Lloyds Customer Service
Lloyds Customer Service
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Lloyds Phone Number Tips

Lloyds  TSB Helpline   UK Number
Lloyds TSB Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 096 9779
Travel Insurance  0800 731 4044
Complaints 0800 072 3572
Lloyds TSB Bank Customer Service Number 0345 300 0000
Textphone 0345 300 2281
Business Accounts Phone Number  0345 072 5555
Abroad +44 1702 278 270
Internet Banking Queries  0345 300 0116

Lloyds TSB Customer Service Contact Number

Lloyds Customer Service

Lloyds TSB customer service  Overview

Lloyds TSB is one of the most established enterprises in the retail and a commercial bank sector with its subsidiaries and branches located all across the countries of Wales and England in the United Kingdom. Founded in Birmingham, in the UK, the bank has been one of the most trusted and successful banks in the UK since 1765.  Till recently, the bank has been growing with millions of satisfied banking customers in the UK. With the Lloyds TSB headquarters are located in London, UK, the bank has established itself as one of the largest banking solutions provider in the United Kingdom. The bank has traditionally been considered one of the “Big Four” clearing banks.[in the UK and expanded during the nineteenth and twentieth century with the acquisition of smaller banking companies. In 1995 Lloyds TSB merged with the largest banks to operate in the United Kingdom.

The Lloyds TSB bank has been one of the most enterprising banks in the United Kingdom with the services that have been put up with the reserves for Small and Medium enterprises and growing along with these prospering businesses all across the United Kingdom. With the incorporation of around 5000 companies in the United Kingdom, the bank is all prepared for an ever more vibrant and secure banking for the people of United Kingdom. The motto of the company has been to help people and communities and enable businesses in the United Kingdom.

More information about Lloyds TSB Customer Service can be found on their website. With these services being available the commercial bank has made it easy to enquire about any service. For example, the Lloyds TSB Bank Contact Number 0800 731 4044 is free to call for customers who wish to ask about travel services such as insurance.

Lloyds TSB Customer Service

Lloyds TSB Services is an integrated platform with the most suited infrastructure to serve the financial needs on every front. The extensive services from Lloyds TSB deliver total quality in the support and extended service to suit every kind of needs. With the quality and the brand of Lloyds TSB, that has been amongst trusted banks across the globe, the services from Lloyds TSB have a substance that is worth every bit of your money. The streamlined services and the expertise of our people get you all the comfort and safety in dealing with any kind of financial needs.

Some of the extensive services include a broad range of services. These includes

  • Savings and current accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Mortgages and loans
  • Travel services

You can also avail more information about Lloyds TSB Customer Service on the company website.  The exemplary customer service with Lloyds TSB delivers all you need for a pleasant and untroubled experience for financial solutions. The customer service at Lloyds TSB has been one of the most classic kinds with an extensive team working together to deliver uninterrupted and total quality services to the clients all across the globe.

Important contact Numbers

  • Lloyds TSB Bank toll-free Contact Number is a 0800 731 4044 and provides with all the needs for your insurance needs.
  • Lloyds TSB Bank toll-free Customer Service Number is 0800 096 9779 and provides information on credit card services, loans and life insurances.
  • Lloyds TSB Bank Customer Service number is0871 434 3191 for all other services.
  • For journalists, you can contact at 020 7356 2374. The numbers are supported 24/ 7 and you can get all the information for media coverage.

Contact Lloyds TSB Customer Service

Lloyds TSB bank support team has always been successful and eager to assist our clients and customers with any inquiry any time of the day. The Lloyds TSB Helpline has been one of the extensive reserves for the banking in the UK, with more resources put forward for instant customer services.

  • To readily contact for general inquiries at Lloyds TSB Bank, the contact number is 0345 300 0000
  • To make a complaint you can use the toll-free Lloyds TSB contact number 0800 072 3572.
  • You can also use the Lloyds TSB Bank Customer Service Number 0800 096 9779 is also toll-free to have a full inquiry on credit card services, loans and life insurances.

For inquiries in special cases such as lost or stolen card, an illegal transaction in your account, you can call these numbers to avail immediate assistance.
lloyds support

Important Information

As with dealing with the services, you are not encouraged to disclose any of your personal information and sensitive information relating to the account that you are operating. But any superficial or suspicious calls should be noticed prior to getting the information disclosed. And you are not encouraged to disclose important data as Pin Number, Credit/Debit Card Number etc, and at no case whatsoever are these data need to be stated to the customer care.

Contact Lloyds TSB Helpline
One of the easiest of the forms to get assistance from Lloyds TSB if you are abroad is to contact the customer care number +44 1702 278 270 to get a faster response to your inquiry.

Lost Or Stolen Cards Expandable Section
If your Lloyds TSB Bank credit or debit card has been lost or stolen, you can report it online by logging on to Internet Banking or call at 0800 096 9779
For the outside UK, You can call at +44 1702 278 270 and services are open 24/7.

Internet Banking Queries
For queries on using Internet Banking, call us on 0345 300 0116.
If you prefer not to use our 0345 number, you can also call us on 01733 232030.
For  calls from outside the UK, call +44 1733 232030 (Services are open 7 am-10 pm Mon-Fri, 8 am-6 pm  Sat-Sun)

Bereavement, Mortgage Or Home Insurance Query
To arrange to see us in the branch you can call us on 0800 015 0012.
If you are calling from outside the UK you can call us on +44 1733 261630.

Mortgage Queries
You can call at 0800 783 3534 for knowing more on mortgage rates and issues.
Services are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturdays. We’re closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Home Insurance Queries
For new business queries or to get a quote you can call us on 0800 121 7948.
Lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.

Write To Lloyds TSB Customer Care
If you need to contact Lloyds TSB Customer Service with emails, you can also write to the customer or Help Desk at Lloyds TSB Bank. Then avoid the drag phone calls and write to their help desk.

You can use the following address to send the mail directly to the Bank Authorities:

Lloyds TSB,
25 Gresham St,
London EC2V 7HN, UK

For the customer who has a hearing impairment, you can leave a message at the Contact Number 0345 300 2281 and wait till you receive the acknowledgment.

Alternatively, you can seek online help with the official website to use Lloyds TSB Bank contact us page to directly connect to the customer services. Besides, social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can also get you live and important information on a real-time basis.

Financial Advice Features

To arrange an appointment with a Financial Adviser AT Lloyds TSB Bank, you call at on 0800 015 0029.
Services are open 8 am-8 pm from Monday to Friday and 8 am-4 pm on Saturday.

The Services From Lloyds TSB Bank

  • Current/ Savings Accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Loans
  • ISAs
  • Home/ Motor Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Investments
  • Life Insurance

Lloyds TSB Helpline Tips
All general queries can be addressed to the common number available for the Lloyds TSB customer service desk. Bu if you do recognize the problem with your account, you can the specific numbers or addresses, and hence that specific problem to be addressed with preciseness and quick effort.  Using the specific numbers in the helpline could not only save you time but also get your queries are quickly resolved. You can also address the issues to the nearest branch to get your issues addressed.

Use the store locator to find the nearest branch of Lloyd Bank.

Important Legal Information

Lloyds TSB Bank plc is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 119278.

We also subscribe to the lending code. Details can be obtained from www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk. Visit the Lending Standards Board website

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