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Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world now. It is a giant in the category of Internet businesses and competes with Facebook and Yahoo for domination around the world. The company has opted to enter other industries as well. For example, it is in healthcare and is a renowned player in the IT sector.

The company has invested in developing different types of technologies all geared towards making life much simpler. In this regard, it has come up with not only search engine, but also Chrome as well as Gmail services. It has built a quantum computer that should be around 100 times faster than the normal, everyday PC.

Google Helpline

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Google Helpline

All along, Google has been known around the world as the biggest search engine. It allows users to search for whatever product, service or information they want online and get the details in milliseconds. However, the global corporation has been investing in developing several products aimed at the future through it’s famed research and development (R&D) department.

Some of the products it is developing include home automation, robots, driverless cars, elevators to space, clean energy, new drugs, climate change insurance, smart thermostats and cancer treatment. It has not shied away from trying to predict the future with some of the latest and yet-to-be-seen inventions. It has a foothold in almost all the major industries around the world today.

Contacting Google Customer Service

The quickest method for contacting customer service is through a telephone call. If you want to speak with customer service at the headquarters in the United States, dial 1-650-253-0000. The company has different numbers for customers to call based on where the callers are at any given moment. Therefore, find the number based on location and use it for calling the company.

Google Contact Tips

It is important to be ready to wait for up to 3 hours before a company representative can pick the call and respond to your issue. This is because the lines or numbers are automated. Feel free to contact the company through specific product supports online or by dialing the relevant telephone numbers.

If the telephone number is not going through despite several attempts, simply visit the product forums. The company has created a forum for each product and service that it provides. The forums have a good mix of company employees as well as knowledgeable top contributors to answer any question or issue that you have with any Google product or service.

Google Helpline
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  1. Tracey Bainbridge says:

    Morning, mybusuness facebook isnt appearing on google your my two friends are. We can’t see why mine us different. Help plz. Tracey

  2. Tracey Bainbridge says:

    I’m a sole trader and thought my fb being on google was a great way to advertise.

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