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Tesco Clubcard Helpline

0870 062 6759

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Tesco Clubcard UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday ---

Tesco Clubcard refers to a loyalty card from Tesco, which is a leading supermarket chain in Great Britain. The Clubcard enables customers to get the most out of any shopping experience at Tesco. The supermarket chain came up with this product as a way of rewarding customers for shopping with them.

With the Clubcard, users enjoy several benefits. First, they are eligible for Christmas savers or other amazing deals that are in play at any given moment. It gives users access to coupons that allow them to enjoy discounted rates. Users take part in numerous competitions where winners receive incredible rewards.

Tesco Clubcard Helpline

Tesco Clubcard Services

Tesco Clubcard Helpline

Users have the freedom to choose how and where to spend the vouchers. Clubcard sends the vouchers after every 3 months depending on the number of points that you collected. Users benefit from a product called Clubcard Boost, where they can up to 4 times the value of the vouchers. Alternatively, users can boost the vouchers on specific items at Tesco.

Having the loyalty Clubcard ensures that you can download apps and scan while shopping with little difficulty. Parents with newborns also benefit greatly from the loyalty card. Moreover, the Clubcard guarantees users access to some of the most remarkable services that Tesco Bank provides and these includes special offers as well as exclusive discounts.

Contacting Tesco Clubcard Customer Service

The customer service number for Tesco Clubcard is 0800 591 688. It is also possible to contact the customer service by dialling 0330 123 1688. However, if you want to contact the customer service at Clubcard Boost by telephone, the number to dial and call is 0800 100 0707 in addition to 0330 123 0707. You can call Tesco directly on 0800 323 4050 and 0330 123 4050.

Tesco Clubcard Contact Tips

All calls made through the 0800 numbers using a BT landline attract no charge. This is because the calls are free from BT landlines. All calls made to the 0330 numbers attract the call charges that the mobile networks and other phone service providers charge. Call Clubcard between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday or 9am to 6pm on Saturday.

For questions regarding Clubcard Boost, place the calls to the company between 8am-8pm from Monday to Friday or 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday. Remember that you can also contact the company using emails. Customers who want to join Tesco Clubcard for the first time should fill the online form found at the Contact Us section of the official website. This form will then be reviewed and a communication made if the application is approved.

Tesco Clubcard Helpline
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