YODEL Contact Number

YODEL Contact Number

0870 046 9511

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YODEL UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday ---

YODEL Contact Number – Overview
Have you been waiting so long for your parcel to come in the post? You may be caught up with an unreliable carrier. Well, it’s time to stop worrying about these things and start letting Yodel contact number to take care of the delivery for you. Yodel is now one of the leading parcel carriers in the United Kingdom carrying about 140 million parcels delivered every year. They serve not only individuals but also retailers who sums up at about 1,500 clients. This independent parcel service provider has about 16,000 workforces and visited millions of homes in the past few years. With their cheap rate and fast service, no doubt that people would switch over to them. They help customers reach them easily through their hotline numbers and other methods of communication. Feel free to read along.

All about YODEL Contact Number
Yodel contact number offers multiple services that help not only individuals but also businesses like retailers and wholesalers. They have Yodel Home, Yodel Business (who both gets a regular delivery through a van and uniformed drivers), Yodel Neighbourhood (offering extended delivery hours), Yodel World, Yodel Direct and Collect Plus. Thus, no matter what your need is when it comes to sending and receiving posts, it is apparent that you will be satisfied through the various options laid down for you. More so, each of these services has their own contact number for them to be easily reached. YODEL makes sure that customers are contented with the quality of service they provide. They also have one main customer service line that you may easily reach in case you have any general query.

Reaching YODEL Contact Number
The hotline number of YODEL which is 0844 453 7443 is one of the options you may go through if you would like to inquire about your parcel status. Alternatively, there are other more methods you can use to get through Yodel contact number. Here is some of the contact information you may need. If you are a member of the press and wishes to contact the Press Office, you may email press.enquiries@yodel.co.uk. The company is headquartered at Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England.

YODEL Contact Number – Customer Assistance
If by any chance, you would like to reach YODEL Contact Number, you may. Ideally, you may reach them during daytime, but their full hours of service are from 8:00 AM to 9:00 in the evening during weekdays and 9:00 in the morning to 1:00 PM during Saturday. Offices are closed every Sundays, so we suggest you visit the website during Sundays if you wish to track your parcel. You may visit the official website, www.yodel.co.uk, or www.myyodel.co.uk if you have your parcel id or call card with you.

YODEL Contact Number

YODEL Contact Number
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  1. fiona says:

    I’ve just has a disgusting man deliver a parcel…. he shouted at my daughter when she got to the door…. ‘i knocked 20 time’s (2 to be precice) then shook his head….. she said I was just having tea and don’t you speak to me like that…. then he just shook his head again and walked off.. i think you need to train them on customer service and if he comes here again he will get some words off me…. how dare he speak to my daughter like that, the ignoranus!

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