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Vodafone took three years to emerge from an idea and transform into a company more than 30 years ago. The first office the company operated from was on top of a curry house located at Newbury. Since then, the company has grown into a global leader where telecom services are concerned with a solid presence in hundreds of countries around the world.

The name itself emanates from the sounds made by voice, data and phone. The company has a rich history in the United Kingdom. For example, its network hosted the first couple of mobile calls that were ever made in the UK. The company’s network carried the first text message that users ever sent. In this regard, it has played a crucial role in the history of telecom industry.

Vodafone Contact

Vodafone Services

Vodafone Contact

The brand runs several products and services in all the markets where it operates. Customers are able to buy handsets from the brand. Customers can buy new models or exclusive handsets from any of the company stores. It is possible to purchase different handsets and models over the Internet from the online stores that the brand operates.

Under the category of total communication services, customers benefit from a wide selection that includes data services, data revenue and data devices. The company operates fixed line services in around 13 countries. The brand serves more than 5.6 million customers who depend on its fixed broadband services.

Contacting Vodafone Customer Service

Whether you have a few issues that require clarification, you can use Vodafone customer service to find the much-needed assistance. To find all the information that you require regarding the contact options, simply visit the official website, which is www.vodafone.co.uk, and check under the Contact Us section. Select the problem that you face under Personal or Business categories.

For example, if you need help with your pay monthly package, the customer service number to call is 03333 040 191 from any landline or mobile phone in the United Kingdom. If you prefer using your Vodafone phone to get in touch with customer service, then simply dial 191 and press the call button.

Vodafone Contact Tips

Using the example above, pay monthly customers who call 191 using their Vodafone phones will pay nothing, as this service is free. However, customers who use pother landlines and mobile phones to call the numbers that begin with 03333 will have to pay standard call charges. Calls to 0808 numbers from any landline or mobile in the UK do not attract charges, as they are toll free.

Vodafone Contact
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