ryanair helpline
ryanair helpline
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Ryanair Contact Number Tips

Ryanair Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Ryanair Business Plus 0330 100 6996
Ryanair Flight Changes 0330 100 7838
Ryanair Special Assistance 0330 100 7838
Ryanair Airline Dispute Resolution 0203 540 8063
Ryanair Flight Refund Requests 0330 100 7838

ryanair helpline

Ryanair Ltd. Overview

Ryanair is the most preferred airline in Europe, which provides the best services in reasonable price. With over 1,800 regular flights which carry more than 119 million people each year from its 86 bases in 33 different countries, Ryanair airline connects more than 200 destinations. Ryanair has more than 360 operational aircraft of the model Boeing 737 and 305 of the Boeing 737 which gives them the ability to provide the customers with cheap price booking service. Ryanair has been providing top class facilities for the past 31 years with more than 11,500 skilled professionals who are employed by Ryanair. Excluding the excellent services of Ryanair, it takes care of all the customers’ problems with the efficient Ryanair customer services.

Ryanair became the most used international airline and the largest airline in Europe by the number of passengers transported in the year 2013. Ryanair works with more than 360 aircraft models of Boeing 737-800 and a 737-700 for backup purpose and the training of their pilots. Ryanair is recognized for the rapid increment in the business after the airline deregulation took place in 1997 in Europe. It was also successful due to the low priced business structure. Ryanair has air routes in Europe in 32 countries, the Middle East in Israel and Africa. Ryanair employs 11,500 skilled professionals and travels 1800 routes daily. And Ryanair does not compromise the quality of the customer service as well.

Ryanair Customer Services

Ryanair provides their clients with many services for their convenience with a large number of teams available to them. For any general queries or new booking, you can contact them at their general toll-free number. The call rates will be £0.13 for a minute with the addition of Phone Company’s excess charge. This line is open from 6:00 to 19:00 GMT from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00 GMT on Saturday and for Sunday it is open for 10:00-18:00 GMT. And for the post booking queries such as flight change and disruption the UK customers can contact Ryanair Customer Services at 0330 1007 838. This call will charge the local rates. The customer service is open per week in this time duration 6:00-19:00 GMT on Monday to Friday, on Saturday from 9:00-18:00 GMT and 10:00-18:00 GMT on Sunday. For quick communication with the customer service department, you can have a live chat from the official site of Ryanair.

You can also raise a flight refund request or any related queries and the reasons could be the unused flights following the cancellation of your flight or in any case the flight was delayed for more than three hours, following which you were not able to take the same flight. You would be required to fill a form – http://bit.ly/22HHf3R to ensure your refund is initiated. Further, you can also claim for your travel, refreshment or transport expenses for the unused flight, which was delayed or canceled. It is mandatory to fill this form http://bit.ly/2hOq03h and while doing the same, make sure you have valid proof and supporting documents to assist your claim. Holding your bank details ensures your claim is approved without any chaos.

ryanair customer service

Ryanair general inquiry contact numbers and email address

There are two different helplines provided for the customer services according to the type of query made by the customers. For the general questions, you can contact the customer service through their toll-free contact number. This number is for the UK residents. General queries include questions regarding the booking of the seats. The UK customers can enquire for post booking issues such as the flight disruption and the change of flight with this contact number – 0330 1007 838. You can communicate with the customer service for issues like refund, booking, baggage, insurance, complaints and much more by submitting it with your other details like your email address and name through this link – http://bit.ly/2hN5YRM

Since the customers have different queries related to the booking of their seats, Ryanair customer service provides two helplines for the customer. The Ryanair helpline is for the general questions regarding booking, and this Ryanair helpline is for the UK customers. Another Ryanair contact phone number for the UK customer is-0330 1007 838 if you have any question post booking you can use this number.

The relevant papers and your bank details should be sent with the message if required since it would help in the processing of the refund or the solution to the problem more quickly.

The customer service will reply you to your e-mail address with the solution as soon the customer service finds your complaint.

ryanair support

Ryanair Complaints

You can always raise your complaints regarding the issues you have faced and Ryanair support welcomes such feedbacks to improve themselves as they strive to ensure possibly best customer service for the betterment. There is a dedicated team to resolve the queries, who are more than happy to help you at the right time with customers’ issues. In fact, you can write your compliments and complaints to their mailing address. If you want your query to be quickly resolved, make sure you have attached enough supporting documents or any detail Ryanair Customer Service would seek. Whether it be baggage related claims, lost luggage related complaints or anything you find as an issue that stopped you from having a good flight experience, you can report to Ryanair Customer Service. The amazing team will make sure the issues from their end will be sorted with utmost sincerity and as quickly as possible by the Ryanair Support.

Other Ryanair Contacting Modes

Ryanair offers their customer service with other methods such as live chat with the customer service agent. For the immediate support through live chat with the customer service, you can visit the official website of Ryanair (https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/). At the top right of the page, you would find an info option click on the option; there would be a help center option click on it, and by scrolling down, you would find the live chat option. This link directs you to the live chat –  http://bit.ly/2iFioja

You can contact the customer service center of Ryanair with the live chat. To find this option firstly open the site, there is an option called info at the top right of the homepage. Open this option, and you would see another option help center, click on that and by scrolling down to the page you would see the live chat box.

This Ryanair Support service provides a quick response from the customer service team.

Ryanair Help Center

In the help center page of the Ryanair website you would find all the common queries asked by people with their solutions. There is a search bar which helps you to search for your query by typing the query or a keyword. The Help Center has questions which include topics like online checking or baggage drop counter at the airport, flight change and refund, special assistance, making reservations, travel documentation, mobile boarding passes, traveling with children, and all other types of queries.

There is a page called help center on the website of Ryanair which is entirely for the purpose of helping the clients with their problems. With the search bar in it, you can find your problem. You can get all type of general questions and their solutions in the help center. Queries related to individual assistance, reservations, mobile boarding pass and other such questions are available. You might not need to contact customer service if you look for your question in this Ryanair Support.

ryanair helpline

Write to Ryanair

For the customers who like to write a letter for complaints or who want to share their experiences with Ryanair can mail the Ryanair Customer Service at this address-

Ryanair Customer Service
PO Box 11451
Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland

You should add the required documents or your bank details if asked in the form to support the claim. The Ryanair customer service always does their best to solve customers’ difficulties, but if the customers find themselves not satisfied, then they could contact the dedicated team for Dispute Resolution in the Airlines section via:

The customer can reach them at

Airline Dispute Resolution,
33 Floor Euston Towers,
286 Euston Road,
London NW1 3DP

Ryanair Helplines

Ryanair has a large number of the team working with them and however minor your problem may be these teams will sort it out for you. Since the priority of Ryanair has been the convenience of the customer. The UK residents can contact the customer service with this Ryanair helpline if you have any general queries. This service is available every day during these time duration –

6:00 – 19:00 GMT (Mon-Fri), 9:00-18:00 GMT (Sat), 10:00-18:00 GMT (Sun)

For the queries related to post booking which includes flight change and flight disruption you can use this Ryanair contact phone number- 0330 1007 838 and each call will charge the local rate.

You can visit the official website of Ryanair to have a live chat with the customer service agent for immediate response.

These are the links of Ryanair’s social media handles –

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