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Vodafone Customer Service Contact Number

0870 062 6704

Calls to 0870 numbers “calls cost 10p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge".

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Vodafone UK Opening Times

All Days 8:00AM - 9:00PM

Vodafone Phone Number Tips

Vodafone Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Number International Number
Vodafone Customer care number & complaint service number UK 0333 304 0191 +44 333 304 0191
Contact Helpline number, and 3G contact number 0808 040 8408 +44 808 040 8408
Vodafone general customer service number 0783 619 1919 +44 783 619 1919
Contact CEO number 0163 533 251 +44 163 533 251
Contact number to pay bill and helpline 01300 650 145 +44 1300 650 145
Overseas customer care number +61426 320 000
Contact for “pay as you go service” 0333 304 8048 +44 333 304 8048
Contact for lost phone number 0333 304 0191 +44 333 304 0191
Vodafone Insurance claim number UK 0333 304 3346 +44 333 304 3346
Vodafone insurance overseas number 0783 619 1191 +44 783 619 1191
4G business contact number 0808 0600 802 +44 808 0600 802
Vodafone Business telephone number 0808 004 4495 +44 808 004 4495

Vodafone Customer Service Contact Number

vodafone support

Vodafone Customer Service Overview

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world over 25 countries across the globe founded in the year 1991. Primarily it is listed on the London Stock Exchange and also on NASDAQ. It provides a wide range of services to its customers that are easy to use, convenient and cost friendly. They are innovative and opportunist to render to the needs and requirements of their customers to meet every desire. They are dynamic and persistent in updating their services to meet the changing circumstances and adapt to the necessity. A commitment to, not just bring the best for you but also to make you avail the best for yourself as well.

Vodafone provides a range of services to its customers spread across the globe to meet cater to the needs. They have ensured to grab every opportunity to bring anything that is required to the customers. The range of services offered by Vodafone includes voice, data, Vodafone CUSTOMER SERVICE and IT services to corporate clients in almost 150 countries as well. It is the largest telecommunications services provided on the globe with millions of customers worldwide.

The main service of the Vodafone that brought it in the business and now has a network in over 25 countries and partners in almost 50 countries. They provide prepaid and postpaid to its customers at various call rates on mobile and fixed line. The call rates differ by the region and are fixed according to the needs of the people. Simultaneously they provide rate-cutters to ensure that the customers can minimize the rate of calling as per their requirement. Voice call services make it one of the most wanted by the users in the market and allow it to meet the demands.

As the world needed a provider which could fulfil the demanding desires of the people to use the internet. Vodafone came up with 2G and soon with the technological advancements in the smartphone pushed it to come up with 3G services. Now the circumstances demanded something more than that and speed which could allow the customers to use surf internet at faster speeds it launched 4G services. The customers can simply choose from the wide range of internet services which suits them the most which are fast, quick and better in every way.

The growing demand in the market of the corporate world allowed Vodafone to grab the opportunity to provide services to companies who needed the service on a larger scale. The communications service is provided to its clients based in different parts of the world to help them reach and solve their problems. They provide information technology services to large corporations spread in more than 150 countries across the globe.

A company without a customer service can’t exist in this time of era. Vodafone Customer Service is provided as per the local numbers to cater to the problems of the regional people. It is better to meet to the issues according to the definite region and instantly provide them solutions without having to spend extra money on call rates. Vodafone is known for its friendly and quick customer service which makes them a reliable communications service provider in the market. If the customers face any issues regarding any products or services they can reach the customer agents to solve their problems.

Vodafone has been in the telecommunications business for almost 25 years now. They have the experience that is required to cater to the needs of their customers and clients and stand to their expectations with an outstanding strategy that is excellent. Their services are simple and modeled as per the needs and requirement of the local people to help them with their daily use.

Contact Vodafone Customer Service

You can contact Vodafone customer service if you’re facing any issues with regard to its products and services or anything else. They have separate national and regional customer care numbers to help with the problems of the customers. The below given Vodafone CONTACT PHONE NUMBER to reach to the customer care to seek a solution to your issues. If you’re facing any issues you can contact on the following numbers to connect with the Customer service agent. You can call from anywhere but nominal call charges are applicable on these numbers for the users.

