Groupon customer service
Groupon customer service
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Prior to achieving the level of success that it is associated with today, Groupon was merely a spinoff from a company that Andrew Mason established called The Point. Since then, the company has operated a successful website where customers or users are able to find amazing daily deals. Since then, it has become one of the fastest growing companies globally.

The company is a leader in the provision of digital services. It is also a leader in the category of ecommerce websites. It has grown substantially since its founding in 2008. Worldwide, the company boasts of more than 260 million active subscribers. The company intends to be the premier commerce operating system in the world in the next few years.

Groupon Telephone Number

Groupon Services

Groupon Telephone Number

The number of active customers that the company currently serves with wide-ranging products and services stands at 53.9 million. In North America alone, the company serves around 24.1 million customers. The company has grown increasingly popular by creating a platform that connects sellers and buyers through price as well as discovery.

The company provides a global ecommerce marketplace where customers can get the best deals that allow them to make huge savings. Customers connect with merchants who specialize in provide wide-ranging services that include travel, goods, services, foods and other activities in over 45 countries around the world.

Contacting Groupon Customer Service

The method that you use in contacting customer service depends on whether you have a Groupon account or not. For example, if you do not have an account with the company, you should visit the official website,, and check under the Contact Us section. For example, if your complaint has to do with complete savings, the number to call would be 0800 389 6960.

Alternatively, you may be able to get in touch with the company through emails. You can find the email address on the official website. Do not hesitate to send your concerns regarding any issue that you have with the company by filling an online form and submitting it to a customer service representative. Signing in to your account is a great way to seek and obtain assistance.

Groupon Contact Tips

The customer service number to call on issues regarding Complete Savings at Groupon costs nothing since it is free to call from any landline in the United Kingdom. You will only receive help by calling the customer service number between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday or 9am to 4pm on Saturday.


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