Virgin Media Contact Number

Virgin Media Contact Number

0870 062 6710

Contact Number is not associated in any way with any company listed on this website. Calls to 01,02 and 03 numbers - These are known as geographical numbers and are charged at local rates, however, are included in the majority of landline and mobile phone packages. Calls to 0870 numbers “calls cost ten penny per minute plus your phone networks access charge. You can get the recording file by filling out the following information in contact form:”

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Virgin Media UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Virgin Media Contact Number – Overview
As the world of internet and telecommunications continues to grow, telecommunications continues to exist. In UK, it is apparent that there are several telecommunications companies that can be found in the industry. One of the leading telecommunications firms in UK is Virgin Media contact number. In fact, Virgin Media is not just well-known in UK, it has gained its popular name worldwide as well. The company pursues and strives for more in order to give the best telecommunications service among their clients. The major mission of the Virgin Media is to render the best telecommunications service to the consumer. They aim in achieving it through the kind and quality of performance they provide to their customers. More so, consumers will be ensured that the services offered by Virgin Media contact number is exemplary and cannot be found in other telecommunications service providers.

The Nature of Virgin Media Contact Number
Virgin Media contact number is specialized in giving internet broadband services to their potential customers. In fact, according to Ofcom, Virgin Media’s broadband in UK is considered to be the fastest internet source. This is primarily due to the fibre optic cables, the fastest and most consistent method of bringing internet connection in various households. The broadband that is being rendered by the company to their customers and clients is up to 152 Mb and this is 19x faster than any regular broadband. Can you imagine how amazing this broadband is? The product and services of Virgin Media are indeed remarkable!

Staying Connected with Virgin Media Contact Number
How can you reach Virgin Media contact number when you want to? Well, there are different ways for you to keep in touch with the company, not just one! First and foremost, you may visit in order to determine the products and services the company providers to the consumers. In case that you want to call using your Virgin Media mobile phone, all you need to do is dial 150 however, if you are using other phones, press 0345 454 1111 to make a call successful. When it comes to the charges to be encountered with the calls, you need to keep in mind that they vary from the mobile service provider. Thus, it is necessary for you to inquire the service provider of your mobile phone before making a call to Virgin Media contact number in order to be aware of the charges to be given.

Virgin Media Contact Number – Customer Support
If you happen to seek for assistance from Virgin Media contact number, you may call the numbers specified in the preceding paragraph from 8AM until midnight any day of the entire week. You will be directed to a representative who can give the answer to your queries right away.

Virgin Media Contact Number

Virgin Media Contact Number
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