You can call anytime on the day of a week from your Vodafone mobile and the charges are 25 p per call if you wish to talk to the agent otherwise the service is for free. The following are the Vodafone CONTACT PHONE NUMBER that can be used at any time to reach the Customer Care. If you don’t want to spend any call charges then you can contact on 191 toll-free number.
vodafone customer-serrvice

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Vodafone Complaint Service

Vodafone Customer service is completely concentrated on sorting out customer issues. They are 24*7 available to solve the disputes right up. They strive to provide the best in quality and provide only updated information to their customers. The company is well known for its best customer care. Whatever the importance of the complaints maybe, the customer care representatives deal it with utmost care. Call 08080044900 for all your queries and complaints to be resolved and it is free of cost. If not, you can also write to them at the following address:

Customer Relations Manager
Vodafone Limited
The Connection
BerkshireRG14 2FN

Email: enquiries@os-communications.org or communicate with them online at

Vodafone Contact Number

The customers appreciate the benefit to pick their strategies and alter them voluntarily. The organization permits you to have full control over the products that you buy. Vodafone Helpline services offer quality support to its customers with all of their problems and concerns. You can enjoy several benefits as a part of the Vodafone Support policy.

Write to Vodafone Helpline

If you are not willing to call the Vodafone Customer Care then you have other options of writing to them. You can also tweet your query on twitter at their official website and ask any question regarding your Vodafone Connection. The Vodafone team is always ready to take your problems and give solutions. You can write to the Vodafone helpline anytime and ask your query and get an answer instantly. The Vodafone helpline is different for the regions and accordingly you can email them and use the Vodafone Helpline.

The team is always ready to help you 24 hours and 7 days. You can call anytime to Vodafone Customer Care. The helpline phone number and the email id are at your ease to drop in call or email whenever you face a problem with respect to any services provided by Vodafone. If you are not up for doing either of it then you can simply write to them. Once they receive your mail they will get in touch with you to solve your problem at the earliest because customers are their priority.

Vodafone Contact Tips

Reaching the customer care service is not difficult but since it is divided according to the region for better facilities, it can be annoying at times too. The tip is to divert your queries and complaints to a region where you are residing to get faster and quicker response to your problems. If you will send the query to some other region they will forward it to the proper region after sorting it out and this will eat up some time. In case you don’t want to waste any time and get your reply as soon as possible it is suggestible that you contact the regional customer care.

They are well equipped with your environment and ensure that you don’t face any difficulty as to your native language. They allow you to take your time in explaining them your issues clearly so they can come up with the right solution. You can call them, email them, or write to them about your query. You can even get on your twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn account and simply place your issue there. You can even visit your nearest Vodafone Store to know any details related to Vodafone communications.

If you want to know anything about the FAQs then you can click on the hyperlink and check the numerous frequently asked questions. These are common and genuine questions that usually come to your mind which is already answered here for your support.

For Vodafone SUPPORT and help you can also visit the FAQ section to know the common questions that arise.

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These are the following ways in which you can get in touch with a customer service agent at Vodafone. You can simply put your queries and they will do all the necessary work to bring to you the best solution for you. If you are facing any problem just call them, email them, convey it through social media or write to them at their given address.

Vodafone Customer Service Contact Number
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  1. Clare evans says:

    Hiya can u please send me a txt link so I can pay my bill with regchested card on my account please as I deleted msg

  2. Simone furiato says:

    Good afternoon this afternoon I have received a bill by Vodafone but I’m not a Vodafone ‘s customer and I don’t have any sim or phone by Vodafone I don’t understand this 3 months ago I have in a vodafone shop in Westfield the new iPhone 7 with a sim plan including but after the normal procedure was not possible becomes my credit score is not available for this offert
    But after 3 months i recive the bill?? But for what?
    My name is Simone Furiato

  3. Carly Woollard says:

    No signal where i am in cambridgeshire AGAIN, absolutely sick of not being able to make or recieve calls from a service i pay for!!!!

  4. Connie says:

    I was on the phone for 1 hour 30 minutes for my issue to be unresolved and told that I need to phone back another time. This was something I should have been told at the begininning of the 1 hour 30 minute call. Some of the people I spoke to was trying to help, whereas others were t listening, rude and I kept having to repeat my self several times and answering irrelevant questions. I have had to phone regarding the same issue about 5 times and am still getting no where. I am happy to be leaving vodaphone shortly and will definitely not be recommending them to any one.

    • yvonne collyer says:

      I have been trying to sort out a problem”regarding top up for 2 years.Will now be changing network,and can not wait.VODAFONE ARE THE WORSE NETWORK EVER.ONLY INTERESTED IN TAKING YOUR MONEY.AND DONT BOTHER RINGING CUSTOMER SERVICES,COS YOU WONT UNDERSTAND A WORD.

  5. Mohamed says:

    Today I spoke to one of the best costumer service I spoke in my live
    Her name is Merna and she so helpful ,polite , positive and full of energy to help me about my issue
    Really I want to say she is credit to Vodafone and I want to send special thankful for her help
    All the best merna all the best in your live 😊

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