1and1 helpline
1and1 helpline
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1 and 1 Contact Number Tips

1 and 1  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
1 and 1  Sales 0333 336 5172
1 and 1  Hosting & Server 0333 336 5691
1 and 1  Website Plans and packages 0800 731 8994
To cancel the hosting services 0800 917 6273
1 and 1  Server related support (Live) 0333 336 5721
1 and 1  Sales Complaints 0333 336 5509 (option 1)
1 and 1  MyWebsite Sales Complaints 0800 171 2631
1 and 1  Billing Complaints 0333 336 5780
1 and 1  Domains, SSL Certificate 0333 336 5812
1 and 1  Webhosting 0333 336 5429
1 and 1 Mail 0333 336 5743
1 and 1 eBusiness 0333 336 5827
1 and 1 Online Marketing 0333 336 5941

1and1 helpline

1 and 1 Overview

If you are looking for a one-stop destination for all your web needs, then 1 and 1 Internet is your ideal destination. Founded in 1988, 1 and 1 is one of the largest web hosting company. It renders a gamut of services such as domain registration, web hosting, website builder, online marketing, professional email id, assured security and much more!

Many trusted users have given positive reviews for the services of this company. The core principle of the service provider is to provide “1 and 1 service”. In other words, one trial for all the products for 30 days, a click to upgrade your package and a call to get in touch with a technical expert. It guarantees to provide the best support and to cater to every need of the client. Probably, this is the reason accountable for making it one of the most preferred brand with 25 years of experience in work. It assures to secure your data and offers a range of flexible and unique features.

1 and 1 Customer Service is incredible and available for 24/7. Furthermore, it stores several online guides for all the services to give additional support. Besides, the responsive and professional technical assistance makes it one of the most trusted web hosting company. The association of more than 11 million customers and a committed staff defines “1 and 1”.

1 and 1 Services

1 and 1 provide exclusive, reliable and efficient services to millions of its clients. The provision of services covers the UK and other areas too. With its help, you can create your e-commerce website, register or transfer a domain name. The Web hosting or WordPress hosting, powerful servers, creating a professional email address and online marketing falls under the distinct services.

The customer can get his perfect domain at a reasonable price. The benefits don’t end with a mere domain name. The package offers tons of subdomain, customer support for 24/7, many options to choose the domain, registration for several years, exclusive discount offers for other services and SSL certificate. It lets your company possess a professional online presence. Also, you can connect your domain to the hosting services too. The data gets stored in two different centers. Further, there are many daily backups. It ensures the security of your data. You can avail this service from this link.

1and1 support

If you are planning to start your own business but have no expertise in the website, then no worries. You can use 1 and 1 to create your website with just a few clicks. A plethora of customized image, text and design templates are available at your disposal. You can make the significant changes according to your preferences. Plus, the package includes the domain too! This link will help you can choose the basic, plus or premium plan.  If you add a personal consultant with the package then, you’ll receive special focus and advice for your project. For more information, place a call at 0800 021 1693.

1 and `1 is popular for its web hosting services. To guarantee the top performance of your website, you must use their hosting service. The whole package includes 24/7 support, cent percent flexibility, and availability, easy recognition and useful plugins for your site. Additionally, you can create your professional email id similar to the 1 and 1 domain. You can choose the plan from this link http://bit.ly/2ivYTZL.  The servers are ideal for simple as well as complex projects. It permits you to flexibly manage the hosting options as well as the IT resources.

1 & 1 customer service

In case, you are planning to start your e-commerce site then 1 and 1 allows you to create a user-friendly and attractive site, which is engaging for your customers. Likewise, you do not need to worry about the marketing. The company offers a range of tools to increase the rank of your site and thus, the target audience. It is the goal of the business to increase your market presence and consequently, boost the business.

The customers get SSL certification for any package, which protects the site in the best possible way. Apart from it, the existing sites can use the SSL setup with 1 and 1 to get it done in a couple of minutes.

Overall, with 1 and 1 you can get everything, you need for your website starting from building it till making it visible to a large number of audience. 1 and 1 Customer Service provides the most trusted and dependable assistance.

1 and 1 Customer Services

If you would like to get in touch with the customer care center to get your concerns settled, then you can choose from a set of distinct choices. According to your preferences of time and communication platform, you can reach, interact and avail the dynamic services.

The customer can get in touch with the 1 and 1 Helpline or the customer service at 0333 336 5509. It is accessible 24/7.  For assistance related to sales, hosting or packages use the 1 and 1 Contact Phone Number, 0333 336 5691. For Online Marketing, e-commerce and live chat support service, approach the team at 0333 336 5941, 0333 336 5827 and 0333 336 5721 respectively. The customer can log in or create his account, which paves the way to get the right help. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2hOHniM.

For further queries, you can check the extensive FAQ section. When you reach the web page, you’ll see numerous options like Account and Billing, Domain, Web Hosting, Webpages, servers, security, e-commerce, Email and online marketing. You can pick the option as per your issue. You’ll get a list of questions; if your problem is in the given set, the puzzle will be resolved. However, if it isn’t the case, then you have two options. Either you can place a call to the customer care center to get in touch with a reliable agent, or you can set an appointment according to your availability by mentioning the time slot. The 1 and 1 Support team will communicate with you as per the meeting. You can check the given link to access the help center, which includes the popular and relevant topics.

In this technological era, two of the fastest, steady and trustworthy methods include sending an email or a message at social media handles. The customer can send his issue in clear and short form to the official mail id [email protected].  Besides, 1 and 1 is quite active on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube. To check the latest updates and about the new job openings, you can follow the official LinkedIn profile. You can send not only the complaints and arguments but also receive notifications about any upcoming discount offers.

Write to 1 and 1 Helpline

1 and 1 ensure to extend its customer support in every possible way. It includes the provision to contact the center via post. Although, in the era of digital technology, there is hardly anyone, who sends a letter to the company. However, many times sending a letter proves to be much more efficient and effective way. For instance, if you are sending vital documents. To contact 1 and 1 via post, you can send a mail to the below-given address.

1and1 Internet Limited,
Aquasulis House,
10-14 Bath Road,  Slough, SL1 3SA

The customers need to assure to write the post in a crisp and concise form. Further, you must address the issue properly by mentioning the relevant details so that the 1 and 1 SUPPORT team can equip you with the correct assistance. Do include your personal details including contact information so that the representative can reach out to you to discuss your problem. There is just one disadvantage of this traditional yet convenient method, the time taken to get a response. The client must be patient as it may take a bit longer than other ways to reach customer care. Strictly avoid it on urgent basis.

1 and 1 Contact Tips

It is usually observed that contacting any company for discussing your predicament is a cumbersome task. Still, if the particular code of conduct is followed, the task becomes manageable. The customers can follow the given contact tips to ease their work and get it done fast.

Unlike other companies, 1 and 1 provides an excellent online support system. Some guides are available for different services. Moreover, the frequently asked questions and the online community is present for your aid. Before contacting the customer care, look for the guides and pre-solved questions. Most of the times, the query is already resolved.

If it is inevitable to call the center, then try to stick to the central problem. Explain your issue clearly and avoid any unnecessary detail. It will save your time and helps the agent to understand you better. Plus, be patient, calm and trust the agency.

While writing a letter, email or message through the social media handles, be precise. If you are making any public post, do not include your sensitive personal details. It may land you in trouble. The customers can receive the response within 24 hours for emails or messages.

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