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SSE Southern Electric

0870 062 6769

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SSE (Scottish & Southern) UK Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 2:00PM
Sunday ---

SSE Southern Electric has been providing customers in the United Kingdom with gas and electricity for more than 70 years now. It does this based on the need to put customers first and ensure that they have all the energy they need to live and work comfortably. The company caters for the energy needs of personal as well as business customers.

In addition to supplying gas and energy to homes and businesses in the UK, the company is also focused on acting responsibly. To this end, the company feels a sense of responsibility to all the communities that live where it operates in the country. It supports many charitable causes thus ensuring that its customers enjoy all-rounded services and huge improvements in life.

SSE Southern Electric

SSE Southern Electric Services

SSE Southern Electric

Gas and electricity are just but two of the services that customers in the United Kingdom are accustomed to receiving from the company. The company has diversified and now specializes in offering phone and broadband services as well. The phone and broadband products are available on 18-month contracts. The cheapest plan costs £21.49 and the costliest is £41.

Heating and wiring represent other services that customers can receive from the energy company. Here, the company sends technicians to the homes and businesses of its customers to ensure that they live and work in warm and cozy surroundings especially when the temperatures are low, such as during winter.

Contacting SSE Southern Electric Customer Service

If you have an emergency regarding gas, you are free to call SSE Southern Electric customer service on 0800 111 999. Nonetheless, where your complaint has to do with an electricity emergency, it is advisable to get in touch with the local network operator as quickly as possible before the situation gets any worse and causes more damage.

Nonetheless, customers with general enquiries regarding gas and electricity should address these to the company through 0800 980 8476. Where the general enquiries have to do with talk phone service, the number to call would be 0800 980 9922, which is also the customer service number to call on broadband enquiries. For shield service, submit your questions to 0800 975 0807.

SSE Southern Electric Contact Tips

All calls that you make to SSE Southern Electric using the 0800 numbers are free. This is because 0800 is one of the toll free numbers that customers can use to submit their concerns.  The phone numbers for reporting emergencies operate 24/7. As for the other phone numbers, you should use them between 8am and 8pm from Monday-Friday and 8am and 2pm on Saturday.

SSE Southern Electric
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