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You may not display content from the Website within a frame, visible or hidden.

Content may not be displayed on the Site in any manner whatsoever – including any software, device, accessory or communication protocol – that changes their design on the Site or removes any content from them, especially advertisements and commercial content.

The site cannot be linked to any site containing pornographic content, content that promotes racism or illegal discrimination, or that are illegal, or that publication is illegal or encourages illegal activity.

You may not link to the content from the site, which is not the home page of the site (“deep link”) and may not display or publish such content in any other way unless the deep link is a web page on the site in full and as is, In a manner identical to the use and viewing of the site. In this context, it is prohibited to link to content from the site, separate from the web pages on which they appear on the site (e.g, it is forbidden to link directly to a picture or graphic file on the site, but to the full page in which they appear). Also, the exact URL of the web page on the site should appear in the usual place designated for this in the user interface, for example: in the status bar in the user’s browser. This address may not be altered, misrepresented, or replaced at any other address;

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk may instruct you to cancel any such deep link at its sole discretion. In this case, you will immediately cancel the deep link and you will have no claim, demand or claim against the site in this matter.

These instructions do not derogate from any other provision of the general terms of use and online agreements that accompany the services on the site.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk shall not bear any responsibility for any damage caused as a result of any link to the content from the site and any presentation or publication of such content in any other way. You bear full and exclusive responsibility for any link, display or publication of the Content made by you and undertake to indemnify Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk for any damage caused as a result.

Important clarification!

The site does not represent and is not connected in any way to the companies or service centres listed on the site. This site is an index only, divided by fields, which directs the calls to the many different service centres available in the market in a convenient and efficient way using one phone number. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that it is possible to reach the various service providers advertised on the Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk website with free information published on the Internet through direct dialling through various other telephone numbers. It should be noted that the call in the 0870 dial prefix is a premium call at a cost of 10 penny per minute plus your phone networks access charge.


Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk allows you to rate the service level of the supplier and record calls with each of the various points in the phone numbers published on the site.

You can get the recording file by filling out the following information in contact form:

  • Call Date
  • Call Time
  • Telephone number from which you made the dial
  • E-mail address you want to receive the file recording

You can then transfer your call files to your PC or mobile device. Of course, you have the full responsibility to ensure that the recording you recorded and the format you use is in accordance with the laws – we disclaim any responsibility for the use of the recording system and/or the recording of the company’s servers. The service is provided to every customer and supports dial-up from a telephone Both fixed and from a mobile phone that is open to premium services on the 0870 prefix. After 48 hours of the call, the recording files will be automatically deleted from the server and can not be downloaded and/or restored.

Information security and privacy policy:

The site operates on the Internet (and in networks that are responsible for technological developments from time to time) and its nature depends on factors such as infrastructure providers, communications providers, server health, storage, etc., which may fail, fail to function.

Stop operating and be damaged due to various factors. You hereby release the Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk Service from any liability, directly or indirectly, for any event where a telephone call and/or surfing the Site is not made, in part and/or in full, for any reason and responsibility for any problem technical and/or otherwise impairing the ability to use the site.

Networks and websites are vulnerable to attacks and hacking attempts by various parties. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk takes a number of security measures In order to maintain the privacy of the information provided by you on the site, but please know that this can not be guaranteed completely and there may be security breaches and information penetration. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not warrant that the services and information on the Site and the Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk will be completely immune against unauthorized access to information stored in them.


Content posted by users on the site


The site publishes content originating from the users of the site. Blogs and other services that allow you to enter your own content, either individually or in an area designated for user content only, or in conjunction with the content of such content, Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk System. Submission of content for publication on the site does not grant you the right to demand that the content is published or will continue to be published.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk encourages free speech and the existence of a fruitful discussion on the site, while actively participating in your and other users’ site. However, in order to facilitate the existence of a cultural and business discourse and to prevent misuse of the options available to you to express yourself on the Site. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk may review these contents prior to publication. Such tests shall be carried out solely in order to try to prevent the publication of hate speech, threats, expressions of rudeness and contents that are illegal on their faces without the need to exercise judicial discretion.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not assume any responsibility for these contents, and the sole responsibility for them and any result thereof shall apply to the user who submitted the advertisement. These contents do not express the opinion of Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk or its position, and their publication does not guarantee their validity, reliability, accuracy or legality.

