Facebook customer service
Facebook customer service
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Facebook Contact Number – Overview
The world of today involves wide utilization of technologies in order to keep in touch with the people we love and we need. In fact, life has been made easier due to the presence of technologies at present. Along with the existence of these technologies is the existence of social networking sites so as to render the best communication means among peoples all over the world. Today, even if you are at the end pole of the globe and you want to communicate with the person on the other end pole, definitely, it is possible to do it. One of the leading and largest social networking sites nowadays is Facebook contact number. There are billions of peoples worldwide who have their own facebook account in order to participate in this social networking platform.

All about Facebook Contact Number
As mentioned earlier, Facebook contact number is a social networking website. It is not only available among residents of UK but of the entire planet. In the year 2004, Facebook has been first founded. The website has no complications in terms of using it. It has been designed for users to get used to it easily regardless of the generation you are in. We all know that there are social networking sites that only the generation of today which is technological can get into. But with facebook, it is apparent that all ages can use the site easily and conveniently. On the other flip side, those users who claim to be 13 years of age and below will not be granted to join Facebook thus, it is necessary to indicate your age based on the required age of the social networking site so as to successfully get engaged with.

How to Reach Facebook Contact Number?
In case that you have the idea in mind of keeping in touch with Facebook contact number, the most ideal option to adhere with is to visit the website at http://www.facebook.com. You are ensured to get the relevant information about the social networking platform in their website. On the other hand, you can reach them as well through telephone landline, just dial 08444 100 125. You will be directed to a Facebook representative then. In addition, you may call the Facebook UK phone number at 001-650-543-4800.

Facebook Contact Number – Customer Care
If you want to connect with Facebook contact number customer support, you may dial 08444 100 125 or the UK phone number at 001-650-543-4800. These hotline numbers are available round the clock. On the other flip side, you may contact facebook through their helpline menu in the website. A representative of facebook will then give you a response within 24 hours in order for your concern to be given solution.

Facebook Contact Number

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  1. Faizan

    I’m havin problem to log into my Facebook account been 7 weeks , Facebook not helping me wtf is goin on don’t no

    1. Jamie Harding

      I cant do facebook live as it dont work saying i have been bloovked wtf

  2. Faizan

    I have tried every think I can , I been block . It’s been 7 weeks and that’s Facebook got my all pic collection of my son , any on can help me

  3. Not happy one bit I was banned from uploading photos on 2nd July 2015 for no reason & I’m still banned now so best you unban me from posting photos now!!!!!!

  4. Kenny Green

    I am Temporarily suspended from facebook
    They send a code by text to a German mobile I no longer have and therefore I cannot get back onto Facebook
    Please assist

    1. Ben brocklesby

      Hi did u get sorted with this problem I’m having same problem and have no idea what to do

  5. Hi I am unable to see my profile picture before I log into my Facebook app and instead of the tap to log in I now have to enter my password all the time now and I’m wanting to change this . How do I change this please

    1. Jack Barnett

      There is a company carrying out a scam on Facebook it is pretending to be Tesco and offering entry into a free draw but then deducting£4.50 from my phone then says it will deduct £4.50 per month until I tell them to stop but you cannot get through to stop it. I have confirmed with Tesco this is a scam therefore the site should be taken down immediately

  6. nik man

    Hi I’m trying to log but trouble with my password?!!
    my password is correct. I clicked on forgotten password but still I’m waiting to receive my pass word. !!
    can you send me my password plse.
    tx nik

    1. Gill Mamalfest

      I am unable to access my FB account. I am lost without it. It is the only contact i have with many family and friends. Please help i have sent a copy of my Driving licence but I have had no response. . Please help x

  7. Boris

    Their help community doesn’t answer to any of the questions asked for weeks!!

  8. Angelo

    I’m on facebook more than 5 years. From some time it is not safe social webpage. Too much spam and viruses. I don’t know how will be in the future – maybe facebook will be huge world of spam and cheaters.

  9. nicky scott

    You have taken me off as I used a nickname
    I’m trying to sort my nans funeral but my dad’s writing is on here
    I had an event last week where someone was killed but I’ve been deleted from event so hoping the page isn’t being added to by journalist
    Have emailed all day! No answer
    Not good service
    Nicky scott

  10. Samantha rutt

    Can someone please help me, I can’t reset my password as Facebook keep telling me, I can’t assess my email when I can. This is driving me mental now. I need help or a number to call in the uk

  11. emmanuel

    I deactivated my account sometimes ago and most time reaccess it, but lately I tried using the phone number and email I used on it to login but all to no avail

    My user name is Hemmanuel Holu-Haderanti
    Non of these worked and I need to have access to my account

    Please help me out to get this resolved as soon as possible

  12. James haldane

    Hi somehow I have lost control of my restaurants facebook page .
    This very important for my business to survive .
    I am no longer in control .
    The page still exists
    How do I get this page back please help

  13. Margaret kingdom

    Keep receiving posts from Mark Zuckerman. Can find no way to stop this.pressing unfollow does not work. With comments from others on his posts can get hundreds in a day. Can find no way to get help!

  14. thelma

    facebook is a corrupted authorite
    they made things on a way that no one can contact then
    you must insiste on the numbar above
    they dont care so dont have any illusion that they care
    just keep fighting untill they breik the law and take it to court

  15. Sarah McLean

    Temporarily suspended from facebook
    They send a code by text to a mobile is my number I cannot get back onto Facebook
    Please assist

    1. nicola

      My Facebook account is been suspended it asking for a code to a mobile number I don’t have can I have some help please

  16. hafiz

    i have one question regarding my facebook page i have contacted so many times to facebook peoples but they willnot reply me i really afraid about facebook customer service i am contacting from last 10 months but no reply nothing else from facebook
    is there anyone else can let me any other source how to contact with facebook people.

