firstdirect-bank customer service
firstdirect-bank customer service
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FirstDirect takes pride in being one of the most recommended banks in the United Kingdom. The bank is open 24/7. Customers receive banking services by calling the bank any hour of the day or night. The bank runs online services.

The bank is accessible through gadgets such as the mobile phone as well as tablets. The bank provides what it calls always-open banking services to customers in the United Kingdom. It first received a call regarding banking services on October 1, 1989.

FirstDirect Helpline

FirstDirect Services

First Direct Helpline

The bank provides banking services online and through the phone. It is available 24 hours every day of the week, including weekends. The banking services are available over the holidays, even when all the other banking and financial institutions are not open for business.

The bank does better than other institutions by getting rid of queues, red tape and long processes that take too much of the customer’s time to conclude. It launched PC Banking in 1997 and followed this with Text Message Banking and Internet Banking in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Moreover, customers find all the banking services that they need from FirstDirect. Such services include mortgages, loans and credit cards. Other banking services that it offers include savings, investments, share-dealing, insurance, travel and foreign payments.

Contacting FirstDirect Customer Service

If you have a general enquiry that needs clarification from FirstDirect, the number that you should call is 03 456 100 100. The number is for existing customers. Call the number when in need of help with Internet banking or links to other services that the company provides.

Similarly, you should call the company on 03 456 002 424 if you are a new customer in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, if you prefer dialing 08 numbers, then call the bank through 0800 242 424. `Customers cannot reach the bank through any 08456 number.

FirstDirect Contact Tips

Customers with inclusive minutes’ packages as well as minutes left to use will pay nothing if they opt to call FirstDirect. Customers who do not have such packages should be ready to standard rates when calling on 03 456, which attracts similar charges as 01 or 02 geographical numbers.

The calls to 03 456 numbers only attract similar rates to the geographical numbers when customers make them from mobile phones. Customers who do not know how much each call will cost should speak with their phone service providers. For more information on how to contact their customer care representatives, visit their official website or  the company on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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