spark eneergy helpline
spark eneergy helpline
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Spark Energy Contact Number Tips

Spark Energy Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Spark Energy Customer Care Direct 0333 321 4022
Spark Energy Automated Service 0345 130 8966
Spark Energy Complaints 0345 130 8355
Spark Energy Emergencies 0800 111 999


spark eneergy helpline
Spark Energy Overview

Spark Energy is an electricity and gas service provider in the United Kingdom. They try to serve their customers across the United Kingdom with the best service that they can get. The care that Spark Energy provides to its customers can be seen from the customer oriented services they provide. Customers can register for priority services if they have illness or impairment. This can be any sort of health issues or hearing or visual impairment.

The priority service offers customers with benefits of placing the meter which is comfortable for them. Other priority services include getting the monthly statement in braille, large font or as an audio clip. This makes it easy for people of every category to use Spark Services easily.

Spark Customer Service

As seen from the above services offered the dedication of the company to its customers are well proven. Any individual can contact 0345 034 7474 for any kind of general inquiries. This is very useful for someone who doesn’t know what to do in certain situations. The customer care executive can guide through the procedure to be followed by a customer. This customer service can answer any question related to the company. Customers can also make payments of their monthly bill over a phone call.

If it is difficult for an individual to make a call to the above number they can use the contact form provided in the following link.

All the queries will be answered via an email as soon as possible. Other than queries customer can contact customer service to discuss any difficulty in paying the due bill. It is said to give one stop solution to all the problems faced by a customer.


spark energy customer serviceSpark Automated Service Helpline

Spark Energy customer service provides a separate helpline for problems related to automated services. This helpline can be used by the customer to make payments or to schedule a meter reading. Spark can send one of their employees to check for the reading if the customer is registered as a priority customer. Individuals can use 0345 130 8966 to contact helpline in order to make automated payment or to submit meter readings.

Spark customer Complaints

Spark customer helpline can be used by customers if they are not satisfied with the services provided by the company. These complaints can also help to improve the services provided. These complaints help the company to rectify that is not noticed by the company itself. Customers can call 0345 130 8355 in order to register their complaints. An accounts manager will look at the feedback provided by the customer. The will try to correct things for the customer as soon as possible.  In most of the cases, the solution is provided the same day itself. If the customer’s problem was not resolved by the complaints helpline, the customer can move forward with a formal complaint addressing the company. This attracts the attention of higher official within the company.

spark energy support

Spark Formal Customer Complaint

If the other helplines cannot solve the issues face by the customer or it is beyond their control to fix individuals can use 0345 130 8354 which will be answered by the Spark Customer Complaint Team. This is the team that registers customer complaints in a formal manner. This team can assist the customer and answer any question of the customer. They register a formal complaint and provides the customer with a complaint number. It asks a time of 24 hours to solve the problem.

Some issues cannot be solved with the limited time of 24 hours. It might need to go through some office work which will take time. In such cases, the details about the person who is dealing with the case will be provided. It will be dealt with a customer relationship officer. He is supposed to solve the case within 5 working days. Any problem that can be resolved from within the company can be solved in this period of 5 days. If it goes beyond the period of 5 days it means that the issue is related to other partners or supplier of the company and will take some time. The customer relationship officer is responsible for solving the case completely and will give updates about the issue regularly. If such a resolution is not a satisfactory customer can request the case to reviewed by a senior manager.

Formal Complaint Resolution

Even after contacting the senior manager of the company your problem is not resolved within 8 weeks you have the option to contact the energy ombudsman. The customer can ask the Spark Energy Support for a letter to directly contact the energy ombudsman if the case is solved within 8 weeks. Energy ombudsman will have prior experience in solving complicated issues related to energy. If it has gone above the period of 8 weeks it will be a complicated issue. Customers can use Spark Energy helpline 0330 440 1624 if a phone call is an option chosen to contact the energy ombudsman. If the customer prefers a textphone they can use 0330 440 1600 instead of that.

spark energy helpline

Customers who can’t contact the ombudsman through phone are welcome to write a letter. Some people prefer writing a letter as they feel more confident about their problem being solved. This method is also acceptable now. The customer can drop a letter to:

Energy Ombudsman,
PO Box 966, Warrington,
WA4 9DF.

Customers can also send a message as a soft copy to the email address [email protected]. Both these methods are accepted by the energy ombudsman. The decision of the ombudsman will be final for the company. They have to accept the decision of the ombudsman. You can also write to them at:

Spark Energy
Ettrick Riverside,
Dunsdale Rd,
Selkirk TD7 5EB

Spark Gas Emergency Helplines

Spark provides an emergency contact number which provides emergency support for any individual. 0800 111 999 is a Spark Energy contact phone number that anyone can call to report any emergency issues related gas like the smell of gas or any other gas issues that require immediate attention. During these situations, customers are advised not to use any electrical switches or light matches in order to prevent any chance of ignition that might lead to an explosion. The customer should also keep the room well ventilated so that if there is any gas leak it can move out. Equipment like fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish naked flames so that it will not propagate to other parts of the room.

Spark Electrical Emergency Helplines

When it comes to electrical emergencies there are different number based on who operates the electricity lines in your place. Electricity is provided by different network operators so that it can be managed from different parts. Customers from East England can contact UK Power Networks using the number 0800 783 8838. It is a free number and makes it easy for customers to report any electrical emergencies. Customers from East Midland can contact Western Power Distribution using the number 0800 056 8090. It is also made free for the benefit of the customer. Customers from London can contact UK Power Networks using the number 0800 028 0247 which is made free so that customer won’t lose money while contacting them. Customers from North Wales can contact SP Energy Networks using the number 0845 272 2424, which is made free. Customers from North East England can contact CE Electric using the number 0800 668 877 which is made free. Customers from North West England can contact CE Electric using the number 0845 272 2424. People from the southern area can contact 0800 072 7282 for SSE Power Distribution regarding electrical emergency services. Residents of Yorkshire area can contact 0800 375 675 for CE Electric for free.

Other ways to reach Spark Energy

There are various other ways to reach Spark Energy out of which one is to directly go to a branch of Spark Energy. Customers can get any kind of service from any of their branches. An option for feedback is also provided in each branch. Going to a branch can help the customer to explain their issues with the company clearly. Any confusion between the customer and the company can also be rectified. This is not at all required but if the customer has some difficulty in reaching customer support they can use these methods.

To make it even more easy for the customers Spark also replies to queries through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. This can give the user comfort from going to a different page in order clear their doubts. They can send a regular message to the company social media page. This will be replied and also guides the customer on what actions are to taken in order to resolve it. This can also be a platform for other users who might have the same question. They can just read through the FAQ so that they need not ask many questions and wait for tor replies. If the has customer has more queries they can contact customer support.

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