  17. Kulwinder Singh Atwal

    i been asking Facebook for their help so many times but they haven’t helped me i have told them that i think that my account has been hacked and that i couldn’t get back into my account and i also told them that I’ve changed my phone number to a new one and asked them to update the system with my new number because when i wanted to change the password and the Facebook still had the old number which they didn’t change on their system cause when i wanted to change password the system kept sending the reset password link to my old number when the old number didn’t exist and until i can sign back in i wouldn’t be able to deactivate my email address can anyone at Facebook help me out cause it’s a matter of life and death thanks

  18. Ian Ross

    I have tried at least 20 or so times to log into Facebook. I don’t understand what is going wrong or if somebody ha maliciously hacked into my account.

  19. Sarko Said

    Hi, my Facebook account cannot login. Also it takes me back to my old Facebook account as I have had had six. Can someone help m please to get back my actual account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Martine

    There is woman on face book swing baby around by the arms the baby is crying then it stops please can any one do something for this child as he or she is not safe with there’s people it’s heartbreaking

  21. Shannon

    Hi Facebook.
    I have been trying to log into my account and it kept coming up to change my name. And now I’ve just tried to log in and it won’t let me. So I’ve tried to search for my page from a friends account and its non existing. How can I get it back? As I have a lot of very important pictures and info on there.

  22. Aroan aitchison

    Hi i want to deactavate my account but i dont know my account details

  23. Brian aitchison

    Hi I would like to delete my Facebook account because someone is using it without my promison

  24. Keith mabbitt

    I am fuming that my entire fb profile has been lost and seemingly exchanged for an old defunct profile that i asked to be removed some time ago. I was prompted to update fb to a newer version and now i have lost all my current profile. I am so angry thatfb wont talk to people.

  25. Rosemary Measures

    Yesterday FB blocked my account without any warning , saying I was posting too many posts!!!! They said I would be blocked until 11.30am today. About 12 noon I tried to get into my account and they have wiped my password, so I tried to reset it. Firstly these strange codes came up which were unreadable so I couldn’t use them despite trying. Then they asked me to identify myself in ways I cannot. I tried to get hold of an email or phone number to contact them and got hold of two separate agencies who ‘say’ they are employed by FB, no way of proving this. One told me that my account had been hacked, the other told me my email had been hacked, both said they could fix this for a fee!!!!! I suspected scam and hung up. Tried again to get hold of FB, still no joy. The phone number on this site apparently isn’t in use. Is FB really this USELESS????? I think so. I haven’t done anything wrong here, no indecent photos etc or abuse by me yet I am being treated like a criminal. Get your act together and sort this out ASAP

  26. Amanda cassidy

    My parents are elderly but want a facebook account I have tried to set one up for them butwhen trying to conform the account because I am doing from my home on my tablet I have now been blocked. I understand that I could be a false person I am not just wanted my dad to be able to have contact with his brother in Australia who is terminally I’ll with prostrate cancer. Please help

  27. Gifty

    My old Facebook account was hacked and the person that hacked my account keeps adding people from my friend list into some kind of porn groupchat.
    I want my old account deleted from Facebook!!

  28. Tracey

    I need help!!
    I tried logging into my Facebook a few days ago (Thursday 6th) using the photo tap and number log on- which I know off by heart. Yet, it told me it was incorrect. Adiment it was correct, I kept re-entering it. Now I’ve been blocked. Attempting to fix it following the Facebook steps, I tried resetting my password. It accepted my number password but when it came to my worded password (which I haven’t used for years) it was incorrect, as I’ve forgotten it.
    It then gave me the option to remove a log on, in the hope it would remove the log on I didn’t know, I pressed remove. However, it’s removed the ONLY log on I know to my Facebook account!
    I have tried everything, deleting the app, re-downloading it, everything! Now, for some stupid reason Facebook have created a new account for me- using my old email and password I managed to log in to it.
    If I search my name, I can find my actual account!!
    I don’t want to create a new account and have my old one out there.
    I want this fixed ASAP! Your contact numbers are extremely unhelpful only open mon- fri 9-5 typical working hours. My Facebook is linked to an old email I no longer can access so I can’t even get resetting info that way. I have literally tried everything.
    Please fix this and get me back on my old actual Facebook account and get to the bottom of this. I want to know what’s going on and why it wouldn’t accept my password in the first place. Please sort this out Facebook!

  29. Sunil K. Patel

    Facebook put a block on my account on 24 October 2016 and requested I upload proof of my identity. Which I have done so many times.

    I also sent them emails and they are not responding and are not lifting the block on my account as they claim without any evidence that I have multiple accounts, just because my name is Sunil K. Patel and there other Indian members with the same name. Which is not unusual in the Indian community world wide.

    THIS does Not mean that I have multiple accounts which actually belong to other people and their claim is simply pathetic as they are.

    Very disappointed with their service least to say in view of short sightedness of the officers of Facebook.

  30. Gemma Cousins

    How the fffff do you have an 8 yr old on facebook your checks are shit my mates daughter on fb she has a photo of her she looks like shes 5 im going police as this does not protect children

  31. There is no chat on my fb account so I would like you to put it back on please so I can talk to my friends and family

  32. J

    No working any number of Facebook is not Facebook
    Fakebook all number I tried to contact lost money my phone bills

  33. Jayne wright

    Please contact me as my facebook account has been hacked & unable to access anything & shut down… i have tried to ring u on number of occassions… i am concerned what information whoever r getting there hands on

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