten

  7. Susan Kulyn says:

    We have a Sony Bravia 55″ KD-55x9005c August 2015 manufacturing date.
    We are experiencing horizontal white lines on the screen permanently. Can you please advise. We have recently obtained Sky Q to enhance the screen and picture.

  8. Chris Cooper says:

    Why is it closed for

  9. Chris Cooper says:

    Does anyone know why it’s closed for

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