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Xbox is a gaming console from Microsoft. The console has undergone numerous improvements with time from the time Microsoft introduced the first one more than 13 years ago. Bill Gates, the Microsoft owner, received the idea regarding launching a gaming console that can compete against PlayStation from members of his staff and he duly complied after much persuasion.

Microsoft intended to build the original gaming console that resembled and operated like a PC.  It wanted the first system to run on Windows 2000. Since the launch in 2001, the gaming console has grown to levels that even the most optimistic supporter, developer or gamer would not have anticipated. It now ranks second to Sony PlayStation, which has been in the market much longer.

Microsoft Xbox Helpline

Microsoft Xbox Services

Microsoft Xbox Helpline

In addition to plenty of games that are in Microsoft Xbox, gamers get the opportunity to enjoy more services by investing in the system. Each console comes with multiple games. By some accounts, the system contains more than 950 games. Moreover, gamers have the option of downloading and installing other games. Indie and arcade games fall in the latter category.

Other services that gamers enjoy by investing in the gaming console include Xbox Live, which is popular with more than 40 million users around the world. Xbox Live Marketplace is one more service that gamers get to use and represents a virtual market where games can download regardless of whether it is purchased or promotional.

Contacting Microsoft Xbox Customer Service

You can contact the customer service regarding any issue with the gaming console. For example, contact customer service for assistance with Xbox One with the system, safety, security, music, videos or apps. If you prefer making telephone calls, then remember to dial and call Microsoft Customer Support and Store Sales on 1-877-696-7786.

Microsoft Xbox Contact Tips

If you want to speak with a live operator, then call the relevant Microsoft Xbox telephone number or service during the opening hours. The organization has offices and stores in several parts of the world. For this reason, it is important to call during the opening hours of the exact office that you wish to contact.

For example, in the United Kingdom, the number that you should call for help with any aspect of the Xbox gaming console is 011 44 843 557 4327. It is important to check with the customer service or visit the official website and obtain information regarding the actual number to call, if you want to avoid making mistakes or wasting time and money.

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