When sending or submitting content for publication on the Site, you are fully and exclusively responsible for any result of the publication. You must ensure that such content is valid. For the sake of illustration alone, you are prohibited from posting the following content on the Site:

Any content that you know is false, misleading, or garbled;

Any content that infringes or violates the proprietary rights of others – including copyrights and trademarks;

Any pornographic or sexually explicit content;

Any content relating to minors and identifying them, their personal details or addresses and ways of communicating with them;

Any computer software, computer code or application containing a computer virus (“virus”), including hostile software known as Trojan horse, Worms, Vandals, Malicious applications, etc.;

Passwords, usernames and other details that allow the use of computer programs, digital files, websites or services that require registration or payment, without such payment or registration;

Any content that defames a person or infringes upon his privacy or his good name;

Any content that personally identifies other people without having given their consent to the publication of their identity;

Any content of a harassing, offensive, hostile, threatening, or rude nature;

Any content containing or encouraging racism or discrimination based on race, origin, colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, -economic.

Any content that encourages the commission of a criminal offence or is likely to constitute the basis for a civil suit or liability;

Any content that may mislead a consumer;

Any content of an advertising or commercial nature;

Any content that is contrary to the accepted rules of use on the Internet or that may cause damage or harm to Internet users in general and users of the site in particular;

Any content accessed with a password, etc., and is not freely accessible to all Internet users;

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk may refuse to publish or immediately delete any content you submit for publication whenever you find that you have violated these Terms of Use or you have committed an act or omission that harms or is likely to harm the services provided on the Site, its users, Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk or anyone on its behalf. In addition, Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk may, in this case, prevent you from posting additional content on the Site. The provisions of this section add to the Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk Rights of the Site pursuant to any law.

If Internet Knowledge decides to publish content that you have submitted, it may edit any such content at its absolute discretion, including shortening it.

The content you submit to the site will be exposed to all Internet users. Be prudent and careful in providing personal information (such as an address or telephone number) as well as comments and inquiries received by you following use of the site or publication of any of your specifications. Remember: You should deliver the content and appeals to you at least as carefully as you do in making contact, not via the Internet.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk encourages you to treat the content published on the Internet with care and criticism, including the content that advertisers use on the site. Treat these contents carefully. The contents are not published on behalf of Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk, and therefore are not responsible for their reliability, reliability, accuracy or completeness and are not responsible for any result of their use or reliance on them. Always remember that such content is not a substitute for consultation with appropriate professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, certified professionals, etc., where such consultation is required.

Site links

The site contains links to various pages on the Internet. The links allow you to find content published on the Internet. Most of the content is not published by Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk or on its behalf and Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not control or supervise them. The fact that the site links to these contents does not imply consent of the Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk to their contents and does not constitute a guarantee of their reliability, updating, legality, content owners’ practices in the privacy area, and any other aspect of their operation. You may find that these contents do not suit your needs, or that you oppose their content, or believe that they are outrageous, irritating, inappropriate, illegal or immoral. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk is not responsible for the contents to which the links lead, and is not responsible for any consequences resulting from their use or reliance on them.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not guarantee that the links found on the site will be valid and will lead you to an active website. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk may remove links from the site in the past, or refrain from adding new links – all at its sole discretion.

The online site index is managed and operated by a third party and reflects the subjective discretion of its editors. The score that appears next to each link to the site is an average score of random users who chose to rate them. Therefore, the recommendations or the description of the sites in the index should not be attributed to any binding force and should not be considered an objective criterion for evaluating the level or quality of the sites. The order of sites appearing in the search results in the index does not indicate the nature or importance of the sites and Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk has no control over the order of their appearance. The editors of the index, which determine the order of appearance of the sites, may also do so on the basis of commercial considerations (but sites that have been promoted as aforesaid shall be marked in such a way as to clarify this). The content of Web sites and their content change frequently. Therefore, it may be incomplete, accurate, and recent.


