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Thames Water Helpline

0870 062 6748

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Thames Water UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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Thames Water is the largest provider of water and wastewater services in the United Kingdom. It caters for the needs of more than 15 million customers in the United Kingdom. It has more than 4,700 employees. Despite being the largest provider of water as well as wastewater services, the company is also among the cheapest with rates as low as £1.01 each day.

In London as well as around the Thames Valley, the company serves more than 9 million customers who need clean water. The company supplies around 2,600m liters of clean drinking water every day. It is responsible for maintaining and operating 102 water treatment points in addition to 30 reservoirs for raw water and 288 water-pumping stations.

Thames Water Helpline

Thames Water Services

Thames Water Helpline

The company specializes in the provision of water and sewerage services in the United Kingdom. It provides more than 15 million customers with wastewater services. It operates more than 350 sewerage works that are responsible for treating around 4.4bn liters of wastewater each day. It is responsible for more than 67,000 miles of sewer and 1.2 million manholes in the UK.

The services that the company provides cater for the needs of households and businesses. It also caters to the needs of people in the United Kingdom interested in extending or developing their properties. The company goes further to assist people interested in putting up new buildings with proper guidance as well as solutions on problems regarding clean water and wastewater.

Contacting Thames Water Customer Service

If you have an issue regarding any service that Thames Water provides and want to inform the company, call 0800 0093 988. The number is for people who want to inform the company of the quality of service that they received. Customers who want to make their complaints or feedback known can do so by calling the number as well.

Thames Water Contact Tips

The official customer service number operates from Monday to Friday between 9am-5am every day. For this reason, customers can pick up their landlines or mobile phones and call the company during the day or at night. Since the number is not available over the weekend, customers should find other methods through which to tell the water company their concerns.

The company has a textphone number for people struggling with hearing and speech impairments. The textphone numbers are 0800 316 6899 and 0800 316 9898 for account or billing queries as well as water and wastewater services respectively. The textphone service operates 24/7. Customers can find more on how to reach their customer care representatives by visiting their official website.

Thames Water Helpline
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