Commercial content

The site contains commercial content, such as advertisements and ads, that are submitted for publication on behalf of various advertisers or users who wish to offer properties or services for sale. Such content may be in text, pictures or voice.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk will not be held responsible for any commercial content posted on the site. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not write, review, verify or edit the content or authenticity of such publications. The sole responsibility for the commercial content and for any consequence resulting from the use of or reliance on them applies to advertisers. Publication of commercial content on the site does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services, properties or products offered for sale.

Any transaction that will be made in the wake of commercial content published on the Site will be concluded directly between you and the advertiser concerned. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk is not a party to any such transaction and will not be responsible for the services and goods offered or purchased through the commercial content on the site.


Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Site and the content contained therein (except for content submitted for publication by you and by the other users of the Site) are for Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk only and/or the Site, or any third party authorized for Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk. Get up and use them. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the foregoing, whether by you or through or in conjunction with any third party, Or otherwise, without prior written consent from Customer Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk or from the other rights holders, as the case may be and subject to the terms of the agreement (if any). This provision also applies to any processing, editing, Or translation made by Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk to content entered or delivered by you to the Site.

If and to the extent that such consent is granted, you must refrain from removing, delete, or disrupting any notice or sign regarding intellectual property rights, for example – the Copyright Mark ©, or Trademark ®, which accompanies the Content used by you.

The trademarks and advertisements of advertisers on the Site are the property of these advertisers only. They too cannot be used without the written consent of the advertiser.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not claim ownership of the content you submit to the site. However, when you submit content that is intended for publication on the site you confirm that you are the owner of all the rights in them and that you are entitled to submit them for publication. If you are not the creator or owner of the rights to the content that you submit for publication, you confirm that you are duly authorized by the rights holder, who allows you to submit the content for publication on the site and to grant them use rights as specified below.

By submitting the content for publication, you provide Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk with a free, worldwide and unlimited license to copy, reproduce, distribute, market, transmit to the public, process, edit, translate and use the content in any other way, at its discretion, Including in newspapers, magazines, periodicals, books, etc., in digital media, including on other websites, digital archives and services provided in communications networks, including wired, wireless, cellular, cable and satellite communications.


Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk Component

The contents of the site are provided for use as is. They cannot be adapted to the needs of every person. You will not have any claim, claim or demand against Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk in respect of features of the content, their abilities, limitations, suitability to your needs or the reactions that will trigger (if any) the publication of content on the site.

Use of the site will, therefore, be at your sole and full responsibility.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not guarantee that the content you post on the site will be responsive. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not know which responses (if any) you will receive following the publication and who will respond to the content you post, and therefore will not be liable to you (or anyone on your behalf) for any such responses or any result of the advertisement. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk will not be responsible for any third party use of content posted by you.

Any decision you make regarding the content published on this site is at your sole risk. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not guarantee that the contents and services of third parties, including content providers, services and users, published on the site, will be complete, correct, legal or accurate, or that will meet your expectations and requirements. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk will not be held liable for any consequences arising from them, or from their use or reliance on them.

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk does not warrant that the services of the site will not be disturbed, will be provided in an orderly or non-stop manner, will be held safely and without errors and will be immune to unauthorized access to Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk computers or damages, malfunctions, malfunctions or failures – Software, communications lines and systems, at Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk or at any of its suppliers.



You hereby undertake to indemnify Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk, its employees, managers or anyone acting on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them – including legal fees and court costs – due to the violation of these Terms of Use. You will also indemnify Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf for any claim, claim and/or demand raised against them by any third party as a result of content you submitted for posting on the Site and as a result of links you made to the Site.

Changes to the site and termination of service

Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk may periodically change the structure, appearance and design of the site, the scope and availability of the services therein may charge a fee for such content or services at its discretion and may change any other aspect of the site – Go ahead. Such changes will be made, taking into consideration the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technological and other changes taking place there. By nature, such changes may involve malfunctions and/or inconvenience at the outset, etc. You will not have any claim, claim and/or demand against Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk in respect of such changes and/or malfunctions that may occur as they occur.

Without derogating from the above, Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk may stop providing all or part of these services at any time. Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk will publish notice of the termination of the services in a reasonable time in advance. Upon termination of the Services, Helplinecontactnumber.co.uk will hold the material contained on the Site for a reasonable period of time and may then delete it without retaining any backup and without further notice.


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